Drowning in Junk Mail – This Month in Junk Mail – June, 11 pieces

All 11 pieces of junk mail for the month of June

Sorry I’m a little late in posting this. I am sure all of you are on the edge of you seats wondering how much junk mail she got in the month of June. She only got 11 pieces in the entire month. That is less than what she was getting in one day a year ago. Last June she got over 380 pieces of junk mail.

The junk mail train has pulled into the station
Train post mark

Grab your favorite piece of junk mail
Ronald Reagan reading junk mail

Let’s run down the junk mail jerks for the month of June
All 11 pieces of junk mail for the month of June

Public Advocate of the United States

Hon. Eugene Delgaudio Public Advocate of the United States, Wiki page, Rational Wiki page, Open Secrets page, Citizen Audit page. Daily Kos blog about corruption charges. Opt out here and call (703) 845-1808 also email eugene@joineugene.com Their fundraiser is Saber Communications. I called (540) 371-7077 but was dumped from the call. Open Secrets page, Slate article that talks about Saber Communications and it’s president Mike Rothfeld.

Jim Gilchrist's Minuteman Project

Minuteman Project, Wiki page, Charity Navigator page, Open Secrets page, Citizen Audit page. Opt-out here JimGilchrist@MinutemanProject.com (949) 587-5199. Also contact Howie Morgan, National Political Director howie@netdoor.com (662) 832-8882

Drug Policy Alliance

Drug Policy Alliance Wiki page, Charity Navigator page. Opt-out here and call (212)613-8040. There fundraiser is AB Data

Citizen Guardian

Citizen Guardian phone number (202) 469-3433 and (540) 630-6400 leave a message, and email info@CitizenGuardian.org no reply. Citizen Audit page, Open Secrets page. Their mail is made by Engage Direct Mail Opt-out here and email info@uscomplianceservices.com. Her name was removed 3/27/2015. It takes 12 weeks to be cycled out of the system. Which means that Citizen Guardian junk mail should stop the second week in June. I received this on June 9th. Ya know, in the second week of June. This had better be the last one. (It wasn’t, but that is for next month.)

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun ViolenceWiki  page, Charity Navigator page, SourceWatch page. Opt-out here and call (202) 370-8123

Conservative Strike Force

Conservative StrikeForceOpen Secrets page. Opt-out here info@conservativestrikeforce.com and call (888) 295-6480, mailbox was full. Also opt-out from ForthRight Strategy AKA Base Connect.

Oh no! The FEC is hot on their money trail. They “failed to correctly report payments to Strategic Campaign Group, Inc. and Active Engagement LLC, two firms among the group’s largest payees. Strategic Campaign Group partially owns and controls Conservative Strikeforce, according to a lawsuit filed last year.”

Strategic Campaign Group info@strategiccampaigngroup.com 443-569-5900 Active Engagement LLC founded by Richard Norman Contact page

Law Enforcement Action Network

Law Enforcement Action Network Opt-out here, and call (703)807-1875 Charity Navigator page, zero stars 67% of budget spent on fundraising. Their fundraiser is Eberle Associatescontact page.

From the Daily Kos: Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund – an illegal scam?

Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Department of Notifications

Sweepstakes Clearing House 2000 E Lemar Blvd Arlington TX 76006. I sent in a form 1500 last June. They have gone to Step 2 already. I will resend Step 2 with a note that it is from last year.

Save Jerusalem

Save Jerusalem, Run by Mike Evens opt-out here and call (800) 636-4992. Junk mail from them should have stopped in April. I called them again emphasizing that she is dead.

Population Connection

Population Connection info@populationconnection.org 800-767-1956 Wiki page Charity Navigator page. They use Mal Warwick for fundraising. And Public Interest Communications for telemarketing. That deal didn’t work out to well. At the end of  2013 they owed Public Interest Communications $15,852.

Reagan Ranch from Young America's Foundation

Reagan Ranch from the Young Americas Foundation Wiki page Source Watch page Charity Navigator page. Contact page and call 1-800-USA-1776. Their mail is made by HSP Direct and Eberle Associates

Let’s take a closer look at the calendar that came with this mailpiece:

Reagan Ranch from Young America's Foundation
Most calendars list holidays or phases of the moon. I have seen themed calendars that have niche holidays like “national pet a cat day”. This calendar has the important days in Ronnie’s life. For example October 27 Ronald Reagan delivered his “A Time for Choosing” speech in 1964.

All ready to go

Here are the 3 pre-paid envelopes stuffed up like a Thanksgiving turkey and the one form 1500 going to New York.