Ted Cruz is summoning people, to send him money



Ted Cruz is back at it again with deceptive junk mail. This time he is sending a fake summons to people in Travis county Texas.

Sean Owen posted this mailpiece his grandmother received on Twitter:


This mailpiece is very illegal. It is extremely deceptive and misleading. It is clearly intended to confuse an 88 year old woman. This is classic elder financial abuse through the mail.

If you get a mailpiece like this please contact the election board of the county that is mentioned.

File a complaint with the Texas Attorney General

File a complaint with the US Postal Inspectors

To get off of Ted Cruz’s mailing list call (713) 353-4330

If you or a loved one is getting a lot of junk mail like this, please read my guide to putting your mailbox on lock down.


The New York Times has chimed in of this deceptive mailpiece. The FEC said that it doesn’t break any of their rules.

Texas has a law Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) but in order for this mailpiece to qualify it has to be selling something. If you live in Texas and received a letter like this one contact your state represintive and ask them to emend the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) to include mailpieces like this one.

Drowning In Junk Mail – How to Stop Junk Mail from the Top 10 Republican Candidates for President

Update: I have a new post on how to stop junk mail for the final 2 candidates: Trump and Clinton.

Fox News was very late in telling everyone who was going to be at the first Republican debate. I can understand, this is the first time over one billion trilliony people have tossed their hat in the ring, to run for president. Fox has narrowed it down to the top 10 men who want the Republican nomination.

All of these people are thirsty for money to run their campaigns. The best way to get all the money they need, is to become friends with the Koch brothers. After that the best way is to send direct mail to people who have sent money to other campaigns in the past.

This is not the first step you should take to stop junk mail invading your house. Please follow my instructions for how to put a shield around your mailbox first. Or contacting these people will do you no good. They buy and trade so many mailing lists, it is like playing wack-a-mole unless you put up a strong shield first.

I am linking to Ballotpedia, and P2016 because they list the team that is running the campaign. If you are ignored after calling and emailing, get loud. Put your request to be taken off a candidate’s mailing list on Twitter, where everyone can see it. Tweet at the campaign and to the people running it. I find tweeting at them to be more effective than posting on the Facebook page for the campaign.

Trump 1

Donald Trump, official campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016 page. He is the most classy, phenomenal, fantastical presidential candidate of all time.  I didn’t think he was going to raise money for his campaign, mostly because he has more money than God. But just like everyone else he is.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has a webmail form and a phone number (646) 736-1779. Twitter .

Be on the look out for PACs using The Donald to raise money. They are not connected to him in any way.  I mean even less connected than most PACs to their candidates. They are Make America Great AgainCitizens for Restoring USA, MAGAPAC2016 (This website is now dead but the internet never forgets), and Hispanic Citizens for Trump.

Jeb! 1

Jeb Bushofficial campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016 page. He is the son of a former president, and the brother of a former president.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has an email Info@Jeb2016.com. Twitter 

The PACs that are backing Bush are:

Right to Rise Super PAC, Contact page with webmail. Email info@righttoriseusa.org. Twitter .

Right to Rise Policy Solutions, Contact page with webmail. Email info@rtrpolicy.com.

Vamos for Jeb 2016. At the bottom  of the Get Involved page there is a webmail form. Twitter .

Millennials for Jeb a project of Millennials Rising PAC At the bottom of the About page they have the emails of the entire team working for the PAC. I would email Founder & Executive Director: Lucas Agnew lucas@millennialsrisingpac.com to get off the mailing list.

Walker 1

Scott Walkerofficial campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page. P2016 page. He is the Governor of Wisconsin.

To Opt-out: the Contact page, has an email swinfo@scottwalker.com or call (608) 446-7258. Twitter .

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabeeofficial campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016 page. He is a bass player and Fox News talking head.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has a webmail form, the only email is for the press. If you get no response from the webmail, I recommend tweeting at the campaign . Sarah Huckabee Sanders is his daughter and campaign manager give her a tweet also .

The PACs that are backing Huckabee are:

America Takes Action No contact information given on website.

HuckPAC The Contact page has a webmail form.

Pursuing America’s Greatness The Contact page has a webmail form.

Ben Carson website

Ben Carsonofficial campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016 page. Ben is my junk mail boyfriend. Ben and I go way back. I remember the days when other people were asking for money for him. Now he is all grown up and asking for money for himself. Sniff, Sniff, they grow up so fast.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has a webmail form. Don’t even bother, all that happens is you are put on their email spam list. I wound up tweeting to @Mike_Murray_ his Senior Advisor, whatever that means. I know what you are asking “Why that guy, he isn’t even listed on the Ballotpedia page?” Well he just also happens to be President and CEO of TMA Direct, a direct marketing agency. If nothing else he should know how to get someone off a mailing list. Twitter .

The PACs that are backing Carson are:

One Vote PAC The Contact page has a webmail form and an email address Info@onevotepac.org. It also has the contact information for the Executive Director Andy Yates’s phone number (704) 727-8092 and email address andy@reddomegroup.com.

2016 Committee AKANational Draft Ben Carson for President Committee (Run Ben, Run) The Contact page has a webmail form and an email address info@2016Committee.org and a phone number (202) 760-2795.

USA First PAC The Contact page has a webmail form. Twitter .

Cruz 1

Ted Cruz, official campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016 page. He is a United States Senator from Texas.

To Opt-out: the Contact page, has a phone number (713) 353-4330 Twitter  , go ahead and tweet at them both. They are both active.

The PACs that are backing Cruz are:

Jews for Cruz FEC Tells ‘Jews for Cruz’ PAC to Change Its Name, and not for the reason you think.

Jobs, Growth & Freedom Fund The Contact page has an email address info@jobsgrowth.org and a fax number (512) 487-5024.

Keep the Promise PAC Because whenever I go fishing off a dock with my family, I make sure my 2 little girls are in brand new matching outfits. Contact page

Stand for Principle PAC The Contact us link auto opens your email program. Here is the address info@standforprinciple.com.

Cruzaders PAC The Contact page has a webmail form, and an email address info@jointhecruzade.com.

Rubio 1

Marco Rubioofficial campaign website (AAhhh!! FU infinite scroll 😡 How can I get to the bottom, where all the important info is, if infinite scroll keeps pushing it down?), Ballotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016. He is a United States Senator from Florida.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has an email contact@marcorubio.com. Twitter .

The PACs that are backing Rubio are:

Students for Rubio No Contact information. Twitter 

Reclaim America PAC their website is down. So I will link to their Open Secrets page instead.

Conservative Solutions PAC The Contact page has a webmail form.

Conservative Solutions Project email address team@conservativesolutionsproject.com.

Rand Paul 1

Rand Paulofficial campaign website (he sure likes that counter at the top of the page. When he launched the website he was counting up all the money that people had donated to him.), Ballotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016.  He is a United States Senator from Kentucky. And one of the mascots for this blog.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has a webmail form and a phone number (202) 735-5323. This is hidden at the bottom of  the Privacy Policy page Info@RandPaul.com. Twitter  tweet at them both, they are both active.

The PACs that are backing Paul are:

America’s Liberty PAC The Contact us link has a webmail form and an email address info@americaslibertypac.com and a phone number (703) 291-3450.

Forever Free PAC The Contact page has a webmail form. Emailsupport@foreverfreepac.com and phone number 941-896-7770.

Human Action/ Draft Rand Paul for President 2016. The Contact page has a webmail form.

Rand PAC 2016 At the bottom of the Donate page there is an email donations@randpac.com.

Ready For Rand PAC The Contact page has a webmail form. Twitter .

Reinventing A New Direction PAC, No website so here is a link to their Open Secrets page.


Chris Christieofficial campaign website (OMG, who designed this website?! Giant auto-play video at the top? Fire them now.), Ballotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016. He is the Governor of New Jersey.

To Opt-out: Again hidden on the Privacy Policy page “You may opt out of any future contacts from us at any time by contacting us via the email address given on our website: info@chrischristie.com”. Twitter .

The PACs that are backing Christie are:

America Leads again with the auto play video.  No contact information. Twitter .

Leadership Matters for America This email address is at the bottom of the page info@leadershipmattersforamerica.org.

John Kasich

John Kasichofficial campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page P2016 page. He is the Governor of Ohio. You can’t win the electoral collage without Ohio. He may have all ready won the presidency, and we just don’t know it yet.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has a webmail form, and an email info@johnkasich.com. Twitter .

The PACs that are backing Kasich are:

New Day For America  The Contact page has a webmail form and an email info@newdayforamerica.com address and a phone number (614) 500-3295.

Balanced Budget Forever The Contact page has an email info@balancedbudgetforever.com and a phone number (614) 769-7852.

That is the top 10. Do you want me to do the other 7? Ask me to do it in the comments.

Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail 28 pieces

All 28 pieces

It was a short week, this week with Labor Day on Monday. And like me the junk mail also took a short vacation. Only 28 mailpieces this week. You can really tell who the most thirsty groups are in short weeks like this one.

Response Unlimited
2 from random unrelated pieces of junk mail

Base Connect
2 from Base Connect:

2 from the GOP:

Thanks to Senate Conservatives Fund, Wiki page, Open Secrets page for the stickers. I put one in the pre-paid envelope for Republican Congressional Committee.

Random Political junk mail
Random political junk mail:

3 Charities:

5 Scams:

  • Dr. Stephen Sinatra MD Cardiologist 95 Old Shoals rd Arden, NC 28704
  • Physicians’ Mind & Memory Alert
  • Health Today 30 Ryan CT STE 100 Monterey CA 93940
  • Mike Caruana’s Lotto Magic PO Box 8175 Van Nuys CA 91499-4139. It is a MLM, Group lottery scam.
  • North American Prize Compiling Associates PO Box 190 Old Westbury NY 11568. I have had trouble shaking these guys, between the 2 addresses (the other is PO Box 422 Old Bethpage NY 11804) and the multiple variations of her name that are floating around, this will be the 4th form 1500 I have sent out for this one scam.

19 pre paid envelopes stuffed and ready to go
19 pre-paid envelopes ready to go out. Remember this is both this week and last week’s envelopes.

6 scams going to New York. This is also 2 week’s worth of scams. Those aren’t tears of joy at having so few mailpieces this week. It started to sprinkle during my photo shoot.

left overs
Left overs

Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail, 68 pieces

Box o junk mail
Happy Independence day everyone! Because I went on a mini vacation for the holiday, it will be a short post this week. I am going to combine the envelope stuffing and the form 1500’s with next week.

2 in 1 day club
The 2 in day club is going strong.

Citizens United
They may have sent 3 in 1 day, but 6 in total for the week from Citizens United. Including a big glossy photo of Mike Huckabee. I will have to do something with it. I am open to suggestions.

Junk mail from Response Unlimited
Conservative Caucus junk mail
9 from direct marketer Response Unlimited.


Ted Cruz Club for Growth and Friends of John Boehner
Ted Cruz lending his name to The Club for Growth, Wiki page, Open Secrets page. And The Friends of John Boehner, Open Secrets page.

Giant envelopes
Giant envelopes.


12 Charities
12 charities

Cal Farley's
Including yet another horse charity Cal Farley’s.  Wiki page, Charity Navigator page.

12 Scams
12 scams. Hay PO Box 4805 Robina Town Centre QLD 4230 Australla update your mailing list. All the other international scammers have, ya straggler.

I will be taking care of the clean up on Sunday, with this week’s mail. So look for that next Monday or Tuesday.

Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail, 104 pieces

I am going to get real this week. So far I have only sent form 1500’s to scammers. This week I will send out a form 1500 for Citizens United.

Citizens United form 1500

I have contacted them, HSP Direct the people who make their mailers, and NOVA List the people in charge of their mailing lists, multiple times and in multiple ways. None of them have gotten back to me.

Mike Huckabee, Citizens United
This week I got 5 pieces of mail form various branches of Citizens United. I am over it. When the form 1500 gets processed, all mail from Citizens United will stop. All mail from HSP Direct will stop. I am hoping that I will also be erased from NOVA List as well.

Update: It didn’t work because they aren’t selling anything in the mail piece. I may have to escalate form email to phone calls.

Update 2: When they didn’t get back to me I should have sent in a complaint to the DMA.

Oh heck no! I thought I got rid of you. Policy Issues Institute junk mail is back from the dead.

Moooneeeyyy, we want your mmoooneeyyy

Moooneeeyyy, we want your mmoooneeyyy

Don’t keep sending me stuff I will just do more research:
“By sending campaign brochures through the Policy Issues Institute in Irvine, political consultants save 15% to 20% on mailing costs because of discounts the U.S. Postal Service gives to nonprofits, according to a solicitation sent out by the institute’s paid marketer and political mail guru Bill Butcher. Financial records released by the institute show that those savings were significant enough that consultants paid $2.3 million to the institute for such purposes during last year’s elections.”

Keep this in mind for later in the post. I will let you figure out who is using this “one weird trick” to save on postage.

Dueling  Tea Party groups

Tea Party
On the right we have Steve Eichler’s Tea Party. He used to be in charge of the Minuteman Project with Jim Gilchrist. Opt out here contact@TeaParty.org
On the left is the Tea Party Express. Wiki page, It is a project of Our Country Deserves Better PACWiki page Open Secrets page. Opt out here.

And don’t confuse those 2 groups with the Tea Party Patriots.
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund
They are completely different. Wiki page Opt out here.

G.I. America
4 from G.I. America / To Keep and Bear Arms again. I sent out a form 1500 last week because of the amount of mailings, and lack of info about the group. But since they sent me 4 more, I will do more digging. Bizapedia page. The main contact is Steve Eichler from the Tea Party.org  group above. Major Joe Gilbert and Bob Russell are just a couple of tea baggers following Steve around. This is fine, it means the Tea Party.org mail will stop also. Guys, some advise: If I am getting 3 of your mailers in 1 day, you are sending too many, too often. And get a website. I recommend WordPress. They are free, and you can customize them easily. But I am biased.

Stop Hilary Now, Dick Morris

Dick Morris‘s Stop Hillary Now. I get one or the other of these every week. This is the first time I have gotten them together. I think the group’s main purpose is to find the worst photos of Hillary Clinton possible. Opt out here comment@stophillarypac.org

The Democratic National Committee want her to renew her membership. They brought out the big guns, Joe Biden wrote one of them. Opt out here.

The Republican National Committee also wants her to renew her membership.  National Republican Senatorial Committee has a straw poll to fill out. But they don’t include return postage on the envelope. BOOOO! Wiki page.

Southeastern Legal Foundation
3 from Southeastern Legal Foundation. Wiki page, Charity Navigator page, Source Watch page. Opt out here jayers@southeasternlegal.org

Christian Seniors Association, a project of Traditional Values Coalition
3 from Christian Seniors Association, a project of Traditional Values Coalition. Wiki page, Open Secrets page, Rational Wiki page. Stay with me people, the family tree curls upon itself with this one. Reverend Louis P. Sheldon founded Traditional Values Coalition. His daughter Andrea Sheldon Lafferty and her husband run Christian Seniors Association. They are on the radar of the Southern Poverty Law Center for hate speech. I have joked in the past about people being proud of being called a hate group by the SPLC, well Andrea Sheldon Lafferty really is.

Ted Cruz
4 from Ted Cruz. 1 from Ted Cruz Victory Committee (Find the Best page). I like the simplicity of the site. No pretense, just give me money. It is a joint fundraising committee authorized by and composed of Ted Cruz for Senate (Open Secrets page) and the Jobs Growth and Freedom Fund (Open Secrets page). Citizens Against Government Waste is getting more thirsty, 3 this week. Wiki page, Charity Navigator page, Source Watch page, Open Secrets page.

Large Envelopes
But really, it was the week of the giant envelope. Hay! I know how to stand out in the crowd! A huge envelope. They can’t miss it! Um yah about that. You don’t stand out if I get 8 of them.

19 charities this week. Mixed in there somewhere is one of the oldest  environmental organizations in California, Save the Redwoods League. Founded in 1918 they are the OG tree huggers. Wiki page, Charity Navigator page.

I also want to pull out yet another save the horses group:
Front Range Equine Rescue
This one is Front Range Equine Rescue. They want to something something BLM something wild horses something. Charity Navigator page 4 stars blah blah they are great, whatever. Look at the format of the mailer. Does it look familiar? Kinda like the mail from Ben Carson and the Flying Tigers?
Ben Carson and Flying Tigers junk mail
This is made by Eberle AssociatesOpt out here.

International Scams
Only 4 international scams. I am sure this is an aberration. Just wait, next week there will be 40 scams from the Netherlands alone.

U.S. Scams
13 U.S. based scams. Most of these are the last gasps of breath before the form 1500 kicks in.

Case in point Prize Portfolio has sent all of these after I sent in a form 1500
Prize Portfolio junk mail
If anyone is going to send something after the cut off, I predict it will be these people.

Box o junk mail 104
Here they are all 104 pieces. Do you like the new look for my junk mail box? I have decided to sell out, and monetize my blog. Ben Carson is my first sponsor. Just kidding, John Phillips Souza IV has sent me a stack of stickers and I thought the front flap of the box needed spicing up.

Stuffed and ready to go
15 pre-paid postage envelopes stuffed and ready to be dropped off at the post office

I am only sending 3  form 1500’s  this week.

One to Citizens United
Citizens United form 1500

Update: It didn’t work because they aren’t selling anything in the mail piece.

And one to Kingsley, Harper & Hatfield PMB 395, 176-25 Union Turnpike Fresh Meadows NY, 11366. I know, I know it was very hard to turn down the 3,900,000.00. But that is a chance I am going to take.
Kingsley, Harper & Hatfield form 1500
And one other that wan’t nearly as pretty but just as annoying.
Form 1500's filled out and ready to go

I am hoping for a sub 100 pieces of junk mail week. This week is also the cut-off for a big batch of form 1500’s. Please be as lazy and scummy as I think you are scammers. I so want  to do step 2 with someone.

Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail, 136 Pieces

I am back up to “normal” levels of junk mail. After a nice 2 week break with only one day of junk mail all my friends are back again. Missing are the SuperPACs that I directly contacted, and got back to me. I shutter at the thought of how much I would have gotten this week if The National Center for Public Policy Research, Federation Of Responsible Citizens, and Policy Issues Institute were still in the mix.

One bit of good news is, that this:
14 form 1500's going to the Pricing Classification Service Center

Turned into this:
Form 1500 recipts
That is 15 less pieces of junk mail I will be getting in 30 days 🙂

60 Plus junk mail
2 from everyone’s favorite wanna be AARP, but is a puppet for the Koch brothers: 60+. Wiki page, Source Watch page, Open Secrets page

Oh look they have a Flickr account:
Here is where we are sending the next batch of junk mail.

Sign up to win a Kindle Fire, and get put on our junk mail list.

Could you please send us more money? No, I don’t care that you ate cat food this week.
Opt out here info@60plus.org

The Senior Citizens League
2 from The Senior Citizens League, an affiliate of The Retired Enlisted Association (TREA) Wiki page, Open Secrets page. They have a Memorial Foundation, Charity Navigator gives it 0 stars.
Opt out here

United States Justice Foundation
2 from United States Justice Foundation (USJF). Source Watch page,  Charity Navigator gives them 1 star. Gary Kreep and the USJF are mentioned by the Southern Poverty Law Center as being anti-Muslim among other things. This mail is made by Response Unlimited.

Ted Cruz junk mail
2 from Ted Cruz. One from his “Draft Ted” group the other from Citizens Against Government Waste. Opt out here membermgr@cagw.org.  The last time we saw them they were using John MacCain as their poster guy.

Judicial Watch
2 from Judicial Watch. Wiki page, Source Watch page,  Charity Navigator page, 2 stars and 33% spent on fundraising.
Opt out here info@judicialwatch.org.

Mountain States Legal Foundation
2 from Mountain States Legal Foundation,  Wiki page, Charity Navigator page, Source Watch page, Exxon Secrets page.  Somehow Ed Meese is involved. And they sent me dirt. It is supposed to be from someone’s ranch. I bet that if I was to go all CSI on it, It would be from some local quarry in Lakewood, Colorado.

Southeastern Legal Foundation junk mail
3 from Southeastern Legal FoundationEd Meese is involved with this one also. Wiki page, Source Watch page, Charity Navigator page.

Mike Huckabee Junk Mail
3 from Mike Huckabee. I have contacted his main website and have gotten no response back.

G.I. America
4 from G.I. America. G.I. America’s website is not working. I checked the Internet Archive and they hadn’t posted anything since 2010. To Keep and Bear Arms never had a website as far as I can tell. We have a Zombie PAC people. The only way to stop them is a USPS form 1500 to the head.

Update: It didn’t work because they aren’t selling anything in the mail piece. It is OK I have figured out that these 2 groups are run by Tea Party.org. Opt out here: contact@TeaParty.org

Citizens United junk mail
5 from Citizens United, Mr. Huckabee is in this pile also. Check out the 10 return stamps that one letter came with. They put boxes on the envelope and everything.
I have emailed them at info@citizensunited.org. No response. I found the company who makes their mail, HSP Direct and emailed them at info@hspdirect.com.  No response. I found HSP’s mailing list manager NOVA list. I contacted them here. No Response yet. If they don’t get back to me this week, I am going to file a complaint with the DMA at ethics@the-dma.org.

But the winner this week goes to the laziest junk mail I have ever seen:
Ghetto junk mail
From Disabled Police Officers of America and The Citizen Guardian It is a letter wrapped around an envelope. These 2 groups need your money just so they can pay for a better mailer. This is so pathetic. I would love to see the stats on how much this mailer brings in for these 2. My guess?

I warned you Ben Carson, that if you kept sending me stuff it was going to get real:
Ben Carson and Flying Tigers junk mail
There you go, Stars and Stripes Forever is CRAP!
Check out how the completely unrelated Flying Tiger Historical Organization mail is the exact same format.
Alex Altman over at Time Magazine has been following the money trail of Ben Carson.  In that article he mentions “direct-mail wizard Bruce Eberle” and Eberle Associates. Opt out here.

Charity junk mail
20 charities this week. Including a 2015 calendar, more return address labels and not 1 but 2 handy cancer ribbon decoder charts
National Foundation for Cancer Research
Cancer Awareness Ribbon Color chart
Thanks National Foundation for Cancer Research now I know that testicular cancer is orchid, not purple. That is for pancreatic cancer. Charity Navigator page, 2 stars, 46% spent on fund raising .

International scams
18 international scams. I still don’t know what to do with them. I will stop you, PO Box 1191 Maarssen if it is the last thing I ever do.

Us based scams
20 US based scams. I have gotten most of these before. They will be getting a form 1500.

Post card scams
It was a big week for postcards, 8 in all. This is frustrating, I need a return address to give to fill out a form 1500 but all they give me is a phone number. Jerk scammers.

The Society and The League
The Society and The League. I have gotten one of these before, but to get both on the same day is very special. I don’t want to drag you down the rabbit hole to far with this, but it a cult. It is as one ex-member put it “a combination of Scientology and Ayn Rand”. Neo-Tech was created in 1984 by Frank R. Wallace and is now run by his son. They promise you the secret to great wealth. But you end up buying and selling really expensive books, that cost well over $100. Like I said this is the second one, time for a form 1500.

psychic junk mail
Lots of psychic junk mail this week, 4 total. I can’t do anything about Mr Hypno Eyes Morgan T. because he comes out of Switzerland. But Grandma Rosa, Maria Duval at the Destiny Research Center (an entire blog devoted to Maria), and Numerological Resource Center are all getting a form 1500.

Morgan T. junk mail
Give me your money. All of your money.

Box o junk mail 136
Here is all 136 pieces with  St. Rand Paul the patron saint of junk mail, and our Lady of Blessed Contribution Dr. Annette Bosworth.

Left overs
and here are the leftovers

26 pre paid envelops stuffed and ready to go
26 pre-paid envelops stuffed and ready to be sent out

15 USPS from 1500's
15 scams with a form 1500 attached ready to go to New York.

This week was great for the mail paying me to stop it
This weeks bounty
I made $1.25 in cash, $1.36 in stamps, 2 baggies of dirt and 1 talisman.

I am going to ratchet up my technique this week. I started this project in late March/early April, and I see no difference in the amount, or senders of junk mail. I am going to contact the DMA complaint email ethics@the-dma.org and ask for help.

Update: How to fill out a DMA ethics complaint form