Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail, 19 pieces

All 19 pieces

Under 20!! This should be the week that I start to feel the full effects of being dropped from HSP Direct. I have also started to erase her from big data brokers. I am writing a blog post about big data. But it will take a while to finish it.

2 in 1 day club
2 in 1 day club only has one member this week. St. Joseph’s Indian School, Wiki page, Charity Navigator page (not rated) BBB page. Opt-out here saintjosephs@stjo.org
This should be the last mailpiece from them.

4 from Response Unlimited
4 from Response Unlimited

Random Political junk mail
Random political junk mail

7 Charities
7 charities

3 scams
3 scams

  • Reply Paid 2569 Sydney NSW 2001 Australia
  • The Underground Moneymaking System from The Chris White Company CWco 4222 Fortuna Center Plaza #652 Dumfries VA 22025 (UPS Store) He gets an F from the BBB. Opt-out here cwcoinfo@aol.com. I don’t want any direct contact with this guy so I am sending in a from 1500.
  • Trapeze Group 8063 Via Ventura Scottsdale, AZ 85258

pre-paid envelopes ready to go
Pre-paid envelopes stuffed and ready to go

The scam from Australia has changed addresses. I was going to put a rock in the envelope, but I saw this on the back:

Shoot, it can only weigh 50 grams. So I got out my kitchen scale, my bag of shredded paper and started stuffing.

stuffed envelope 50 grams
This weighs exactly 50 grams.

2 form 1500's
2 from 1500’s ready to go

Left overs

Drowning in Junk Mail – How to Opt-out of Junk Mail from American Target Advertising

Today’s direct marketing firm is American Target Advertising, they also have the website Non-Profit Prosperity.com.

Contact them here. If that doesn’t work call (703) 392-7676

The company was founded in 1965 by Richard Viguerie using a mailing list made up of 12,500 of Barry Goldwater`s $50-plus donors. He went down to the clerk of the House of Representatives with a gaggle of secretaries to write down Barry Goldwater’s donors who gave $50 or more. Out of 15,000 names they only got 12,500, before someone kicked them out. That list of names became the backbone of his direct mail firm, The Viguerie Company that became American Target Advertising. Mr. Viguerie has spun off his marketing techniques in to a class, so you can do them yourself Viguerie Marketing Institute. He has also written a book about direct mail marketing America’s Right Turn.

Direct marketing firms all share/sell their mailing lists with each other. Groups who I opted-out of months ago started popping up again. That tells me she was being sold back on to the list. Or I was getting 2 of the same mailpiece in the same week and got it down to one. There was a list above what I had gotten her off of. That lead me to the history of direct mail and Mr. Viguerie. I am sure my gal has been on this guy’s list since the 1970’s.

Like Mr. Viguerie I am using the Federal Election Commission  and the IRS as a tool. Only this time it is to find out who his clients are so I can make mail from American Target Advertising stop. Between Charity Navigator and Open Secrets I have taught myself how to dig into the boat loads of paper that charities and PACs have to file. American Target Advertising is a classy firm that doesn’t blab about their clients on their website. I had to dive into documents that can be hundreds of pages long, to pull out who does the fundraising for each one.

Here are some of their clients:

Eagle Forum
Eagle Forum, Wiki page, run by Phyllis Schlafly. Ballotpedia page, Open Secrets page, Charity Navigator page. Opt-out here eagle@eagleforum.org

Phyllis Schlafly and Richard Viguerie have been friends since the 1960’s. He uses her take down of the Equal Rights Amendment as a case study in his book America’s Right Turn. It is a perfect example of someone using alternative media, to get people who otherwise are on opposite sides of the room, to come together for a common cause.

2 from Faith and Freedom Coalition
Faith and Freedom Coalition, Wiki page, Open Secrets page, Charity Navigator page, opt-out here INFO@FFCOALITION.COM

2 from CatholicVote.org
Catholic Vote, Wiki page, Open Secrets page a project of Fedelis Open Secrets page. Opt-out here info@catholicvote.org

The Jesse Helms Center Foundation
Jesse Helms Center,  Wiki page. Charity Navigator page Opt-out here.

Traditional Values Coalition
Traditional Values Coalition, Wiki page, Open Secrets page, Charity Navigator page (no rating) opt-out here

Christian Seniors Association
Christian Seniors Association sister organization to Traditional Values Coalition

Liberty Guard
Liberty Guard, run by Bob BarrCharity Navigator page

Conservative Caucus
Conservative Caucus, Wiki page, Charity Navigator page

If I find more clients I will add them.

Drowning in Junk Mail – How much money did she give away?

I have been in contact with CNN reporter Melanie Hicken about this blog. She is on both the retirement and the Big Data beat. Junk mail is both of those smashed together in a nightmare of pleas for money for everything from saving Social Security, to saving cute fuzzy animals with big eyes. If you want to tell her about your battle with junk mail you can email her at Melanie.Hicken@turner.com.

One of the questions she asked was how much money did she give away? I didn’t know. Her family didn’t know. Didn’t want to know. But for this project, we took a peek. We only went through the last year of her account, before we wrestled the checkbook out of her hands.

Second Amendment Foundation
Second Amendment Foundation, Wiki page, run by Alan Gottlieb . Great article about Alan GottliebCharity Navigator page. Opt-out here info@saf.org – $100 She doesn’t have a gun.

Citizens United
Citizens United Foundation – $100

National Center for Public Policy Research junk mail
National Center for Public Policy Research:

  • National Retirement Security Task Force – $70, $200, $200, $500
  • Health Care Reform Task Force – $200

Total: $1,170

16 from Federation of Responsible Citizens junk mail
Federation of Responsible Citizens:

  • National Campaign to Guarantee Social Security – $400, $400
  • Task Force to Impeach Obama – $100
  • American Federation of Senior Citizens – $70, $100, $500

Total: $1,570

15 from PII
Policy Issues Institute:

  • White House Watch – $200
  • Impeach Obama – $600 When we saw this one we shut down the computer and walked away.


Total: $800

Grand Total: $3,740

Those are only the big checks. Not the little $20 ones she sent off to the sweepstakes scams in the Netherlands. Or the ones for cash that were turned into money orders and sent off to who knows where.

After that glimpse it is a good guess to say that she gave away about $100,000. Or most of the value of her house.

Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail 22 pieces

All 22 pieces
22 pieces. That is 3 pieces a day. That is getting down to a normal person’s level of junk mail. But I am not done yet. I will call myself done when I can go a month with no junk mail.

3 from Response Unlimited
3 from Response Unlimited

2 from Base Connect
2 from Base Connect

random political junk mail
Random political junk mail

7 charities
7 charities

3 scams
5 scams. No new from 1500’s this week

  • Giuseppe (Pippo) di Fortunato Grand master of Occultism Postbus 79 4530 AB Terneuzen Holland Facebook page
  • Laura Vivian PO Box 1486 3600 BL Maarssen Netherlands Scambook page.
  • Mysterious “Backwoods Millionaire” Finally reveals his $5,000,000,00 Secret go to this website: Something4Nothing.com  Massive Profits in Sports and Concerts they want $59 a month. If you can tell me whet they are trying to sell let me know in the comments. This is a scam run by Jim “Jimbo” Walters of Platinum Acquisitions INC. 228 W US HWY 30 #133, Schererville, IN 46375. Opt-out here He must be the king of the “Get rick quick” scam these are other scams he runs:

2 scams going to step 2
These 2 are going to step 2

Prepaid envelops
5 prepaid envelops ready to go


Drowning in Junk Mail Book Club – America’s Right Turn by Richard A. Viguerie and David Franke

Welcome to the first (and hopefully last) installment of the Drowning in Junk Mail Book Club.

America's Right Turn by Richard A Viguerie and David Franke

This is a review of the 2004 classic America’s Right Turn by Richard A. Viguerie and David Franke. I got it for a penny + shipping. Which is about what it is worth.  It has been scanned into Google Books.

It is the harrowing tail of Richard A. Viguerie collecting all the names and addresses of conservatives in the 60’s and 70’s, spamming their mailboxes. Then getting Reagan elected. I would recommend this book to a political science major who is getting a minor in communications. No matter what side of an issue you are on the techniques they use will work on whatever cause you are trying to promote. For me as a normal human that doesn’t like politics, politicians or the ideological garbage they put in my mailbox I give it 2 stars. Mostly because the editing was good and the quality of the physical book was so nice. It was printed by Bonus Books (Wiki page). Even after 10 years the pages are still white and don’t smell like a fire.

Mr. Viguerie promoting his book on the Daily Show.

Here he is on CSPAN’s Booknotes promoting the same book.

Off the top there is some lingo you must learn:

  • Alternative media: is anything that is not the nightly news from a big 3 network, or a major newspaper.
  • A package: is a solicitation letter that they send to you.
  • Pull: money that a letter brings in. That package had a good pull.
  • Conservatives are not the same as Republicans. These 2 terms are not interchangeable.

Here is a quick summery of the book:

They start off with a short history of the printing press, Martin Luther, and how revolutionary americans like Thomas Pain used pamphlets spread the word of their cause. Then we skip up to 1955 and how “liberalism reigned supreme” over America, and the defeat of Barry Goldwater. After the election in 1964 a young plucky Richard A. Viguerie went down to the clerk of the House of Representatives with a gaggle of secretaries to take down Goldwater’s donors who gave $50 or more. Out of 15,000 names they only got 12,500 before someone kicked them out. That list of names became the backbone of his direct mail firm, The Viguerie Company that became American Target Advertising. After gathering up the conservatives they set their sites in the Religious Right helmed by Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. Then Phyllis Schlafly stops all the momentum of the Equal Rights Amendment. And they get Ronald Reagan elected. That is the core of people who form all the modern conservative mailing lists.

This is where they start to loose me: in 1985 the FCC killed the Fairness Doctrine (if you have a liberal on, you must also give a conservative equal time on air) and conservative talk radio exploded with Rush Limbaugh as the top dog. Mr. Limbaugh goes on to write a New York Times bestseller. Fox News is founded and is number 1 in the ratings for a 24 hour news channel. How can you claim that you are using “Alternative media” to get your message out if your main promoters are being broadcast on major media outlets, and first in their categories?

When the internet, Matt Drudge (Wiki page) and blogging come on the scene as a tool to promote the conservative cause I am right with them again. There is nothing more alternative than a person taking the time to write a blog about a niche subject, that will have a audience of themselves and maybe a few friends. They begrudgingly give credit to Howard Dean for being the first presidential candidate to utilize all the tools the internet had to offer at the time. I would like to know the author’s opinion on the campaign strategy used by Barack Obama. But that would mean reading more drivel written by these two.

Some fun facts:

  • Your name and address is worth about 15 to 20 cents.
  • People with disposable money are older – usually 50 and above.
  • A milti-page pitch in a package will pull in more money than a one page pitch will.
  • A package about the rainforest or a cute animal will do better then a cause closer to home like toxic spills polluting your water.
  • They all share/sell their mailing lists with each other. The DNC uses the list for National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare for certain packages.
  • Over the past 40 years Mr. Viguerie has sent out over 2 billion letters.

The book was well written, but they had the bad habit of calling Hillary Clinton by her first name and in the same sentence using the last name of her conservative equals. They also mentioned an interview with Tom Brokaw that took place the Thursday after the November election in 1978, where Mr. Brokaw points out that, Mr. Viguerie used the same package for 2 brothers Phil and Dan Crane who were running for Congress at the time. I couldn’t find a record of that interview happening on November 9, 1978 at the Vanderbilt University Television News Archive. I was really hoping to use that bit of video, but it is lost to the sands of time. I wanted more samples of vintage junk mail, especially ones  from the campaign Mr. Viguerie helped orchestrate with Phyllis Schlafly to stop the ERA. The only sample they give is from 1952’s presidential campaign for Robert Taft. Even then it is only a headline “WILL YOU VOTE TO CONTINUE CODDLING THE RUSSIANS?”

The one thing that they did do great, was breaking down how a movement starts and why that movement would want to use alternative media to get their message out. I am just going to give the bullet points.

 Issues that motivate:

A perceived crisis

Threats to a way of life

Idealistic revulsion against corruption

Idealistic projections of a better life

OMG this is every piece of junk mail I get!

Then you need:

A dedicated vanguard

Self-identification as a movement

Communication networks

Money to fund the revolution


Why direct mail is so powerful for insurgents:

Helps to find the conservatives among the millions of Americans.

Informs conservatives as to which battles must be fought today, this week or this month.

Advises conservatives where conservative candidates are running and that they need help.

Brings the conservative message to tens of millions of Americans who have never read any of the conservative periodicals or websites-people who are conservatives in their hearts but don’t realize it until they get a letter in the mail that catches their attention and awakens the conservative within.


How did direct mail bring conservatism to power, under the radar of the liberal media?

Direct mail gave conservatives a way to bypass the liberal “gatekeepers” at the liberal mass media.

Direct mail greatly expanded the nation’s base of active citizenship and gave conservatives a voice in setting the nation’s political agenda.

Thanks to direct mail, conservatives-and their candidates-were able to become an independent, vibrant force, free of the fetters imposed by the Republican political hierarchy and the liberal media.

Direct mail freed conservatives from dependence no big corporations that had traditionally financed GOP and Democratic politics (and which expected to be paid back with favors).

Direct mail can bring a conservative candidate over the top to victory, by adding a critical 5 percent of the vote based on single-issue appeals.

Now go and start your own cause. Just make sure that your devotees get at least 2 pieces of junk mail a week from you.

Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail 31 pieces

All 32 pieces

I’m not gonna lie the mail can get boring. They send the same mailpiece over and over. They do that because once they find a mailpiece that brings in money they will send it out forever until it stops being effective. It is rare that junk mail has a topical, ripped-from-the-headlines subject.

Freedom Watch

This week Larry Klayman’s Freedom Watch sent a mailpiece that talks about ISIS. Of course it is trying to scare the money out of you, with the envelope screaming:

ISIS terror cells now on American soil… protect your family: open now!

Thanks Larry, I will just go crawl under my bed now.

2 in 1 day club
2 in 1 day club

2 civil rights groups
2 from Civil Rights Groups on the same day. This is not the first time this has happened

Hillsdale College
2 from Hillsdale Collage, Wiki page opt-out here DonorServices@hillsdale.edu

Response Unlimited
2 from Response Unlimited

Random Political Junk Mail
Random political junk mail


4 scams

  • Office of Magister Davids PO Box 3 NL 1693 ZG Wervershoof Netherlands
  • Immuno Corp, Aleksander Olsen 2340 Mira Mar Ave Long Beach, CA 90815 Immutol by Ralph Wallace
    How seven sick salmon, unconventional wisdom, serendipity, and a beer brewery saved an economy, healed the hopeless, and changed the course of modern Immunology. They have an F from the BBB.
  • Affiliated Opportunities Group (AOG) PO Box 25220 Miami, FL 33102-5220
  • Carmen Dumas PO Box 1061 NL-3600 BB Maarssen Netherlands

Stuffed and ready to go

4 pre-paid envelopes stuffed and ready to go

1 from 1500 ready to go
Only 1 form 1500 this week. It is the scam from Miami.

Left overs

I am starting the Drowning in Junk Mail Book Club

America's Right Turn by Richard A Viguerie and David Franke

The first choice is the 2004 classic America’s Right Turn by Richard A Viguerie and David FrankeRichard A Viguerie is the founder of the direct marketing firm American Target Advertising. This is his story of using “alternative media” to push the conservative agenda starting in the 1960’s.  When I finish, I will write a book report for it. Something I haven’t done in a few decades.

Publisher’s Payment Processing Inc. Scam Targeting Newspapers

An old scam by Publisher’s Payment Processing Inc. has returned. The main front group they are using is Readers Payment Service P.O. Box 2489, White City, OR 97503-0489. phone number 707-266-6673.

They are sending out fake subscription renewal notices for various newspapers. This company is not authorized to renew a subscription for any newspaper or magazine. They will  also charge more than if you had renewed directly with the publication. Do not send them money.

Other front groups that they use are:

  • Associated Publishers Network
  • publisherpayment.com
  • unitedpubex.com
  • Associated Publishers Subscription Services
  • Magazine Billing Network
  • Orbital Publishing Group
  • Publishers Billing Exchange
  • United Publishers Service

These are all the same company Publisher’s Payment Processing Inc. They have an F with the BBB.

Some of the targeted newspapers are:

They have a ton of complaints on Complaintslist.com.

You can do what The Nation says to do, contact your state’s Attorney General, or the Attorney General of the state in the return address. Or you can use a Prohibitory Order to make it stop.

Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail 28 pieces

All 27 pieces

This was a great week. PaperKarma punched some buttons and the app is back on track. This week mail from Engage Direct Mail should stop. Next week junk mail from HSP Direct & NOVA List should stop. They make the mail for Citizens United. I would be so happy if I have gotten down to 20 mailpieces a week.

2 from Guideposts. This should be one of the last mailings I get from them. Next week is 8 weeks since I got her removed from their lists. Opt-out here GPSprod@cdsfulfillment.com

Senior Citizens League
2 from The Senior Citizens LeagueOpen Scerets page, opt-out here info@tsclhq.org

3 from Response Unlimited
3 from Response Unlimited:

9 random political junk mail
Random political junk mail:

5 Charities
5 Charities:

6 scams
6 Scams:

  • Health Today 30 Ryan CT STE 100 Monterey CA 93940. I have gone to step 2 with these guys
  • Douglass Report opt out here  I am filling out another from 1500 because this one has a different address that the other mailpiece had.
  • The Arthritis Trust of America PO Box 7003 Merrifield VA 22116-7003. This is a scam charity that has a scam sweepstakes attached to it. #48 Worst Charities in America. I have already sent in a form 1500 for them. This should be the last one
  • Dr. Nan Fuchs’ Women’s Health Letter, This should be the last mailpiece from Dr. Nan.
  • Organization for Financial Assistance and Immediate Help (O.F.A.I.H.) A.P.M.E. c/o M.V.E.U. O.F.A.I.H. Dept. PO Box 1219 NL-3600 BE Maarssen Netherlands.

Alternatives going to step 2
Going to step 2 with Alternatives. They should have stopped months ago.

6 stuffed and ready to go
6 pre-paid envelops stuffed and ready to go

2 from 1500's
from 1500‘s ready to go


Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail 46 pieces

All 46 pieces

I hate slipping back like this, but the amount of mail that rolls in can have wild fluctuations in either direction week to week. PaperKarma has been having problems ever since the update to iOS8. I hope that they work everything out soon. I have a huge backlog of requests right now. And I have ratcheted up the revenge meter. I have sent out my first DMA Ethics Case Complaint form. It is for State Department Watch. I have emailed State Department Watch, I got no response. When I called them no one picked up the phone. Oh, now it is on State Department Watch. Look for that at the bottom with the pre-paid envelopes and the form 1500’s.

2 in 1 day
2 in 1 day club

5 from Response Unlimited
5 from Response Unlimited:

American Policy Center
2 from American Policy Center, run by Tom DeWeese his SPLC page, Source Watch page, opt-out here admin@americanpolicy.org

2 from Food and Water Watch
2 from Food and Water Watch, Wiki Page, Charity Navigator page, Source Watch page, opt-out here

Political mash up
Political Mash up

Random Political Junk Mail

10 Charities
10 Charities

3 US based scams
3 US based scams

5 scams from the Netherlands
5 scams from the Netherlands

  • Midas Financial Group Mergers Access Division PO Box 8396 3503 RJ Utrecht Netherlands
  • Harrison Institute PO Box 1061 NL-3600 BB Maarssen Netherlands
  • Winner Club PO Box 20 NL-1715 ZG Spanbroek Netherlands
  • Dr. Kramer PO Box 164 NL-3960 BD Wijk bij Duurstede Netherlands
  • A.P.M.E. c/o M.V.E.U. PO Box 1219 NL-3600 BE Marssen Netherlands

8 prepaid envelopes ready to go
8 prepaid envelopes stuffed and ready to go

1 form 1500 ready to go
1 form 1500 for The Moskowitz Report ready to go

DMA Ethics Case Complaint form for State Department Watch
DMA Ethics Case Complaint form. It is for State Department Watch.

Name of organization that you are bringing to our attention: State Department Watch

Organization Contact Information: sdw@statedepartmentwatch.org

Address on return envelope: PO Box 97343 Washington DC 20090-7343

Street address: 22648 Ave San Luis WOODLAND HILLS CA 91364,

Mailing address: PO Box 6102 WOODLAND HILLS CA 91365

Phone number: (818) 223-8080

Contact Person at the organization: Carl Olson

Please give a brief overview of your concerns and attach any relevant correspondence or other documents:

This complaint is being made on behalf of name AKA other name, that is the name on this mailpiece. My family has power of attorney for her affairs.

I have contacted State Department Watch by email and by phone and received no response. I would like name to be taken off their mailing list.

I would also like her to be taken off the mailing list for their other projects:

Minuteman Project With Jim Gilchrist

Tea Party Campaign With Dr. Jerome Corsi

The Tea Party

American Sovereignty Task Force

There are no guidelines as to what you should write, so I was very to the point. If this works I will make a “how to guide”.

Left overs