Drowning in Junk Mail – Sad Donkeys and Gun Raffles

I am in a holding pattern right now. I have sent emails to the top 4 groups that send me junk mail, every week I enter smaller groups and charities into Catalog Choice (I have over 70 requests right now). I am not going to see a sharp reduction in junk mail until the week of May 19, it is marked on my calender with a big red “X”. I have the post office stopping the worst of the worst scam mail, but it can take up to 2 weeks for them to kick in. I thought you might like to see a random day in my mail box. On Monday I got 30 pieces and on Tuesday I got 25, more than enough material for a blog post.

Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue
The smallest envelope comes from Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue. Guide Star page.
That is a first. I have gotten horse rescue stuff before:
Arabian Rescue Mission, Great Ripoff Report back and forth.
Arabian Rescue Mission

Speak up for Horses, Charity Navigator page (no rating, sub 1 million dollars)
Speak up for Horses

This is about 2 donkeys Kiki and Koko, that were found in a goat pen, with overgrown hooves. And the owner feed them “highly processed feed, which is like junk food for donkeys.” Anyway send money to help these 2 donkeys. Their physical location is in Dansville MI, but they want me to send the money to PO Box 1138 Merrifield VA 22116.

Foot & Mouth Painting Artists
Foot & Mouth Painting Artists, Wiki page, opt-out here mfpausa@bellsouth.net
Loyal Friend, Remember the set of All occasion cards, notelet and postcard you recently received from us?
Um no, I got some note cards from the kids at the Perkins School for the Blind. Charity Navigator page
Perkins Trust, School for the blind
And from American Farmland Trust, Wiki page, Charity Navigator page (not rated yet)
American Farmland Trust
But none from Foot & Mouth Painting Artists. Now I am kinda bummed out I didn’t get mine. Their thing is to mail out note cards then ask for money. I missed the first part ūüė¶

Second Amendment Foundation
Second Amendment Foundation, Wiki page, Charity Navigator page (Percent of the charity’s budget spent on fund raising expenses: 27%)
Raffle Time! 6 entries for $25 win stuff from top brands like Glock, Beretta, Ruger and many more! Thanks Alan Gottlieb but I will pass this year. Great article about Alan Gottlieb.

American Claims & Reporting Center (ARC) Daniel P. Kennedy
American Claims & Reporting Center (ARC) Daniel P. Kennedy. This is a nice advance fee fraud scam. Give them $20 get $3.872,164.00 standard stuff.

The back of this notice is the interesting part:
American Claims & Reporting Center (ARC) Daniel P. Kennedy, Disclaimer
Part of it says that if I send this back with “DNM” written next to the mailing address they will stop. Now I have a choice to make. Do I send this back to them and hope they stop sending me stuff, or do I fill out form 1500 and send it to the USPS and know it will stop? Come on, this was never a choice! I am a vengeful mistress, off to the Pricing & Classification Service Center you go.

Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail, 124 pieces

St. Rand and Our Lady of Perpetual Dumb-ocracy
It looks like my prayers to St. Rand Paul the patron saint of junk mail, and our Lady of Blessed Contribution Dr. Annette Bosworth worked. I got ten fewer pieces of junk mail this week – 124 ūüôā

I got 2 from everyone’s favorite front group for Big Pharma 60 Plus.
60 Plus, junk mail
Thank you for your generous donation to my “Stop Junk Mail Fund” it will be going to stamps and envelopes to stop scam junk mail.

Citizens United junk mail
3 from David Bossie and Citizens United Opt-out here: info@citizensunited.org

Junk mail made by Response Unlimited
4 with a similar look and PO boxes in Houston TX. OMG one of them is The Western Center for Journalism run by Floyd Brown! How many of these things does he have his fingers in?

Ahhhh! Ahhhh! the junk mail it burns!

Ahhhh! Ahhhh! The junk mail it burns!

7 from NCPPR junk mail
7 from The National Center for Public Policy Research.¬†Opt out here: info@nationalcenter.org, with the subject header “Delete from Solicitation”

11 from PII junk mail
11 from Policy Issues Institute. Opt-out here: james.lacy.@wewerlacy.com

And this week’s the winner of the most junk mail sent by one 501(c)(4) is:
16 from FRC junk mail
16 from Federation Of Responsible Citizens. Good job guys! Opt-out here: FedofRespCitizen@aol.com

In the junior division we have these people running for office:
Various people running for office
Come on Dr. Annette Bosworth only 2 in one week? You need to step up your game, if you are going to play with the big boys. Ballotpedia page

12 charties
12 charities. It was a big week for blind kids and horses.

30 junk mail scams
30 scams.

It was a tough week to pick out the worst of the worst. For most of the week it was scams from St. Louis MO leading the pack. They combined a fake lottery with a fake charity.
Care For Our Wounded Soldiers
Very dirty stuff. But then at the last moment this arrived:
Marie de Fortune, Astral Check
I know what you are thinking, just another scam¬†fortune teller. Let’s take a closer look, The¬†exterior return address is 1250 Valley Brook Ave. #102 Lyndhurst, NJ 07071. But the Return envelope is PO Box 451 Oxenford Qld 4210 Australia.
And it came with this:
Marie de Fortune, Astral Check
You are supposed to fill it out with at least $50,00 and send it back. I don’t know exactly what happens after that but it can’t be good.

This week’s aftermath:
Left overs of this week's junk mail
Not nearly as good as last week. Let me show you why
9 pre-paid envelopes stuffed and ready to go
Only 9 envelopes with pre-paid postage. Once I get conformation from each group that they are going to take my address out of their system, I stop stuffing and mailing their pre-paid envelopes. I am saving them though, just in case the mail doesn’t stop.

The form 1500’s this week go to 2 people, remember I only send these to the most thirsty scammers of the week.
This weeks from 1500's
One is going to my second favorite city in The Netherlands: Bilthoven. The other is going to Linden NJ.

St. Rand Paul the patron saint of junk mail, and our Lady of Blessed Contribution Dr. Annette Bosworth

I will continue to prey to St. Rand Paul the patron saint of junk mail, and our Lady of Blessed Contribution Dr. Annette Bosworth. Here’s hoping for 114!

Drowning in Junk Mail – How to Opt-out of Junk Mail from Policy Issues Institute (PII)

To opt-out from Policy Issues Institute contact James Lacy of Wewer & Lacy LLC james.lacy@wewerlacy.com and call (949)495-3314.

Update: It has been brought to my attention that in this post I do not use strong enough language about Policy Issues Institute. Do not send them money. They are not going to Impeach Obama. The only thing that will happen is that you will get 10+ letters from them every week. And your information will be sold to every mailing list in the US.

14 from PII

I feel like I have been chasing Floyd Brown and his “Band of Merry Men” all over the internet. Read about that here and here. Policy Issues Institute does not have a website. White House Watch (A project of Policy Issues Institute) had a website but it is now dead. Impeach Obama Campaign has a website but no contact info. Every project of Policy Issues Institute has a different¬†PO Box. I need to find the¬†physical address.
To the Googles! Thanks Washington State¬†and GuideStar ūüôā

14 from PII

Their Mailing address is:
Law Offices Of Maureen E. Otis, PC
4850 Wright Rd Site 168

But their street address is:
Civic Center Plaza
30011 Ivy Glenn Drive
Suite 223
Laguna Niguel, California 92677
Policy Issues Institute HQ
Google Street View
That is the address of Wewer & Lacy LLC¬†“Leaders in Nonprofit and Election Law”

Policy Issues Institute

But how is this law office connected to Policy Issues Institute (PII)? There are 14 companies that are listed at this address:

They are all run by Floyd Brown, James Lacy and few friends. James Lacy is listed as the Registered Agent for Policy Issues Institute, and his email address is at the top of the  Wewer & Lacy LLC website, so I sent a note to his work email. Now I am not so high and mighty as to think that a big fancy lawer with an office in ritzy Laguna Niguel would answer my email himself, he tossed it to a lackey in the office (probably some poor kid with a brand new law degree and a mountain of student loan debt) who wrote me a nice note saying that I would be off the mailing list that day. He then passed it on to someone at Policy Issues Institute who would delete me from their mailing list.

PII envelopes

That was overly complicated. If they would just have a real website like a normal SuperPAC, I would have just sent it to info@PII or some such thing, but no. Now I am the official web page for Policy Issues Institute. But instead of spewing their rhetoric, all I do is tell people how to stop it from invading their homes.


Charity Navigator page, Citizen Audit page

An article from The Intelligencer, Wheeling News Register from West Virginia, about junk mail aimed at seniors that mentions our friends at Policy Issues Institute.

Los Angeles Times article about how¬†Policy Issues Institute sells it’s self out to PACs so they can use¬†Policy Issues Institute’s lower postal rate.

Policy Issues Institute, White House Watch Junk Mail

Here are all the projects of Policy Issues Institute (PII):

  • Americans Against U.N. Control
  • Impeach Obama Campaign
  • United States Investigative Unit
  • United States Health Congress
  • White House Watch, The

All the projects of Policy Issues Institute

Drowning in Junk Mail – Guess That Junk Mail!

It’s time for everyone’s favorite game show: Guess That Junk Mail!
Hold on I need some theme music:

It’s time for everyone’s favorite game show: Guess That Junk Mail!

Let’s bring out our junk mail for today:
Guess that Junk Mail

In one of these envelops we have a well known and respected charity from America. And in the other we have a advanced-fee scam from the Netherlands. One of them will bring happiness to the people of America (and the World). The other will take your money, and get you put on the “suckers list” for a never ending cycle of scam junk mail and phone calls asking for money.

Envelope number 1? or envelope number 2?
Guess that Junk Mail


Number 1 it is:
BMW from Doorn the Netherlands
Wait, no you haven’t. To get the new 2014 BMW you must pay $20 to A.C.S. Accounting Certification Substantiator. It is just a 419 scam. This one is more bold than most. This is the first one I have seen that uses a brand name, in this case BMW. I wonder how BMW would react if they found out that a scam was using their trademarks?

Let’s see what is in the envelope you turned down:
National Parks Foundation
It is from the National Park Foundation. Wow, that was unexpected. Of all the charities to be confused with a 419 scam from The Netherlands, the National Park Foundation was last on my list. I like that at the bottom of the envelope it is very proud to be “Printed on recycled paper”. You know what would also help the¬†environment? Putting your¬†solicitation in a smaller envelope. Who ever told you that a larger envelope “would help you stand out in the crowd” fire them. You now look like a scam. Stop it.

Ooo a survey, I love surveys!
National Park Foundation Survey
Kobuk Valley National Park is the least visited national park. If you like caribou, sand dunes, no trails, and 24 hours of sunlight Kobuk Valley National Park is for you.
National Park Foundation Survey
I will admit that I have been going soft on the legit charities that have pre-paid envelops, I will only put this in the envelope. I figure a crazy note written with a Sharpie is enough to get taken off their mailing lists. SuperPAC’s and scum charities are a whole other story.

Here is the guide to direct mail by the National Park Service.

Drowning in Junk Mail – How to Opt-out of Junk Mail from the Federation of Responsible Citizens (FRC)

Opt-out here:FedofRespCitizen@aol.com

16 from FRC junk mail

This one took some doing. The website for¬†Federation Of Responsible Citizens (FRC) is terrible. The one page I needed to work is the “Contact us” page. Click on it. All I get is a string of HTML code. I had to dive into the depths of Google to pull out the magic e-mail address that would stop the flood of letters from them every week: FedofRespCitizen@aol.com. At first I thought it would be dead because of the aol.com domain. But lo and behold this morning I got a reply from¬†Denise Singleton that I was off the mailing list ūüôā
but it may take up to 8 weeks to cycle out of the system ūüė¶


The web is woefully¬†bereft of information on¬†Federation of Responsible Citizens (FRC) and¬†Denise Singleton. ¬†She doesn’t even have a wiki page. Well good for you¬†Denise Singleton. I suppose when you run a junk mail mill that scares old people out of their money, it is good to fly under the radar.

Federation of Responsible Citizens

Here is the list of all the of Federation of Responsible Citizens (FRC) groups that are all connected:

  • American Federation of Senior Citizens
  • National Campaign to Guarantee Social Security
  • National Committee
  • National Campaign to Impeach Obama
  • National Senior Action Council (NSAC)
  • Political Headquarters

Letter head for each group
FRC projects

Here are some examples of the return envelopes from the FRC. They will all have “A Project of FRC” under the big headline name on the return envelope.
FRC Envelopes

“A Project of FRC” highlighted in green
FRC Close up

Opt-out here:FedofRespCitizen@aol.com

Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail, 134 pieces

Last week I estimated that I received about 120 pieces of junk mail. This week I actually  got 134 pieces. From the smallest post card to giant manila envelopes with photos of Rand Paul.

Here is a recap of the junk mail this week:

8 From National Center for Public Policy Research
8 from the NCPPR
Opt out here: info@nationalcenter.org, with the subject header ‚ÄėDelete from Solicitation‚Äô.

10 from Federation of Responsible Citizens
10 From the Federation Of Responsible Citizens FRC
Opt-out here: FedofRespCitizen@aol.com

14 from PII
14 from Policy Issues Institute PII
Opt-out here: james.lacy@wewerlacy.com instead

4 from Citizens United
4 from Citizens United
Opt-out here: info@citizensunited.org

Global Reporting Network, Junk Mail
Who can forget the 10 mailers from Global Reporting Network
Opt-out here: info@divmarketgroup.com

and 35 scams of one kind or another
Pile of junk mail scams

These guys will all be getting Post office from 1500. 2 or more mailers in one week from the same address is an automatic smack down.

2 getting a USPS form 1500
That little post card drives me nuts. It is ugly, and they send one every week.

Scams from PO Box 41 394 AA Doorn The Netherlands
4 from this one PO Box in Doorn The Netherlands

Scams from 2037 Lemoine ave #155 Fort Lee New Jersey 07024
3 from one PO Box in Fort Lee New Jersey

Scam from Independent Catalog Services PO Box 6487 Providence, RI 02940
and 2 from  Providence, Road Island

6 USPS form 1500's ready to go
Here they are all 6 wrapped up and ready to go. (Sorry I forgot to take photos of 2 of them)

This is what I started out with on Saturday morning
Box o' Junk Mail, 134 pieces
134 pieces of mail

20 Stuffed and ready to go
Here it is all stuffed and ready to go in 20 pre-paid envelopes.

20 Stuffed and ready to go
I found an old roll of duct tape in the garage so I used that to seal everything up (every ounce counts). Note the big USPS envelops. They have easy open tabs on the sides, I duct taped over them, just to be extra mean.

St. Rand guarding all that is left of this weeks junk mail
My new patron saint of junk mail, Rand Paul guards over what is left of this weeks junk mail. It is mostly exterior envelopes that were awkward sizes that didn’t fit nicely into larger envelopes.

I will pray to St. Rand this week, in hopes that there will be less junk mail.

Drowning in Junk Mail – How to Opt-Out of Junk Mail from Citizens United

Opt-out here: info@citizensunited.org if that doesn’t work contact the direct marketing firm that makes their mail HSP Direct, Also Contact¬†InfoCision,¬†Call them at (330) 668-1400¬†or email them at¬†infocis@infocision.com.

In a¬†previous post we met¬† Floyd Brown and his Super PACs: Policy Issues Institute, White House Watch and his Impeach Obama Campaign. Today let’s talk about another Super PAC he founded, Citizens United.

Citizens United is most famous for winning a Supreme Court case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

From Politico: “The case stems from a lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission brought by an obscure conservative group called Citizens United. It alleged that its free speech rights were violated when the FEC moved to block it from using corporate cash to promote and air “Hillary: The Movie,” a feature-length movie harshly critical of then-Sen. Hillary Clinton ‚Äď the current secretary of state ‚Äď during her 2008 campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.
The FEC asserted that the movie expressly opposed Clinton‚Äôs election and therefore was subject to campaign laws that bar the use of corporate cash to air election ads, and require donor disclosure. Citizens United disagreed and sued.”

“Obscure conservative group” Tell that to my mailbox Politico.

Stephen Colbert parodied the decision, and SuperPACs in general. A great article by Huffington Post. Open Secrets page

Pinning down their junk mail has been difficult because it comes in so many flavors. Here are 2 examples that feature their current President David N. Bossie, they are the most obvious:
David N. Bossie, President, Citizens United

Citizens United Junk Mail
This one (on the left) from Mike Huckabee is more stealthy,¬†Citizens United is in the smaller print under Mr. Huckabee’s name, and are calling themselves Citizens United for American Sovereignty.

2 from Mike Huckabee
And could you please get a better photo of Mr. Huckabee, that black and white one is dreadful.

Citizens United, Pand Paul photo
They also use Rand Paul in their mailings

Citizens United junk mail
They can also be called Citizens United for a Secure America and Citizens United Foundation

Here are all the names that Citizens United uses:

  • Citizens United For A Secure America
  • Citizens United For American Sovereignty
  • Citizens United Foundation
  • Citizens United Political Victory Fund
  • National Committee For Faith & Family
  • National Committee For Family Faith & Prayer

This is the Data Card for Citizens United from Next Mark.

Drowning in Junk Mail ‚Äď When Good Charities Go Bad

To all the good charities who find themselves in this post, look at the company you keep. On this page, and the rest of this blog. No matter what your Charity Navigator rating is, at this moment you are all the same to me. All of you are the same as the SuperPacs that send 3 and 4 letters a day. You are the same as the scammers from Jamaica and The Netherlands. You need to rethink your “direct mail marketing strategy”. I can tell you right now, if you wound up in this lady’s mailbox, that list of leads you bought is garbage. Also think about what happens when you sell your list of good donors to others. Look at this list, there is no rhyme or reason to these charities. No focus or main cause like a normal person. She was giving a little to everyone. Which is great for all you random charities that wound up in her mail box. But every donation she made is one hour less of full time care that she now needs because she has dementia. The same dementia that led her to start donating to so many charities in the first place.


Wild Horse Freedom Federation
Wild Horse Freedom Federation
Guide Star Page

The packaging is¬†deceptive with the “Post Gram”¬†exterior and the fake printer holes along the side. All of this is to get an elderly person’s attention. The cause? To save everyone’s favorite animal: Horses.


Disabled Police Officers of America
Disabled Police Officers of America
This charity is #30 on the worst charities in America


Pride Rock Wildlife Refuge Terrell TX
Priderock Wildlife Refuge

They are sub $1 million so they don’t have a Charity Navigator rating . Otherwise they seem to do good work keeping big cats.


Council of Indian Nations
Council of Indian Nations
Charity Navigator page
You must be extra diligent when donating to a Native American charity. Make sure it is actually going to help people and not line the pockets of the fundraisers.


Civil War Trust
Civil War Trust
Wiki Page
Charity Navigator page
The Civil War Trust is who they say they are. They buy up parts of Civil War battle fields before a Walmart is built on top of them. They are currently trying to capitalize on the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

Trees, Water & People
Trees, Water & People  TWP Blog
Charity Navigator
This one I really feel bad about. They only spend 3.8% of their budget on advertizing. And somehow they wound up in this black hole of a mailbox.

Rainforest Action Network
Rainforest Action Network
Wiki Page
Charity Navigator
“RAN helped pioneer market campaigns against large multinational corporations in the 1990s, using grassroots activism and savvy media work to advocate for changes in environmental policies. Since then, RAN has had numerous successes in its campaigns against logging companies, banks, and vehicle manufacturers.”
Um, how did this hippie group get in this mailbox?


African Wildlife Foundation
African Wildlife Foundation
Wiki Page
Charity Navigator
“In more recent years the AWF has modelled its program around three objectives: empowering people, conserving wildlife and protecting land. Empowering people involves conservation enterprises that provide benefits and incentives to local communities, sponsoring training of African conservationists and working with government to define conservation policy. Conserving wildlife involves research into species and into how these species interact with people, the basis for defining programs from which both humans and animals can benefit.”

Aww, do you see those sweet little eyes? Where is my checkbook?




Drowning in Junk Mail ‚Äď Diversified Marketing Group

Update: Emailing them did not work. So I sent in a form 1500. Using one of their mail pieces with their PO Box 309 Brainerd, MN 56401 address. It worked like a charm.

Remember the booklet of pre-printed 3×5 cards to send out to different sweepstakes from yesterday?
Prize Alert Bulletin
Enrty into Slim Jim Battlefield 4 Instant Win Sweepstakes

No sooner did I hit “Publish” on that blog entry, than the mail carrier came and dropped off 9 more. 10 in 48 hours.
Global Reporting Network, Junk Mail

Now you have my attention, Diversified Marketing Group
Diversified Marketing Group
Address: Po Box 33817 Denver CO 80233
Phone: (303) 920-1616 or 1-866-304-3013
e-mail: info@divmarketgroup.com

Other names they go by:

  • Global Reporting Network – Award Digest
  • Vanguard Documenting Agency – Prize Alert Bulletin
  • United Reporting Alliance – Personal Eligibility Report
  • Advanced Documenting Institute – National Prize Notice
  • Prize Documenting Center – Monthly Dispatch
  • Report Acquisitions – Prize Portfolio

They have left a trail of broken harts across the internet:
800 Notes
Rip-Off Report
Complaints Board

Global Reporting Network, Junk Mail
Each book comes with a way to enter 8 to 24 sweepstakes. For a grand total of 120 entries. 120 more mailing lists, for 120 times more junk mail. I almost want to put a restraining order on the mail carrier, with the threat of that much junk mail out there, headed strait to my mail box.
I am never one to let a good postage paid postcard go to waste. Each package came with 2 or 3 of them. I filled each one out using the addresses of places that have sent me junk mail this week. The names? The cast from The Hills and Laguna Beach. I also sent an e-mail to Diversified Marketing Group (info@divmarketgroup.com) requesting they remove the person who’s mail this is from their mailing list.

Update: Emailing them did not work. So I sent in a form 1500. It worked like a charm.

Drowning in Junk Mail – Addiction and Junk Mail

Publishers Clearing House

I told you how to opt-out of Publishers Clearinghouse last week. Did you know that there are knock offs of Publishers Clearinghouse?

Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Arlington TX

This is Sweepstakes Clearinghouse from Arlington TX. It looks exactly like Publishers Clearinghouse. They are so bad that the BBB has a page about them. This is their catalog for ordering stuff. As far as I can tell there is no entry form for a sweepstakes entry in this package. They have given me a 310.00 discount on 3 items of my choice. But the cheapest thing in the catalog is $399.95 (only 89.95 after voucher discount).

While roaming around their website I found a humor page. It is filled with one panel cartoons, the kind you find in Parade magazine in the newspaper.

Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Arlington TX 94-2-8-1

Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Arlington TX 93-5-1

Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Arlington TX 93-2-2

These are meant to be funny. I was confused by the jokes about the 3×5 cards. Thankfully the mail never disappoints.

The same day I also got this little booklet

Prize Alert Bulletin

It is full of pre-printed 3×5 cards to enter different sweepstakes.

Enrty into Slim Jim Battlefield 4 Instant Win Sweepstakes

It has 12 entry cards. Each entry puts you on a new mailing list to get more junk mail.

Update: I stopped both of these companies with a from 1500.

This is a great video by the BBC’s Panorama about junk mail in the UK

This is the website that the lady started Think Jessica. “Protecting elderly & vulnerable people from scams which come through the postal system and criminals who contact them by telephone.” Those cartoons are even less funny now. They were made by criminals making fun of their victims, who are caught in the throws of addiction.

The BBC Panorama video also talked about junk mail coming from The Netherlands. It made me wonder, how do they deal with junk mail? From Stop Junk Mail

Anti junk mail sticker from The Netherlands

No/Yes Anti junk mail sticker from The Netherlands

Anti junk mail sticker from The Netherlands

No/No Anti junk mail sticker from The Netherlands

From Flickr
Nee Nee Ja Nee

They have stickers that you can pick up for free, slap it on your mailbox and, that is it, the junk mail stops. That is right, the people who are sending me the worst of the worst scam letters, have one of the best, most effective systems for controlling junk mail in the world.