Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail 30 Pieces

I didn’t think that I was going to write an entry this week. I had no junk mail from May 9th to May 17th. It was the 8 best days I have had in 2 months. No giant stacks of mail in my arms, as I trugged back to the house from the mail box. No paper cuts, or getting stabbed by my letter opener. It was wonderful.

30 pieces of junk mail
Then on Saturday the mail man dropped 30 pieces of mail on me. I consider this a victory. I was expecting the mail to get better the week of May 19th. The fact that it got better a week early is great.

The best pairing of the week was definitely Rand Paul and Al Franken.
Rand Paul and Al Franken
As if you needed more prof that this lady’s mail is very messed up. No one should be getting mail from both these people at the same time. And yet here we are.

As for the rest of the political junk mail, take a look:
8 random political junk mail

Only 5 charities this week
5 Charities

We have a new winner for most junk mail in one week. It was a hard fought battle, there being only one day of competition and all.
3 from Global Reporting Network, Junk Mail
3 from Diversified Marketing Group, I knew they had it in them. Opt out here info@divmarketgroup.com.
Update: Don’t bother with the e-mail it won’t work. Instead fill out a form 1500 to make them stop.

On the international scam seen we have all our favorites from the Netherlands
4 scams from the Netherlands
The one from Zetten came by way of  China, PO Box 1000102 Beijing

On the US scam front
5 scams from the USA
Topeka KS and St. Louis MO continue to send the most stuff.

Stuffed and ready to go
Only Planned Parenthood had a pre-paid envelope. But I had 3 hits on duplicate scams from the US. I only send out from 1500’s if they send me 2 or more. I then keep the duplicate return envelope as my record.


Drowning in Junk Mail – Nora Lam Chinese Ministries International

Nora Lam Chinese Ministries International
Aw, look happy white people, and a roll of film. There are photos enclosed, let’s take a look at more photos of the happy white people.
Nora Lam Chinese Ministries International
WTH!? Where did the happy white people go?
There is a lot going on in this mailer, blue writing, yellow highlighter, a check for $5 and graphic photos.
This is for Nora Lam Chinese Ministries International Wiki page, no website, Charity Navigator page 1 star 30% of budget spent on fundraising. It is under the umbrella of World Children’s Fund (Charity Navigator page, unrated it is a private foundation) founded by her son Joseph Lam. Opt-out here. Their fundraiser is InfoCision call them at 330-668-1400 or email them infocis@infocision.com. If that doesn’t work, fill out a fill out a complaint to the DMA.

The letter is very interesting. Here are some highlights:
“Look at the photos I have enclosed. They are proof-postive of the bloody terrorism against Chinese Christians!!!

That is why I need you to help make this THOUSAND TIMES MIRACLE a reality for our suffering Christian brothers and sisters throughout China. Think of it.



Nora Lam Chinese Ministries International
Those poor Chinese Christians being punished for practicing their faith in China. Oh look a message from Nora on the back of the photo:
Nora Lam Chinese Ministries International
“The cruel brutality of the communists is finally exposed (photo for illustration purposes only)”

WHAT! You put those nasty photos in my mail and they are just random people being tortured in China. The one of the lady is from a protest by the Falun Gong to act out torture. Another is a demonstration of “Dead person’s bed” from 2004. The one of a guy behind bars is also from a Falun Gong protest from 2004. Just to be clear, Falun Gong is not a Christian based religion. It is derived from Buddhist and Taoist traditions. These photos have nothing to do with Christians caught reading bibles in China.

This is as bad as the horse rescue people sending me photos of bloody horses:
Speak up for Horses
Even the anti-abortion people haven’t sent me any photos of dead babies (yet).

Nora Lam check

I want to focus on the check that was included with this mailer. This one is for $5. That is a lot for this type of check. They are usually for $2.50 or less. Do not deposit these checks. They give these “charities” access to your account. They will then take money out of your account every month. I have read every part of the letters they send, and no where does it say that you are agreeing to a monthly donation if you deposit the check. The woman who’s mail this is had 3 groups taking money out of her account every month.

Don't deposit these checks!

Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail 124

124 pieces of junk mail
This week the junk mail went back down to normal levels of craziness, only 124 pieces. I’m starting to be able to tell that all the emails I have sent out are having an effect. I only got 4 letters from The National Center for Public Policy Research. When you consider that I was getting 8 in one week, before I contacted them that is a drop of 50%. I will take what I can get.

Let’s do the rundown of this weeks biggest spammers
Citizens Against Government Waste
Citizens Against Government Waste. Wiki Page, Source Watch page,  Charity Navigator page 2 stars (they are a 501(c)3). Oh the sweet, sweet irony of someone who is against waste, sending me 2 junk mail letters in one day, is so delicious.

Mike Huckabee c/o Secure America Now
Mike Huckabee c/o Secure America Now. A nice beak down by Institute for Policy Studies.

U.S. Veternas Hospice Committee
U.S. Veterans Hospice Committee. Could not find any independent information about them. Opt-out here.

Black Republican Fund, Edward Cousar
The Black Republican Fund BRPAC run by Edward Cousar. New York Times article about PACs that raise a lot of money but don’t spend it on candidates, that mentions the Black Republican PAC. This is not the same group as Black Republican Freedom Fund. The National Black Republican Association has a page devoted to telling everyone that their PAC is not that PAC. LOL You guys are the same, taking money from old ladies.

Larry Klaymen's Freedom Watch
Freedom Watch. You did not just start auto playing a song on your website. Is this a GeoCities site in 1995? Any way, Freedom Watch is run by Larry Klayman, he also founded Judicial Watch (example of junk mail from Judicial WatchSource Watch page for Larry. This mail is made by Response Unlimited. I have done an entire post about them.

Freedom's Defence Fund, Jerome Corsi
Freedom’s Defense Fund, Open Secrets page Jerome Corsi. Salon article also about a ring of PAC’s that all have the same treasurer in common: Scott Mackenzie. Who works for Base Connect “direct mail fundraising company”. Opt-out here  info@base-connect.com

Citizen Outreach, Kerry Bentivolio, Chuck Muth
Citizen Outreach “Irritating Liberals Since 1992” it is run by Chuck Muth of course you own your name’s domain. Wiki page, Source Watch page.

Citizens United
Citizens United run by David Bossie. Doug Collins is a new face in my mail box. Opt-out here info@citizensunited.org

National Center for Public Policy Research
The National Center for Public Policy Research. Only 4 this week. That is a  50% drop since I stared keeping count. Opt out here: info@nationalcenter.org, with the subject header “Delete from Solicitation”

7 from Federation of Responsible Citizens
7 from Federation Of Responsible Citizens. Opt-out here: FedofRespCitizen@aol.com.

And this week we have a new winner of the most junk mail in a single week:
16 from PII
16 from Policy Issues Institute

In the Junior Division
Junior division
Only one from Annette Bosworth this week. So sad. I need more glossy photos of her kids running around with baskets of vegetables. I know you are wondering why Sarah Palin‘s SarahPAC is in the Junior Division. She is not running for office, but her PAC donates to baby politicians just getting their start. Or she is supposed to, the PAC isn’t run very well. The Daily Beast did a nice write-up on SarahPAC and how it handles it’s money. Opt-out here.

23 Charities
23 charities some good, a lot bad.

11 International scams
11 international scams

16 US based scams
18 scams from the good old US of A

Scams from St. Louis MO
including 2 of scams from St. Louis MO. My new #1 city that is sending me scams right now.

This weeks leftovers
Here are the left overs

Stuffed and ready to go
17 envelopes stuffed, sharpied, duct taped, and ready to go.

14 form 1500's going to the Pricing Classification Service Center
I also sent off 14 form 1500’s to the Pricing Classification Service Center in New York.

Here is hoping for 94 next week

Drowning in Junk Mail – Thank goodness, the Mail & Internet Fraud Protection Watchdog is Here to Save me

Mail & Internet Fraud Protection Watchdog, Public and Private Sector
This came the other day. It is from the “Mail & Internet Fraud Protection Watchdog, Office of the Director Frank Langard Corporate Headquarters – M.I.P.W. Personal matter, Sent in Privacy to be opened by addressee only”
Mail & Internet Fraud Protection Watchdog, Public and Private Sector
Mail & Internet Fraud Protection Watchdog, Public and Private Sector
It has a post mark, and a mailing label from China. Now I am interested.
Mail & Internet Fraud Protection Watchdog, Public and Private Sector
The logo is very cool
Mail & Internet Fraud Protection Watchdog, Public and Private Sector
It is for “Victims of Fraud/Final Notice”. I’m a victim of fraud! Finally someone is here to help me. That is strange, the return envelope will go to PostBus 5 4033 ZG Lienden Netherlands. Never mind that let’s read the letter:
Mail & Internet Fraud Protection Watchdog, Public and Private Sector
The things I do for you people. I hate typing out full pages of these letters. But this one is just too good.

“Please read carefully. You are being provided this paperwork as a matter of official notification from the Mail & Internet Fraud Protection Watchdog.

Our organization carefully monitors direct mail and internet activity and serves to notify individuals who may have been victimized by malfeasance or fraudulent schemes or solicitations from any number of enterprises seeking to profit at public expense. As a private, non-governmental watchdog group, our goal is to increase consumer awareness and issue warning and compensatory initiatives to those who may have been directly or randomly targeted by bogus mail/internet advertising or other scam-related operations.

Your name appears on the database records as someone who may have been earmarked by such activity, particularly in the area of false sweepstakes, lottery and contest entrapments [sic], and reporting of such inflated charges and fees which are unrecoverable.

As a consumer watchdog, we are not involved in class-action lawsuits or other legal and/or  prosecutional [sic] enforcements, however we can assist in active alternative measures on behalf of those so affected.

Specifically, at this time we are authorized for a nominal fee to enroll you in a systematic sweepstakes auto-entry program which will confirm outright opportunity for you to WIN, provided you are [name redacted] a total Monetary Amount of $10,000,000.00 Ten Million Dollars.”

Can I stop typing now? Good.

Aw come on! They started off so good, and then it took a right turn into Scamville. Check out the backside of the letter:
Mail & Internet Fraud Protection Watchdog, Public and Private Sector
That is the scam from the Netherlands I know and love. They want you to send them $30 to enter you into an “automatic sweepstakes entry system”. It is signed by Vern Bates, Director of Operations, and Abraham Smith, Administrative Liaison.

If you get this, or something like it, do not send this in. Toss it into the trash. These people only want your money. You are not going to win ten million dollars. You would be better off giving $30 to a random person on the street.

Drowning in Junk Mail – Flip Your Junk Mail Over

Funny things start to happen when you open, sort, and send out over 100 pieces of mail a week. You stop reading it and start to look at the construction of the thing they have sent you. The quality of the paper, the size of the font used,
Abe Lincoln Foundation
crazy blue writing all over the letters.
Blue scribbles on junk mail

A lot of the mail comes with these little cards:
501(c)(4) cards
I have been using them to stuff in the smallest pre-paid envelops (it is amazing what you can do when you get 30 or 40 in a week). Take a look at it. It is a bunch of legal mumbumo jumbo about how to get copies of financial reports. But it also gives you a big clue as to who is sending you stuff. They list the name of the parent 501(c)(4) and the mailing address, In this case it is for National Center for Public Policy Research, and our good friends at Policy Issues Institute. I have been picking on them the last few weeks, so let’s turn our attention to someone new.

The Seniors Coalition (TSC) junk mail

If you can look past the crazy writing in red that is all over the place, you will see that this is from The Seniors Coalition run by Sean Ferritor.
Hay, how did you figure that out so quick? Well let me show you:
The Seniors Coalition junk mail
This is the back of the solicitation letter. It has all the usual legal stuff but look at the very bottom
The Seniors Coalition junk mail
They want fan mail! Email: tsc@senior.org
A quick Google of Sean Ferritor pulls up US Border Security Council. And look they have a Flicker page
Here is a photo of Sean Ferritor taking junk mail to the post office.

And here is Owen Thomas calling your grandma, asking for money.

This is fun! Let’s see what else we can find flipping over the mail.

National Association of Chiefs of Police
National Association of Chiefs of Police. Email policeinfo@aphf.org
National Association of Chiefs of Police
Charity Navigator page, 0 stars 64% of budget spent on fundraising.

Help Hospitalized Veterans
Help Hospitalized Veterans, email hhv@hhv.org
Help Hospitalized Veterans
AC360 report on Help Hospitalized Veterans. Charity Navigator page is a must read, the only thing worse than 0 stars is a Donor Advisory. What can I say, only the classiest charities for this mail box.

So what did we learn today? Look on the back of your junk mail. There is gold hidden in the fine print.


Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail, 154 pieces :(

This week's mail 154
Here is this weeks big box of junk mail, 154 pieces in all.

Noooo stop sending me junk mail

Noooo! Stop sending me junk mail!

NO! No no no! How could this happen? I have been pounding the keyboard for a month to make the junk mail stop. How could I go backwards, and get 154 pieces in one week?! It is like I have kicked an angry hornet’s nest of junk mail.

This is what my mailbox looks like everyday

This is what my mailbox looks like everyday.

St. Rand Paul the patron saint of junk mail, and our Lady of Blessed Contribution Dr. Annette Bosworth
How could you 2 let me down? I was counting on you to keep the mail away.

It's back :(
The biggest set back I had was, I got the official paperwork back for the first few USPS form 1500’s I sent out. It doesn’t work on foreign mail, only mail from the USA. Darn it. 22 out of 38 this week were from either The Netherlands or Australia. Now I will just focus 100% on US based scams. Look out St. Louis MO, there are lots of form 1500’s coming your way.

Let’s run down the biggest junk mail senders this week:

Chosen People Ministries
Chosen People Ministries. (Wiki page) They like to convert Israelis into christens. I like the pre-filled out check on the top right. All I have to do is fill in the dollars.

Judicial Watch
Judicial Watch run by Thomas Fitton. Charity Navigator page, 33% of budget spent on fundraising. There is a lot going on here. Some how Sheriff Joe Arpaio is involved.

American Civil Rights Union (ACRU)
American Civil Rights Union, (Wiki page) it wants to be the conservative answer to the ACLU. Their Charity Navigator page is a must read, they get 0 stars, and 72% of their budget is spent on fundraising. Source Watch page. Opt-out here: info@theacru.org

Rand Paul c/o Citizens United
Citizens United dressed in Rand Paul clothing

Rand Paul c/o National Right to Work Committee, National Pro-Life Alliance
National Right to Work Committee and National Pro-Life Alliance also using Rand Paul. So did I get 3 unrelated letters? Did I get 4 pieces of junk mail from Rand Paul? You decide.

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund
Tea Party Patriots. (Wiki page) It is time for her to renew her membership. Sorry guys that ship has sailed. You aren’t getting any more money from her. The other one wants John Boehner to resign. That has to be the worst photo of John Boehner ever. I couldn’t find the original, but the flag he is standing in front of is huge. The stars are the size of his head.

Food & Water Watch, 3 in one week
Food and Water Watch, (Wiki Page) (Charity Navigator page) (Source Watch page) hay hippies, you had better check yourselves. The Tea Party, and Citizens United sent less that you this week.

5 from The National Center for Public Policy Research. Opt out here: info@nationalcenter.org, with the subject header “Delete from Solicitation”

15 from PII
15 from Policy Issues Institute. Opt-out here: james.lacy.@wewerlacy.com

16 from Federation Of Responsible Citizens. Opt-out here: FedofRespCitizen@aol.com. I wanted to make sure everyone saw the large envelopes this week. They are usually buried under all the smaller mail

The week of May 19th can’t come fast enough.

People running for office
The junior division is getting feisty. Both Annette Bosworth and Ben Carson are mad I didn’t feature them enough last week, so they sent me more stuff.

Annette Bosworth for US Senate
Annette sent me the same letter and blow-up of a camera phone photo, that she did last week.
Annette Bosworth
But now I can show you the taking points on the back of the photo. This week she compared people who receive food stamps to wild animals in National Parks. I hope who ever is paying for all this expensive mail gets their moneys worth when she is elected.

Ben Carson junk mail
Ben Carson, I mean the people who have nothing to to with Ben Carson, but are asking him to run for president, have stepped up their game.
Ben Carson junk mail
I now have a Teen Beat style Pin-up poster of Ben. That is like so cool, I will totally like put it up next to all the like old NKOTB posters in my like bedroom. Like.

Jordan is so dreamy

Jordan is like so dreamy

15 Charities
Lots of note cards and address labels were included this week. They will come in handy for stopping scam junk mail.

38 Scams
38 scams

Scams that will get a form 1500
16 of them are eligible for a USPS form 1500. And I just went to Costco and got a 100 pack of stamps. Bring it on scammers.

17 stuffed and ready to go
Here they are 17 pre-paid stuffed, sharpied envelopes.

The Washington Post March Sucks
I wrote a special note for the fine folks at Run Ben Run. That group is headed by John Phillips Sousa IV. His great-grandfather wrote this little ditty:

It was quite the hit at the time. Just imagine that I wrote to Blue Ivy and told her that her mom’s song “Single Ladies” sucked and you get the idea. They had better stop sending me stuff, or next time I will say something mean about Stars and Stripes Forever :-O

Here are the leftovers from this weeks 154 pieces.

An Offering
I am giving offerings to Our Lady and St. Rand. Hopefully it will be enough to keep the mail away this week.


Drowning in Junk Mail – First Street Catalog

I am trying to systematically stop the junk mail going to an elderly relative. Most of the junk mail falls into 3 categories:
1. Charities, that tug at your hart strings to get money.
2. Political junk mail, that tries to scare you out of your money.
3. Scams, that cheat you out of your money.

It gets very repetitive after a while. I only show you a small fraction of what I get. But some times something lands in the mail box that is so amazing, so luzy I have to share it.

First Street Catalog
I give you First Street Catalog, “For Boomers and Beyond”
It is a lifestyle catalog for people 55+. It is filled for products for the active senior.  It starts with the Jitterbug on the cover and then goes through the roof with awesome.

Yes it has incontinence products
Night Proofs Briefs

And phones with giant buttons and a 53dB speaker
Precision Plus Amplified Phone

But is also has cool stuff that all of us could use.
This is the Wow! Computer. It is an all-in-one computer with a touch screen and extra loud speakers. “It’s so easy to use you won’t have to ask your children or grandchildren for help.”
Barefoot slippers, Keys-U-See
The perfect accessory for your new computer is the Keys-U-See. It has “the largest bold print that will fit on the keycap.”

Don’t like computers but still like to read?
Lighted Full Page Magnifier
You can get this handy Full page Magnifier. 

Spring Has Finally Arrived! And so has cool stuff for active people in the golden time of their lives.
Spring has Finally Arrived!
OMG! Is that a hedge trimmer with a vacuum?
Spring has Finally Arrived!
Bikes are out, and trikes are in! Including a Tricycle built for 2. It also comes in electric!

Neptune Upright Bath Lift
After your bike ride you can soak in the tub using a Neptune Upright Bath Lift.

Classic Instant Camera
Instant film camera. And they say millennials are all about instant gratification. Note the large button phone at the bottom of the page. In a clothing catalog that is where they would put something like socks or leggings. They sell so many of these phones it is in a toss away position in this catalog.

35mm film camera
Instant film camera to much? How about a 35mm film camera? They even sell 400 speed film. I want to take a moment to also look at the other 2 products on the page. The All-in-one Record/Cassette/CD Player/AM FM radio LP Saver III. They want you to convert all your records and tapes to CD. Don’t to the tapes, they have degraded to the point where it won’t sound good anymore. The records just need a good cleaning and they will be great to copy. And the Support Hosiery. Please don’t encourage old ladies to dress in outrageous patterns. It is bad enough when I see them in Alfred Dunner outfits with Betsey Johnson accessories, but now their socks are crazy too? Thanks First street.

Turn Grandma into a WiFi thief
And now for the best page in the whole catalog. From top to bottom: Super WiFi Antenna, turn grandma in to a Wifi thief! Get her this and she can get the Starbuck’s Wifi from the comfort of her home. MiniBike Exerciser this is pretty cool. It is good low impact exercise. You win this time First Street. Cassette Player/Recorder with mic. I had that Memorex  90 min tape back in the day. It had all my Madonna albums on it. And a Typewriter, I’m sorry a Portable Typewriter.  It is 10 pounds. I hope shipping is free on that one.