Drowning in Junk Mail – This Month in Junk Mail – July, 10 pieces

I have been in contact with a few reporters in the last few months. One of them was finally able to squeeze me in one of their pieces.

When Will Tucker from Open Secrets called me, and told me who was going to be the focus of his write up, I was tickled. He chose Scott B. Mackenzie. Mr. Mackenzie and ForthRight Strategy have got to be the biggest villains in direct mail. The republican establishment has gone as far to say that if you use them to run your direct mail campaign that you will not be backed by the national party.

The best part of being mentioned in Mr. Tucker’s piece is, a few days after it went live, I was contacted by Mr. Mackenzie. He offered to take her off all of his client’s mailing lists. I sent a reply so fast I think I burned some internet servers.

All 10 pieces of junk mail

This month she only got 10 pieces of junk mail. Last July she got about 220 pieces of junk mail.

3 from Citizen Guardian

The clear winner for the month was Citizen Guardian. 3 pieces came in July. This is very, very, bad. Junk mail from them should have stopped in June. I will talk about my fight with Citizen Guardian and Engage Direct Mail in another post. Let’s just say it got real.

Citizen Guardian phone number (202) 469-3433 and (540) 630-6400 leave a message, and email info@CitizenGuardian.org no reply. Citizen Audit page, Open Secrets page. Their mail is made by Engage Direct Mail Opt-out here and email info@uscomplianceservices.com. Junk mail from them should stop in October.

Second Amendment Foundation

Second Amendment Foundation, Wiki page, run by Alan Gottlieb. SourceWatch page for Mr. Gottlieb. Great article about Alan GottliebCharity Navigator page. Opt-out here: Call (425) 454-7012 or email info@saf.org. It will take 90 days to be dropped from their mailing list.

Ben Carson Carson America

Dr. Ben Carson we really should stop meeting like this. What if Rand Paul catches us together?

Official campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016 page.

Ben Carson Lithograph

Oh Ben you dream boat, sending little old me photos for my scrapbook. It reminds me of Judy Garland singing to Clark Gable:

Here Ben I wrote this for you:

Dear Dr. Carson,

I am writing this to you
And I hope that you will read it so you’ll know
My stomach feels so queasy
When the mail you send is sleazy
Every time I see you in my mailbox
And I am getting out the Maalox.

You made me donate to you,
I didn’t wanna to do it, I didn’t wanna to do it
You made me donate to you,
And all the time you knew it, even when I said “Just screw it”.

You say Obamacare is an awful thing,
A doctor like yourself shouldn’t say anything!

Fox News is a joke,
But I didn’t want to tell you, you don’t want to hear me tell you.
I thought you’d have a clue,
Yes, I do, deed I do, you know I do.

You’ve separated twins and you have held a human brain,
But donors to your campaign are still insane.

You made me donate to you!

To opt-out: the Contact page has a webmail form. Don’t even bother, all that happens is you are put on their email spam list. I wound up tweeting to @Mike_Murray_ his Senior Advisor, whatever that means. I know what you are asking “Why that guy, he isn’t even listed on the Ballotpedia page?” Well he just also happens to be President and CEO of TMA Direct, a direct marketing agency. If nothing else he should know how to get someone off a mailing list. Twitter .

Update: Ben how could you cheat on me like this? I thought we had something special 😦


National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Wiki page, Charity Navigator page. To opt-out: call (877) NAACP98 that is (877) 622-2798, or the national office (410) 580-5615, or the membership hotline (866) 636-2227.

Homeowner Rights Law Group

Homeowner Rights Law Group (800) 969-4754. This is connected to the mess dealing with the reverse mortgage. Get scammed by a reverse mortgage? We can get you of it. I am not in charge of the reverse mortgage. I just stop the junk mail.

Sweepstakes Clearinghouse

Sweepstakes Clearinghouse 2000 E Lamar Blvd Ste 600 Arlington TX 76006

Are you kidding me? Another one! I have been trying to stop these guys for over a year now. How many ways to I have to tell you to stop? I have all ready taken them to step 2 for a Form 1500. This one came on the heals of last month’s mailpiece so fast that I haven’t had time to send the other one out.

American Bill Money
American Bill Money

American Bill Money PO Box 4008, Portsmouth VA 23701 (757) 455-3551 Ripoff Report page. This is your basic postcard chain letter pyramid scam. Do not bother calling. They will refuse to remove you from their mailing lists. They do not take responsibility for what their clients do. Fill out a Form 1500 to make them stop.

Young America's Foundation Reagan Ranch

Reagan Ranch from the Young Americas Foundation Wiki page Source Watch page Charity Navigator page. Contact page and call 1-800-USA-1776. Their mail is made by HSP Direct and Eberle Associates

Hay! Do you remember that cool calendar we send you last month?

Reagan Ranch from Young America's Foundation
Do I? Of course I do! I love photos of Ronnie!

Well, we want money for sending it to you. The money will go to kids or something so they learn all about St. Ronnie.

Young America's Foundation Reagan Ranch

“Please let me know today that your 2016 Reagan Ranch Calendar arrived. While your calendar was a free gift, I sincerely hope you will consider a generous gift to honor Ronald Reagan.”

Send us money or we will send you more photos of Ronnie looking like a fly pimp.

Huge thanks to my mom for helping with the Ben Carson song.

Drowning in Junk Mail – This Month in Junk Mail – June, 11 pieces

All 11 pieces of junk mail for the month of June

Sorry I’m a little late in posting this. I am sure all of you are on the edge of you seats wondering how much junk mail she got in the month of June. She only got 11 pieces in the entire month. That is less than what she was getting in one day a year ago. Last June she got over 380 pieces of junk mail.

The junk mail train has pulled into the station
Train post mark

Grab your favorite piece of junk mail
Ronald Reagan reading junk mail

Let’s run down the junk mail jerks for the month of June
All 11 pieces of junk mail for the month of June

Public Advocate of the United States

Hon. Eugene Delgaudio Public Advocate of the United States, Wiki page, Rational Wiki page, Open Secrets page, Citizen Audit page. Daily Kos blog about corruption charges. Opt out here and call (703) 845-1808 also email eugene@joineugene.com Their fundraiser is Saber Communications. I called (540) 371-7077 but was dumped from the call. Open Secrets page, Slate article that talks about Saber Communications and it’s president Mike Rothfeld.

Jim Gilchrist's Minuteman Project

Minuteman Project, Wiki page, Charity Navigator page, Open Secrets page, Citizen Audit page. Opt-out here JimGilchrist@MinutemanProject.com (949) 587-5199. Also contact Howie Morgan, National Political Director howie@netdoor.com (662) 832-8882

Drug Policy Alliance

Drug Policy Alliance Wiki page, Charity Navigator page. Opt-out here and call (212)613-8040. There fundraiser is AB Data

Citizen Guardian

Citizen Guardian phone number (202) 469-3433 and (540) 630-6400 leave a message, and email info@CitizenGuardian.org no reply. Citizen Audit page, Open Secrets page. Their mail is made by Engage Direct Mail Opt-out here and email info@uscomplianceservices.com. Her name was removed 3/27/2015. It takes 12 weeks to be cycled out of the system. Which means that Citizen Guardian junk mail should stop the second week in June. I received this on June 9th. Ya know, in the second week of June. This had better be the last one. (It wasn’t, but that is for next month.)

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun ViolenceWiki  page, Charity Navigator page, SourceWatch page. Opt-out here and call (202) 370-8123

Conservative Strike Force

Conservative StrikeForceOpen Secrets page. Opt-out here info@conservativestrikeforce.com and call (888) 295-6480, mailbox was full. Also opt-out from ForthRight Strategy AKA Base Connect.

Oh no! The FEC is hot on their money trail. They “failed to correctly report payments to Strategic Campaign Group, Inc. and Active Engagement LLC, two firms among the group’s largest payees. Strategic Campaign Group partially owns and controls Conservative Strikeforce, according to a lawsuit filed last year.”

Strategic Campaign Group info@strategiccampaigngroup.com 443-569-5900 Active Engagement LLC founded by Richard Norman Contact page

Law Enforcement Action Network

Law Enforcement Action Network Opt-out here, and call (703)807-1875 Charity Navigator page, zero stars 67% of budget spent on fundraising. Their fundraiser is Eberle Associatescontact page.

From the Daily Kos: Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund – an illegal scam?

Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Department of Notifications

Sweepstakes Clearing House 2000 E Lemar Blvd Arlington TX 76006. I sent in a form 1500 last June. They have gone to Step 2 already. I will resend Step 2 with a note that it is from last year.

Save Jerusalem

Save Jerusalem, Run by Mike Evens opt-out here and call (800) 636-4992. Junk mail from them should have stopped in April. I called them again emphasizing that she is dead.

Population Connection

Population Connection info@populationconnection.org 800-767-1956 Wiki page Charity Navigator page. They use Mal Warwick for fundraising. And Public Interest Communications for telemarketing. That deal didn’t work out to well. At the end of  2013 they owed Public Interest Communications $15,852.

Reagan Ranch from Young America's Foundation

Reagan Ranch from the Young Americas Foundation Wiki page Source Watch page Charity Navigator page. Contact page and call 1-800-USA-1776. Their mail is made by HSP Direct and Eberle Associates

Let’s take a closer look at the calendar that came with this mailpiece:

Reagan Ranch from Young America's Foundation
Most calendars list holidays or phases of the moon. I have seen themed calendars that have niche holidays like “national pet a cat day”. This calendar has the important days in Ronnie’s life. For example October 27 Ronald Reagan delivered his “A Time for Choosing” speech in 1964.

All ready to go

Here are the 3 pre-paid envelopes stuffed up like a Thanksgiving turkey and the one form 1500 going to New York.

Drowning in Junk Mail – How to Opt-Out of Junk Mail from HSP Direct

This is months in the making. I have spent more time researching, sent more emails, trying to get off of this company’s mailing lists than any other. But they just redesigned their website and opened the door for me.

HSP Direct, opt-out here info@hspdirect.com. If that doesn’t work, contact the CEO Jamie Hogan hogan@hspdirect.com.
Also contact NOVA List and email Sunrise Data Services removes@sunrisedataservices.com. They manage the mailing lists for HSP Direct. You are going to have to be as annoying as possible to get these people’s attention. It took 3 months for NOVA List to get back to me. Do not be as shy as I was. Blitz them all at the same time.

This direct marketing firm is the crème de la crème of direct marketing. They have won tons of industry awards over the years.

Citizens United, Pand Paul photo
They send some of the classiest mailpieces around.

They also have an overall look that is easy to spot. Crazy blue handwriting and red stamps on the return envelopes.

Justice for Brian Terry Fund and United American Patriots
These are 2 different unrelated groups. But the formatting of the letters are very similar.

Justice for Brian Terry Fund and United American Patriots
The return envelopes have the same red stamp

Justice for Brian Terry Fund and United American Patriots
and similar blue writing all over the place.

HSP Direct
The back of one mailpieces says that HSP Direct is actually doing the fund raising for them. This was the first big clue that lead to me finding out about HSP Direct.

Huffington Post piece that mentions HSP Direct. They also gave money to one of their employees Alex Mooney to win a seat in Congress. Did he get an employee discount on mailpieces sent out during the election?

Open Secrets page

Influence Explorer page

Their clients include:

Citizens United junk mail

Citizens United, Wiki page
Citizens United Foundation Charity Navigator page
Citizens United For A Secure America
Citizens United For American Sovereignty
Citizens United Political Victory Fund
National Committee For Faith & Family
National Committee For Family Faith & Prayer

I have already written about Citizens United.

This is the main group who’s list I needed to get off of. I think she gave so much money to them, that she was on the Super Gold Elite mailing list. During my research I realized that some smaller groups only buy the Super Gold Elite mailing list that Citizens United has. My hope is that by getting off this one list it will stop about 80% of the junk mail I am still getting.

Freedom Works

FreedomWorks, Wiki page run by Matt Kibbe. Source Watch page, Right Wing Watch page. Open Secrets page.
FreedomWorks for AmericaOpen Secrets page
FreedomWorks Foundation Charity Navigator page

From Mother Jones, A donor wanted a better return on investment from his donations to FreedomWorks.

United American Patriots

United American Patriots
Defend Our Defenders
Warrior Defense Fund
Warrior Fund, The

Washington State page, ProPublica page in 2011 79% of expenses went to fundraising.

Article all about bad charities that raise money on the backs of vets.


Sarah PAC, Wiki pageOpen Secrets Page and Wonkette’s breakdown of the numbers.

HSP Direct helped Mrs. Palin buy some of her books when sales weren’t very good.

In fact, SarahPAC’s biggest operating expenditure was spending $87,148 on direct-mail firm HSP Direct, on fundraising.

Daily Beast August 2013

Other clients that I either didn’t get, or don’t have a photo of:

Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, Charity Navigator page

Renewing American Leadership dead website but someone bought the domain. It is a non-profit run by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Gingrich Productions.

Americans for Tax Reform, Wiki page, Source Watch Page, Open Secrets page
Americans for Tax Reform Foundation

Young America’s Foundation, Wiki page, Source Watch page, Charity Navigator page

These are not their only clients. Only the ones I can find proof of.

Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail, 44 pieces

All 44 pieces

Only 44? Could this be because of the holiday? Or is this the new normal? We will find out next week. But for now I will enjoy a sub 50 pieces of junk mail week.

Club 2 in 1 day
Everyone loves the 2 in 1 day club. They are so worried that I won’t send them money that they send 2 at a time.

Response Unlitited
7 from Response Unlimited including:

Citizens United
3 From Citizens United

Border junk mail
2 border watch groups

3 Civil Rights groups
The second best mash-up of the week was the 3 civil rights groups that I wrote a blog post about

Junk mail from George W. Bush and Bill Clinton
Mash-up of the week has to go to these two mailpieces. One from George H. W. Bush for Republican National Committee and one from Bill Clinton for Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. I have said it before and I will say it again: No one should be getting both of these mailpieces ever, let alone in the same week.

Giant envelopes
8 Giant envelops including:

Other political junk mail
Here is the rest of the political junk mail. Normally I don’t take photos of the single mailpieces because it would overflow the poor table on my porch. But this week there is a reasonable amount.

4 charities
4 charities

Angeles mag
Random ad of the week is Angels on Earth magazine. It is all inspirational stories involving angels

Junk mail prayer card
They even sent a personalized prayer card.

May God grant you always… No more junk mail

Thanks guys! How did you know that is what I pray for every day?

3 scams
Only 3 scams this week

Adding glitter
I am kicking my envelope stuffing up a notch this week. I bought some glitter and sprinkled a little in each prepaid envelope.

stuffed and ready to go
25 envelopes stuffed, sprinkled with glitter, sealed with duct tape, and bar codes blacked out. Remember that I combined last week’s prepaid envelopes with this week because of the holiday.

4 1500's
Only 4 form 1500’s this week. Like the prepaid envelopes I combined this week with last week.

Left overs
Here are the left overs.

My junk mail project is almost done. Do you need help stopping junk mail? Do you have photos of junk mail you want to share? The comments are open or darthjenni at gmail dot com.


Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail, 87 pieces

Another great week with less than 100 pieces of junk mail. For those of you that haven’t been following along from the start, the peak week was 154 pieces of junk mail. I will take 87 pieces any week, after being deluged with 154 pieces of mail screaming to be opened.

2 in 1 day club
The 2 in 1 day club was big this week. It includes:

Tea Parties junk mail
3 Tea Party letters. 2 from Steve Eichler’s Tea Party. Opt out here contact@TeaParty.org.  And one from Tea Party PatriotsWiki page Opt out here.

DNC & RNC junk mail
2 from the DNC and the RNC each. and 2 from the NRSC. None of them can figure out why she hasn’t sent in her yearly dues yet.

3 from National Committee to Preserve Social Security and MedicareWiki page, Open Secrets page. When did 3 return envelopes become a thing? This is the second one in 2 weeks. Make sure you opt out twice:  Do not rent my nameNo More Mail.

Junk Mail made by Response Unlimited
These 6 are all from the same direct marketing firm: Response Unlimited. I will be devoting an entire post to that company and their clients. But for now opt out here.

The best mash up of junk mail lists this week is:

SPLC and friends
Getting a letter from the Southern Poverty Law Center,  in the same week as Traditional Values Coalition, SPLC page, and the Citizens Assembly’s Safe Borders Coalition. Don’t have a website but they are closely aligned with the Minuteman people. They aren’t on the SPLC radar yet, but they fall in to the anti-Immigrant category.

Large Envelopes
7 large envelops

16 Charities
16 charities

International Scams
5 international scams. including some old friends:

  • PO Box 1191 3600 BD Maarssen The Netherlands
  • PO BOX 169 3940 AD Doorn The Netherlands
  • PO Box 17 Varsity Lakes QLD 4227 Australia

Michelle Devon scam junk mail
And psychic of the week Michelle Devon PO Box 27 NL-1670 AA Medemblik The Netherlands

US scams
10 US based scams. Almost everyone is going down this week.

  • American Sweepstakes Publishers PO Box 12954 Kansas City, KS 66112-2954 it is on it’s last legs. I sent a  form 1500 for them a few weeks ago.
  • L.D.R. PO Box 190 Old Westbury, NY 15568 is playing games with me. I have already sent out a form 1500 on the outside return address under a different name: L.D.R. PO Box 422 Old Bethpage, NY 11804. It’s OK guys I will keep sending them in until you stop.
  • The Douglass Report 189 N. Charles St. Baltimore MD 21201. Rational Wiki page.
  • Scoopified P.O. Box 277; Bellingham, WA 98227.  It is written by the mysterious Diane Morgan.

2 with the same PO Box
Dr. David William’s Alternatives, PO Box 95 Old Shoals rd Arden, NC 28704. He is a chiropractor who is into peddling various pills to older people. Here is nice write-up by a doctor about a patient binging in one of his magazines. I put in a request to stop the mail through Catalog Choice months ago and it didn’t, so a form 1500 it is.

3 with the same PO Box
Dr. Frank Shallenberger’s Real Cures, Advanced Bionutritionals, and Dr. Nan Kathryn Fuchs’s Women’s Health Letter have the same PO Box. PO Box 8051 Norcross, GA 30091-851. Again I put in a request to stop the mail through Catalog Choice months ago and it didn’t work. Because they all use the same address, I only have to send in 1 form 1500. Thanks guys 🙂
Other companies that use this address:

All 87 pieces
Here are all 87 pieces

Stuffed and ready to go
19 pre-paid envelopes stuffed and ready to go

Form 1500's ready to go
Here are the lucky 7 form 1500’s ready to go.

Left overs
Here are the leftovers.

Pocket calendar and a dollar
This week I made a dollar and a pocket calendar.

Marked calandar
Luckily it is a 15 month calendar. I have already put it to good use. I estimate that the junk mail from Response Unlimited should stop the first week of August.