No Surprise Here: CFPB Finds Reverse Mortgage Ads Create False Impressions

The lady who’s junk mail I have been trying to stop for the last year had a reverse mortgage. Almost 100% of the money went to charities, PAC’s and scams. When she died her children were left with nothing, except junk mail.


Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail One Piece

I am going to start winding down this blog. I am regularly getting 1-2 pieces a week now. I will make this a monthly blog. I will still update the Facebook page. And if I find a good topic to write about I will post to this blog.

If you get a piece of junk mail you think I would like to talk about email a photo at

Freedom Watch

Freedom Watch

This week’s junk mail is from Larry Klayman’s Freedom WatchWiki page, Source Watch page,

Freedom Watch

Back in February Larry promised that his junk mail would stop in 60 days. It is now the end of May. I estimated that junk mail from Freedom Watch should have stopped well over a month ago. I sent an email to, no response. I called (310) 595-0800 mail box was full. I called (310) 770-9712 and left a voice mail. I called (352) 274-9359 and left a voice mail there also. I will Tweet this to @freedomwatchweb, I will tag them on Facebook. I do not know how many more ways to tell them to stop sending junk mail to a person who died 3 months ago.

If she wasn’t dead I would send another complaint to the DMA, and contact my state’s attorney general.