Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail 28 pieces

All 28 pieces

It was a short week, this week with Labor Day on Monday. And like me the junk mail also took a short vacation. Only 28 mailpieces this week. You can really tell who the most thirsty groups are in short weeks like this one.

Response Unlimited
2 from random unrelated pieces of junk mail

Base Connect
2 from Base Connect:

2 from the GOP:

Thanks to Senate Conservatives Fund, Wiki page, Open Secrets page for the stickers. I put one in the pre-paid envelope for Republican Congressional Committee.

Random Political junk mail
Random political junk mail:

3 Charities:

5 Scams:

  • Dr. Stephen Sinatra MD Cardiologist 95 Old Shoals rd Arden, NC 28704
  • Physicians’ Mind & Memory Alert
  • Health Today 30 Ryan CT STE 100 Monterey CA 93940
  • Mike Caruana’s Lotto Magic PO Box 8175 Van Nuys CA 91499-4139. It is a MLM, Group lottery scam.
  • North American Prize Compiling Associates PO Box 190 Old Westbury NY 11568. I have had trouble shaking these guys, between the 2 addresses (the other is PO Box 422 Old Bethpage NY 11804) and the multiple variations of her name that are floating around, this will be the 4th form 1500 I have sent out for this one scam.

19 pre paid envelopes stuffed and ready to go
19 pre-paid envelopes ready to go out. Remember this is both this week and last week’s envelopes.

6 scams going to New York. This is also 2 week’s worth of scams. Those aren’t tears of joy at having so few mailpieces this week. It started to sprinkle during my photo shoot.

left overs
Left overs

3 thoughts on “Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail 28 pieces

  1. My mother gets bombarded by the republicans, bnai brith( she is catholic,) used to get mail supporting Arafat. Got to,the point where i would send the jews the arab mail and the arabs the jewish mail.

    There is no stopping it. We have begged and pleaded to no avail. Very frustrating


  2. Jennifer,
    I want to thank you for all of your work. I tripped across you when I Googled the name in the signature block of a letter with ‘secret codes’ and ‘sealed envelopes’ all about the pending impeachment of Pres. Obama. Douglas Ramsey wanted, of course, along with my signed petitions to the Speaker of the House and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; a $1,000.00 donation to expedite the impeachment process. Silly me, all this time I though impeachments and other actions of Congress were paid through my hard earned tax dollars!

    Like you, my mailbox is full of this ‘stuff’ daily and I did set a trash can on the outside of the house along the path from the mailbox so most things never make it inside This one, today, was the final straw. Well, as I looked up this supreme head of The United States Investigative Group, your blog appeared second in the Google findings, not because his name was there but I think it was the “United States Investigative Group” that tripped the link to you and I’m glad it did. Response Unlimited now has my list and I’ll contact them every time I see another one. I’ll also be sharing your blog with all of my peers who are also drowning in junk mail!

    I own a private investigations firm here in Ohio. Anytime you want to work as an investigator, we’ll put you to work! You have done well! Again, my heartfelt thanks..

    Dr. Ross L. Riggs
    Security Consulting Investigations, LLC


    • Thank you! I am am glad you found me. I am not a PI, my mother is a librarian and hubby has a research degree. I am the right age to have grown up with both a paper catalog and the first computer catalogs. I can squeeze anything out of Google using the right key words.


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