Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail 5 pieces

April Calendar

Welcome to April! Here is my little calendar with all the groups that should stop this month. Note that Conservative StrikeForce is on there.

All 5 pieces

I am really getting down to the nitty gritty. This week is filled will old friends.

All 5 pieces

Not the kind that you want to have a cup of coffee and a chat with. The kind you need to take out a restraining order on. If you read this blog every week you can’t help but to notice that I cut and paste a lot. It made sense when I was getting over 100 pieces a week. I was spending 20+ hours a week on this blog and I needed some short cuts just to make my self imposed weekly deadline of Tuesday or Wednesday. I haven’t looked up some groups since I did my initial research. For some of them it has almost been a year. That is a lifetime in the direct marketing world. So this week I re-looked up everyone. And I found some changes. They are all still scumbags, that didn’t change.

Western Center for Journalism

Western Center for Journalism. Wiki page. Source Watch page. Run by Floyd Brown Opt-out here and call (623) 217-7766 also opt-out from Response Unlimited

It is apart of Liftable Media Inc witch includes click bait mills liftable.com and thoughtfulwomen.orgBizapedia page, it is entirely run by Floyd Brown and his family. Patrick Brown has put up a slideshow made by Floyd on how to blog. I do everything he talks about, except the monetization.

Abraham Lincoln Foundation for Public Policy Research

Abraham Lincoln Foundation for Public Policy Research AKA Lincoln Institute for Research and Education, PO Box 254, Great Falls, Virginia 22066 Facebook page (no posts since 2011), Washington State page, Charity Navigator page (not rated), Guidestar page. Opt-out here contactus@lincolnreview.com (703) 759-4278. I got no response from either. Did you see that? I finally found a website for them. It has completely different contact information than the junk mail. The contact information listed in the mailpiece is novone@verizon,net and (703) 759-4599 that will get you nowhere.

Conservative StrikeForce

Conservative StrikeForceOpen Secrets page. From Fox Detroit:

“Since 2010, the Conservative Strikeforce has raised nearly $10 million. More than $9 million of the loot was paid to the fundraisers. That means candidates got less than 8 percent of the money donors sent in.”

Opt-out here info@conservativestrikeforce.com and call (888) 295-6480, mailbox was full. Also opt-out from ForthRight Strategy AKA Base Connect. That is right Base Connect changed their name last month. Kimberly Bellissimo and Scott B. MacKenzie have hung up a new shingle to run their fundraising scams. Was it because they are listed as a fundraiser for one of America’s Worst Charities? Or was it because if you use them as the fundraiser for your political campaign, you will no help from the Republican establishment? No, it was because CFO Michael Centanni was caught with child porn. He plead guilty. For those of you keeping track that is the third name for this firm since 2002. I have contacted Conservative StrikeForce and ForthRight Strategy AKA Base Connect already. Normally I would send a complaint to the DMA.

There were a couple of interesting things about this mailpiece. One was the amount of money it asked for: $2.16, $20.16, $200.16, $2106.00.

The other was the pretense of the mailpiece. It is to pick who your Republican Presidential Preference is. The list is: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Donald Trump, Bobby Jindal, Jim Gilmore, Rick Perry, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Sarah Palin, George Pataki, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio, Undecided and Other. Over the past year I have gotten junk mail from no less than 7 of the people on this list.

American Seniors Against ObamaCare a program of Citizen Guardian

American Seniors Against Obama Care a program of Citizen Guardian, Inc. GuideStar page, Opt-out info@CitizenGuardian.org and call (202) 469-3433. They use Engage Direct Mail and InfoCision.  Mail from them should have stopped last month. Normally I would file a complaint with the DMA.

One part of the letter reads:

At a cost of about 45 cents for the printing and postage to get out petitions into the hands of just one person, I need to raise $450,00 within the next 30 days. And another $950,00 after to intensify the pressure right through June.

I need to stop mail from them before they “intensify the pressure right through June.”

Balboa Mailing Company scam

Balboa Mailing Company scam

Balboa Mailing Company George Taylor 510 W, Broadway STE 800 San Diego CA 92101. Opt-out info@moneymailerprogram.com no reply, or call (619) 760-0570 it is just a pre-recorded message about how great their program is. I have already sent in a form 1500 for these guys, but it won’t kick in until next month.

No pre-paid envelopes, and no form 1500‘s to send out.

Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail 46 pieces

All 46 pieces

I hate slipping back like this, but the amount of mail that rolls in can have wild fluctuations in either direction week to week. PaperKarma has been having problems ever since the update to iOS8. I hope that they work everything out soon. I have a huge backlog of requests right now. And I have ratcheted up the revenge meter. I have sent out my first DMA Ethics Case Complaint form. It is for State Department Watch. I have emailed State Department Watch, I got no response. When I called them no one picked up the phone. Oh, now it is on State Department Watch. Look for that at the bottom with the pre-paid envelopes and the form 1500’s.

2 in 1 day
2 in 1 day club

5 from Response Unlimited
5 from Response Unlimited:

American Policy Center
2 from American Policy Center, run by Tom DeWeese his SPLC page, Source Watch page, opt-out here admin@americanpolicy.org

2 from Food and Water Watch
2 from Food and Water Watch, Wiki Page, Charity Navigator page, Source Watch page, opt-out here

Political mash up
Political Mash up

Random Political Junk Mail

10 Charities
10 Charities

3 US based scams
3 US based scams

5 scams from the Netherlands
5 scams from the Netherlands

  • Midas Financial Group Mergers Access Division PO Box 8396 3503 RJ Utrecht Netherlands
  • Harrison Institute PO Box 1061 NL-3600 BB Maarssen Netherlands
  • Winner Club PO Box 20 NL-1715 ZG Spanbroek Netherlands
  • Dr. Kramer PO Box 164 NL-3960 BD Wijk bij Duurstede Netherlands
  • A.P.M.E. c/o M.V.E.U. PO Box 1219 NL-3600 BE Marssen Netherlands

8 prepaid envelopes ready to go
8 prepaid envelopes stuffed and ready to go

1 form 1500 ready to go
1 form 1500 for The Moskowitz Report ready to go

DMA Ethics Case Complaint form for State Department Watch
DMA Ethics Case Complaint form. It is for State Department Watch.

Name of organization that you are bringing to our attention: State Department Watch

Organization Contact Information: sdw@statedepartmentwatch.org

Address on return envelope: PO Box 97343 Washington DC 20090-7343

Street address: 22648 Ave San Luis WOODLAND HILLS CA 91364,

Mailing address: PO Box 6102 WOODLAND HILLS CA 91365

Phone number: (818) 223-8080

Contact Person at the organization: Carl Olson

Please give a brief overview of your concerns and attach any relevant correspondence or other documents:

This complaint is being made on behalf of name AKA other name, that is the name on this mailpiece. My family has power of attorney for her affairs.

I have contacted State Department Watch by email and by phone and received no response. I would like name to be taken off their mailing list.

I would also like her to be taken off the mailing list for their other projects:

Minuteman Project With Jim Gilchrist

Tea Party Campaign With Dr. Jerome Corsi

The Tea Party

American Sovereignty Task Force

There are no guidelines as to what you should write, so I was very to the point. If this works I will make a “how to guide”.

Left overs


Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail, 56 Pieces

All 56 pieces

This week I have dumped Catalog Choice for PaperKarma. I have hit a wall, and was logging fewer and fewer mailpieces every week. Mostly because I knew Catalog Choice couldn’t help me anymore. So after 4 months and over 200 requests, I am giving PaperKarma a try. I will be writing a review for both of them in about 4 months. Fair is fair, I want to give PaperKarma time to work.

2 in 1 day club
2 in 1 day club. Including:

Response Unlimited junk mail
All of these are from direct marketing firm Response Unlimited, opt-out here

Citizens United
Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee selling themselves out to Citizens United

Mashed up political parties

Other political junk mail
Other random political junk mail. Including:

Sarah Palin poem
The Americans for Sarah letter is just to good this week. It has part of a speech she gave at CPAC in March. It is a parody of Green Eggs and Ham, but for conservatives.

I do not like this, Uncle Sam.
I do not like this healthcare scam.

I do not like these dirty crooks
Or how they cry and cook the books

I do not like when Congress steals
I do not like their crony deals

I do not like “oh yes, we can”

I do not like this spending, spree
We’re smart, we know nothing’s free

I do not like reporters’ smug replies
When I complain about their lies

I do not like this kind of hope
And we won’t take it
Nope, nope, nope


Big envelopes
Giant envelopes. Including:

7 Charities. Including:

11 scams.

Including one of the most long winded pyramid schemes I have seen. 6 pages double sided. All trying to convince me to send $97 to one person and $100 to another. If you can’t tell me your pitch in 1 page you are a terrible sales person.

I won’t be sending out any form 1500’s this week. None of them qualify. I have either already sent them out, or It is the first time I have gotten them. I hope the guys in the New York office don’t miss me.

Stuffed and ready to go
Here are 11 pre-paid envelopes stuffed and ready to go.

Scam from Australia
You should recognize this little scam from PO BOX 17 Varsity Lakes QLD 4227 Australia. I get it almost every week. Now with both her new and old address. As I am writing this, the mail for next week has already come, and I just got 3 more. Because it is international, I can’t use a from 1500 to make it stop. Or I would have stopped them months ago. I have sent every one back stuffed, not stuffed, nasty notes, crazy notes, and they still come. So this time I am trying something new. Instead of just “Take me off your mailing list” I have put “Deceased, She is dead” next to her address. I have not done this before because, she is in fact not dead. I also don’t want to mess up her Social Security and Medicare. But this one is international and they just can’t take a hint.


Drowning in Junk Mail – How to Opt-out of Junk Mail from Response Unlimited

You don’t know the name Response Unlimited. You aren’t supposed to. They are a direct marketing firm. Contact them here:  Opt out here. Under “I am interested in…” in the pull down menu pick “mailing lists” or call (540) 943-6721.

Junk Mail made by Response Unlimited
This week alone I have gotten 6 mail pieces from them. They have a distinct style, that is is both plain and bold at the same time. Large bold print that is easy for the elderly to read. Bizarre click-bait (open-bait?) headlines that command you to open the mail piece to find out what is going on. All are the hallmarks of this company’s style.
Here is a 2006 Southern Poverty Law Center report about the people who run and use RU. Here is the 2005 New York Times piece about the parents of Terri Schiavo, mentioned by the SPLC.

Response Unlimited Screen Shot
You can use their search engine to look up your mail and find out if your junk mail  is managed by of their many lists.

Response Unlimited Screen Shot
Look and see if the list is “Managed by Response Unlimited”.  Then you know for sure you need to ask them to be put on their “suppression list”. Look up all your mail and tell them which of their clients are sending you stuff.

One of their clients is Western Center for Journalism. Wiki page. Source Watch page. Which is run by wait for it… Floyd Brown. If you have been reading the the blog from the start, it seems that this entire project is trying to stop junk mail from one man, Floyd Brown.

Other groups that use Response Unlimited as their direct marketing firm are:

Larry Klaymen's Freedom Watch
Larry Klaymen's Freedom Watch
Freedom Watch, AAaaa Auto play music!!! Run by Larry Klayman. Wiki page. RU page.

American Freedom Law Center
American Freedom Law Center, co-founded by David Yerushalmi, Mr. Yerushalmi’s Southern Poverty Law Center page.

These next 3 all use the same PO Box as Western Center for Journalism: PO Box 131727 Houston TX 77219

Junk mail made by Response Unlimited
Liberty Tree Alliance, Secure Borders Coalition, RU page.

Alan Keys Declaration Alliance junk mail
Declaration Alliance, Open Secrets page, RU page,  RU page for Alan Keys

United States Justice Foundation
United States Justice Foundation
United States Justice FoundationCharity Navigator page 2 stars. Source Watch page. RU page.

Traditional Values Coalition junk mail

Traditional Values Coalition, Washington D.C., It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when., Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Junk Mail

Traditional Values Coalition, Wiki page, Open Secrets page, RU page.

Chosen People Ministries
Chosen People Ministries, Wiki page, RU page

I will update as I get more mail from Response Unlimited.

Drowning in Junk Mail – How to Opt-out of Junk Mail from Policy Issues Institute (PII)

To opt-out from Policy Issues Institute contact James Lacy of Wewer & Lacy LLC james.lacy@wewerlacy.com and call (949)495-3314.

Update: It has been brought to my attention that in this post I do not use strong enough language about Policy Issues Institute. Do not send them money. They are not going to Impeach Obama. The only thing that will happen is that you will get 10+ letters from them every week. And your information will be sold to every mailing list in the US.

14 from PII

I feel like I have been chasing Floyd Brown and his “Band of Merry Men” all over the internet. Read about that here and here. Policy Issues Institute does not have a website. White House Watch (A project of Policy Issues Institute) had a website but it is now dead. Impeach Obama Campaign has a website but no contact info. Every project of Policy Issues Institute has a different PO Box. I need to find the physical address.
To the Googles! Thanks Washington State and GuideStar 🙂

14 from PII

Their Mailing address is:
Law Offices Of Maureen E. Otis, PC
4850 Wright Rd Site 168

But their street address is:
Civic Center Plaza
30011 Ivy Glenn Drive
Suite 223
Laguna Niguel, California 92677
Policy Issues Institute HQ
Google Street View
That is the address of Wewer & Lacy LLC “Leaders in Nonprofit and Election Law”

Policy Issues Institute

But how is this law office connected to Policy Issues Institute (PII)? There are 14 companies that are listed at this address:

They are all run by Floyd Brown, James Lacy and few friends. James Lacy is listed as the Registered Agent for Policy Issues Institute, and his email address is at the top of the  Wewer & Lacy LLC website, so I sent a note to his work email. Now I am not so high and mighty as to think that a big fancy lawer with an office in ritzy Laguna Niguel would answer my email himself, he tossed it to a lackey in the office (probably some poor kid with a brand new law degree and a mountain of student loan debt) who wrote me a nice note saying that I would be off the mailing list that day. He then passed it on to someone at Policy Issues Institute who would delete me from their mailing list.

PII envelopes

That was overly complicated. If they would just have a real website like a normal SuperPAC, I would have just sent it to info@PII or some such thing, but no. Now I am the official web page for Policy Issues Institute. But instead of spewing their rhetoric, all I do is tell people how to stop it from invading their homes.


Charity Navigator page, Citizen Audit page

An article from The Intelligencer, Wheeling News Register from West Virginia, about junk mail aimed at seniors that mentions our friends at Policy Issues Institute.

Los Angeles Times article about how Policy Issues Institute sells it’s self out to PACs so they can use Policy Issues Institute’s lower postal rate.

Policy Issues Institute, White House Watch Junk Mail

Here are all the projects of Policy Issues Institute (PII):

  • Americans Against U.N. Control
  • Impeach Obama Campaign
  • United States Investigative Unit
  • United States Health Congress
  • White House Watch, The

All the projects of Policy Issues Institute