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A few months ago a reporter from Newsy contacted me asking about junk mail. Some reporters want information about specific groups or a person who keeps popping up whenever you start to research scam PACs or scam charities. Not Karen. She wanted the BIG picture. She wanted to know about Big Data and international scams. I warned her that was a hard story to tell. It is so big, and there is so much going on. But she kept at it, for months.

This week Newsy is posting the story: Big Mail. Here is the piece plus a bonus video.

I won’t get to watch it until Monday on Roku. But I can give you some greatest hits of the blog, and a photo of the letter I’m reading in the preview.

Please read the About page for the back story of this blog.

The most important page, really the hart of the blog, is the Are You Drowning in Junk Mail? page. That is where I tell you step by step how to stop a massive junk mail problem.

Big Data part 1: Who or What is Big Data? and Big Data part 2: How to Opt-out of Big Data. Here is where I talk about Big Data and how to stop it.

Wrap up stats and other thoughts. When I ended the blog I made a post with a lot of scary numbers and a walk down memory lane of all the crap I got in the mail.

And just for fun here is the post documenting the most difficult time I had stopping one companies junk mail.

If you liked the story from Newsy, I highly recommend CNN’s story about Maria Duval. And the book that expands on the story.

Now for some vintage junk mail:

This mailpiece from Carmen Dumas is from 2014. This is the first page of the 5 page letter. In the preview I’m reading the first paragraph.

Spoiler Alert: Her help isn’t free. She wants $50 or for an extra $5 she will rush ship your lucky numbers to you.

Carmen Dumas Clairvoyant scam

If you all want I can give this scam letter it’s own post. Let me know in the comments.

This blog is mostly dark now. I made a Facebook page for the blog where I post news stories that relate to this blog. Elder fraud, scams, Postal workers not delivering mail (where were they when I needed them?) and anything else that catches my fancy.

If you need help stopping junk mail you can email me darthjenni@gmail.com or Facebook chat at the DIJM Facebook page. And unlike Carmen my help really is free.

How to Stop Mail for a Deceased Person

AARP has a great check list of things to do when someone dies. I am going to expand on the section about what to do with a deceased person’s mail.

With in days of the person’s death put a stop on the mail with the post office. Piles of mail on the porch will bring unwanted attention to the house if no one is there.

After the funeral, put in a change of address to the Post Office to redirect the mail to the executor of the estate.

To stop junk mail:

Use the deceased persons original address for this step. It will take a while for the junk mail to catch up to the change of address.

Fill out the DMA’s Deceased Do Not Contact Registration form.

acxiom is a huge data broker. Their opt-out page has a box you can check if you are opting-out a deceased person opt-out here.

Epsilon.com AKA Abacus is another huge data broker. They have a whole page about opting-out from them, but if you only want to opt-out a deceased person call them at (888) 780-3869 with the full name, address and date of death of the deceased, and they will remove the individual from their databases.

None of them will ask you for paperwork of any kind.

It is going to take 3 months for all that to take effect.

In the mean time open all the mail and look for pre-paid envelopes and send it back with note saying that the person is deceased.

Competitive Enterprise Institute

This is what I did. You do not have to be as blunt as I was.

If you have a smartphone you can use the Paperkarma app. You can add the deceased person’s name along with everyone else that receives mail at your address. Or you can make a separate account for the deceased person with both their original address and the new address.

You can also write “Deceased” on the outer envelope of all un-opened junk mail. Then give it back to your postal worker.

Change Of Address Packages

After the estate is settled and is dissolved, and you are no longer receiving important legal mail for the estate, get 2 change of address packages from your post office. One is going to be for the deceased person’s original mailing address and the other is for the address the mail was changed to after they died.

Fill it out like normal but under “New Mailing Address” put Deceased.

Change Of Address form Deceased

DO NOT MAIL THIS IN! You are going to hand it into the local post office branch for each address. When you hand it in, have a copy of the proof that you have Power of Attorney, or are the Executor of the Estate, and a copy of the Death Certificate. This should stop all mail immediately.

I hope this quick guide makes this small part of dealing with the death of a loved one, a little easier to navigate.

Google Smartbox

Google has gone all out with it’s April Fools pranks this year. Here is a full rundown on all the pranks they have today.

The one I loved the best was the Google Smartbox. It is a smart mailbox for your real world mail.

It has many features. But the one I loved the best was what it does to junk mail:

Google SmartBox

My hope is that when the junk mail is flipped to the side, it falls into an incinerator never to be seen again.


White House.gov petition: create an opt out system that permanently stops delivery of junk mail to reduce waste and save the environment.

No, I didn’t start this. But I wish that I had.

create an opt out system that permanently stops delivery of junk mail to reduce waste and save the environment.

Will it actually do anything? Probably not. But it is a start. If enough people sign it, the topic of junk mail might get people talking about it more, and it might get into the media.


Update: It only got 13 signatures all from this blog, I think. Next time title has to grab more people: Sign this now before your grandmother gives away your inheritance!!!1!! You know something the kids can relate to.

Drowning in Junk Mail – A Reply to my Prohibitory Order from Kingsley, Harper & Hatfield

Hold on to your hats people. This is the most Baawww-tacular, the most butt hurt letter from a scammer you will see today.

Some back round first. I have sent out over 40 Prohibitory Orders so far. This is the fist reply letter I have gotten from a scammer.

16 US based scams
Here is the first mailpiece I got from Kingsley, Harper & Hatfield. It is peaking out from under all the other scam junk mail that came that week. It came on May 5th.

Kingsley, Harper & Hatfield form 1500
I got the same mail piece again the week of June 15. It is a very standard advanced fee fraud scam. Send them $20 and you will get 3 million 9 hundred thousand dollars. It is very pretty, with lots of colors, a seal, a big fake check of all the money you are going to get, and signatures everywhere.

A per my rules, because this was the second one they sent, it is time to send out a from 1500.

This is the reply I got from the post office

Latter from the post office to me
A couple of notes here, they call her Mr. because they got her name backwards. So for this mailpiece her first name is a douchey bro name, and her last name a very frilly girls name that I have never seen as a last name ever. Maybe something was lost in translation from one scammers system to another’s? Who knows. Also this went to her old address. That tells me they don’t update their mailing lists very often.

Dear Mr. [name],

As requested we have issued Prohibitory Order number 2080002 against Kingsley, Harper & Hatfield. The enclosed copy of the Prohibitory Order (Form 2152) should be kept in your permanent records. This order remains in effect for 5 years from the date of issuance or from the last time you apply for enforcement against an apparent violator. If your application included eligible minors, they will not be protected by this Prohibitory Order after their nineteenth birthday, unless they send us a written request to have their protection continue.

The order prohibiting any mailing to persons protected by the Prohibitory Order goes into effect on the thirtieth calendar day after the mailer receipt. If you receive a mailpiece in apparent violation of that prohibition, and you wish to submit it for use as evidence, you must open it and write on its exterior and contents the date of receipt and a signed statement as follows: “I received this mailpiece on (date).” Then send the entire mailpiece to the Pricing and Classification Service Center at the address above, along with a copy of your Prohibitory Order, if possible, or your Prohibitory Order number.

We are pleased to help in your effort to gain protection against unwanted receipt of such mail.


Here is the Prohibitory Order for Kingsley, Harper & Hatfield from the USPS
Latter from the post office to Kingsley, Harper and Hatfield

We have been furnished a mailpiece containing advertising that you mailed or caused to be mailed to: Mr. [name]

The mailpiece offers to sell matter the the addressee has determined to be erotically arousing or sexually provocative. Under 39 USC 3008, the addressee has requested that a Prohibitory Order be issued against you, and your agents or assigns, to protect the addressee (and his or her minor children residing with the addressee, who have not attained their 19th birthday.) A copy of 39 USC 3008 is attached.

Please be aware that the US Postal Service is required by law to issue this order based on the recipient’s request. This office may not make an independent assessment of whether the mailpiece is “erotically arousing or sexually provocative” This is left up to the sole discretion of the customer.

Therefore, under the cited statute, you and your agents or assigns are hereby ordered:

  1. To refrain from any mailing to the addressee, or any child named below, at the indicated address (or occupant, householder, resident, boxholder, postal customer, rural route boxholder, and local), effective on the 30th calendar day after receipt of this order.
  2. To delete immediately the addressee and all children named above from all mailing lists owned or controlled by you or your agents or assigns.
  3. To abstain immediately from sale, rental exchange, or other transaction involving mailing lists bearing the name of the address and/or any child’s name stated above.

Mr. [name] has determined that your mail is “erotically arousing or sexually provocative”. You have 30 days to stop sending Mr. [name] junk mail or else. Every other scammer I have sent this to has taken their lumps, stopped sending me mail and moved on with life. Not Kingsley, Harper & Hatfield.

Here is the reply from Kingsley, Harper & Hatfield to me
Letter from Kinsley, Harper and Hatfield to the post office

Dear Mr. [name],

Our company is in receipt of your complaint filed with the USPS in regard to receiving “erotically arousing or sexually provocative” mail. Please be advised that KHH does not mail material of that kind.

After a thorough investigation of out records it has been determined that your name and address had not been our mailing data base. However, your name and address has been added to our “do not mail” data base at this time.

If you would like to have your name and address permanently removed from the national data files that serve the direct mailing industry, a letter must be written by you and sent to:

Mail Preference Service
Direct Mailing Association
PO Box 643Carmel, NY 10512

We, sincerely, hope that this will remedy the situation.

Customer Service

And here is Kingsley, Harper & Hatfield’s reply to the post office
Letter from Kingsley, Harper and Hatfield to me

Dear Sir,

Our company is in receipt of the letter from your office regarding the above. After a thorough investigation of out records it has been determined that Mr. [name]’s name and address has not been our mailing data base. At this time Mr. [name] has been added to our “do not mail” data base.

A copy of this letter will be mailed to Mr. [name] as well as the address of the national data files that serves the direct mailing industry so that he can request his name and address can be added to the “do not mail” data base.

More importantly, please be advised that no “erotically arousing or sexually provocative” information has ever been mailed to anyone from KHH.

It is hoped that this letter will conclude the file on this matter.

Customer Service


So to review:

  • They don’t mail porn.
  • Her name is not in the data base, but they are going to be nice and put her on the “do not mail” list anyway.
  • I should write a letter to the DMA.
  • They don’t mail porn.
OMG Somebody call the WAAAAAAAAmbulance!!

OMG Somebody call the WAAAAAAAAmbulance!!

We don’t mail porn! We run a legitimate advanced fee fraud scam out of a UPS store in Queens NY. Baaawwww.

They obviously didn’t read my How-to on sending a Prohibitory Order. Or else they would know that it is not up to them to determine what is “erotically arousing or sexually provocative”. It is up to me. Now, I did get a tingling in my lady parts while I read this mail piece, but I think it was a yeast infection. Definitely a by product of reading to much junk mail.

Did they really tell me to write a letter DMA to stop junk mail? That is like so 5 years ago. Everyone (well, everyone that reads this blog anyway) knows that you go to DMA Choice now to stop junk mail. You need to step your game up Kingsley, Harper & Hatfield.

To everyone who gets junk mail from:

Kingsley, Harper & Hatfield
PMB 395
176-25 Union Turnpike
Fresh Meadows, NY 11366

Please send in a Prohibitory Order on them. It is the only 100% sure fire way to make them stop sending you stuff. The more time they spend sending letters to you, me, the USPS, and the DMA is less time they have to send out scams.

Drowning in Junk Mail – How to Stop Scam Junk Mail Using a Prohibitory Order

If you have gotten any of the letters in this post TOSS THEM IN THE GARBAGE!! They will bring nothing but heartache and an empty wallet. If you get a lot of this type of mail I am going to show you how to stop it.

Scams from St. Louis MO

Everyone of these letters is called a 419 scam. It is named after the law code in Nigeria where the scam is prevalent. It is also called advanced fee fraud. The scam is they promise you something (money, a mystery box, I have an example with a car) But in order for you to get the whatever it is you must give them some money first. It usually hovers around $20. It is a lie, you won’t be getting whatever it is they have promised you. This mail will be the most beautiful, look the most official, and scream OPEN ME!

American Fiduciary Disbursements, Bellevill, NJ

DON’T! If you give money to one of them in hopes of getting the prize, you will be put on a mailing list of the worst kind, and you will get a blizzard of scam junk mail.

30 junk mail scams

Every week I receive about 30 scam letters. Well not me, my family has redirected a relative’s mail to me. She has dementia and can no longer care for herself. While going through her papers we found that about 3 years ago she started sending money to these people. She would very carefully photocopy the letter, send it off with a check, and then file the photocopy away, all in hopes of getting the prize. Now I get 30 scam letters a week, and her phone gets upwards of 20 calls a day from Jamaica and other far off lands, all asking for money.

American Claims & Reporting Center (ARC) Daniel P. Kennedy

Let’s tune into a special report from KTVN channel 2 Reno/Tahoe. See the National Consumers League doesn’t want you to send them in either. The only problem with that report is that they don’t tell you how to make the scam mail go away. Today I am going to teach you how.

First sign up for DMA Choice (If you want to do more you can Opt-out of Big Data). Then wait, the junk mail should stop in about 90 days (It didn’t for me, but that is why I am writing a blog isn’t it). If you are still getting scam junk mail after that, it is time to bring out the big guns: USPS From 1500. It’s original purpose was to stop pornography, but now it can be used to stop any mail  that is selling something. Good thing that asking for $20 to get $10 million is considered selling something. It only works on mail based in the USA. Scammers share their “suckers list” often. Word will spread across the pond quickly enough. It does not work on 501c(3) charities or 501c(4) PACs unless they are selling something, just asking for a donation or giving away free tote bags don’t count. But having a sweepstakes does.

Project suplies
For this project you will need: A pen, a stapler, envelopes, stamps, cheap copy paper, a printer, and scam junk mail. Optional: The free return address labels that came in other junk mail, and Avery address labels.

I would also recommend picking the smallest mailpiece a scammer sends to you, it will cost the least postage. But if they only send a full sized newspapers as ads, break out a giant manila envelope and send away.

Prohibitory Order From 1500
Next download USPS form 1500 (PDF) also called a  Prohibitory Order. This is an excellent walk through of the process from Knowmore.org (the web site seems to be down, so I am linking to the Wayback Machine version)

I bought the cheapest copy paper I could find, and set my printer to the lightest setting. I didn’t want to waste good paper and toner on these scammers. I have highlighted all the boxes you need to fill in.

From 1500
The form is overly complicated. Mostly because we aren’t using it the way it was originally intended to be used. Just remember to initial box 1 and 1a and you are golden.

Staple it all togeather
After you fill out the form, staple the entire contents of the letter to the form. This includes the outer envelope.

Stuff to stick to the envelope
This is where all that other junk mail comes in handy. It seems like every other charity has sent me return address labels. This sheet is from the National Park Foundation. It had about 40 labels. For most people that should be enough for a year. For me? 2 weeks. Good thing other charities sent me more.

Putting a form 1500 into an envelope
Slap the return address label, the Avery label and a stamp on the envelope. Then fold the stapled junk mail into the envelope.

14 form 1500's going to the Pricing Classification Service Center
Sent it off to Pricing and Classification Service Center PO Box 1500 New York, NY 10008-1500.

Form 1500 recipts
You should get a reply back in 2 weeks. I am probably the only person who has ever sent over 70 of these out.

Form 1500 recipts
If you fill it out right, you will get a conformation letter that they have stopped the mail from coming to your house. The Prohibitory Order will last 5 years, and will take effect 30 days after the scammer gets the order from the post office.

With this batch I also got the letter that goes to the scammer. They are ordered to:
1. To refrain from any mailing to the addressee, effective on the 30th calendar day after the receipt of this order.
2. To delete immediately the addressee from all mailing lists controlled by you or your agents or assigns.
3. To abstain immediately from the sale, rental, exchange, or other transaction mailing lists bearing the name of the addressee.

Form 1500 bounce back
If you fill it wrong, you will get the entire letter back, and a copy of form 1500 highlighted with the pink highlighter of doom. It is OK, just fill it out again (check your work this time) and send it back.
One week I messed up an entire batch and they all came back 😦 But the next day free stamps came with the junk mail. I love when the junk mail pays me to stop it. 🙂

The next step is, if they send another piece of junk mail I am supposed to write “I received this mailpiece on (date)” with a copy of the Prohibitory Order and the order number and sent it to the New York office. It hasn’t gotten to that point yet. It will be fun when it does.


Update: Going to Step 2

Alternatives going to step 2
It had to happen, after sending out over 70 form 1500’s someone had to slip-up and ignore me. On the Prohibitory Order is the date they sent it to you. The scammer has 30 days from that date to stop sending you mail. On the 31st day you can go to step 2.

This is what it looks like when you go to Step 2. I wrote “I received this on (date)” and signed it, on the on the outside of the mailpiece and again on the return envelope. I photocopied the letters that the postoffice sent to me, put it all into an envelope and sent it off.

This is what I got back a couple of weeks later:

Form 1500 Step 2

This letter is for me:

Based on the evidence you furnished us regarding a possible violation of Prohibitory Order 2080212, we have issued a Complaint (PS form 2153) against the mailer involed. A copy of the Complaint is enclosed for your records.

It has been our experiance that most mailers abide by the provisions of a Prohibitory Order issued against them under 39 USC 3008. However, in some cases, additional steps are necessary. Issuing a Complaint is the first step in the process designed to end violation of a Prohibitory Order.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

This letter is for the scammer:

This concerns violation of Prohibitory Order number 2080212 issued against you and your agents or assigns on behalf of [name]

On 06/30/2014, you received a Prohibitory Order (see copy attached) issued under USC 3008 upon request of the above-named addressee. I have received evidence that the Prohibitory Order has been violated as follows:


A copy of the face of the mailpiece is attached.

Any response to the Complaint or petition for a hearing with respect to it must be filed with me, in writing within 15 days after receipt of this Complaint. Attached is a copy of the rules of practice for hearings on such matters. Any petition for a hearing must comply fully with §963.3(a) of these rules.

For those of you that like to read postal law: Title 39 Code OF Federal Regulations Part 963 Rules of Practice in Proceedings Relative to Violations of The Pandering Advertisements Statue, 39 U.S.C. 3008

Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail 124

124 pieces of junk mail
This week the junk mail went back down to normal levels of craziness, only 124 pieces. I’m starting to be able to tell that all the emails I have sent out are having an effect. I only got 4 letters from The National Center for Public Policy Research. When you consider that I was getting 8 in one week, before I contacted them that is a drop of 50%. I will take what I can get.

Let’s do the rundown of this weeks biggest spammers
Citizens Against Government Waste
Citizens Against Government Waste. Wiki Page, Source Watch page,  Charity Navigator page 2 stars (they are a 501(c)3). Oh the sweet, sweet irony of someone who is against waste, sending me 2 junk mail letters in one day, is so delicious.

Mike Huckabee c/o Secure America Now
Mike Huckabee c/o Secure America Now. A nice beak down by Institute for Policy Studies.

U.S. Veternas Hospice Committee
U.S. Veterans Hospice Committee. Could not find any independent information about them. Opt-out here.

Black Republican Fund, Edward Cousar
The Black Republican Fund BRPAC run by Edward Cousar. New York Times article about PACs that raise a lot of money but don’t spend it on candidates, that mentions the Black Republican PAC. This is not the same group as Black Republican Freedom Fund. The National Black Republican Association has a page devoted to telling everyone that their PAC is not that PAC. LOL You guys are the same, taking money from old ladies.

Larry Klaymen's Freedom Watch
Freedom Watch. You did not just start auto playing a song on your website. Is this a GeoCities site in 1995? Any way, Freedom Watch is run by Larry Klayman, he also founded Judicial Watch (example of junk mail from Judicial WatchSource Watch page for Larry. This mail is made by Response Unlimited. I have done an entire post about them.

Freedom's Defence Fund, Jerome Corsi
Freedom’s Defense Fund, Open Secrets page Jerome Corsi. Salon article also about a ring of PAC’s that all have the same treasurer in common: Scott Mackenzie. Who works for Base Connect “direct mail fundraising company”. Opt-out here  info@base-connect.com

Citizen Outreach, Kerry Bentivolio, Chuck Muth
Citizen Outreach “Irritating Liberals Since 1992” it is run by Chuck Muth of course you own your name’s domain. Wiki page, Source Watch page.

Citizens United
Citizens United run by David Bossie. Doug Collins is a new face in my mail box. Opt-out here info@citizensunited.org

National Center for Public Policy Research
The National Center for Public Policy Research. Only 4 this week. That is a  50% drop since I stared keeping count. Opt out here: info@nationalcenter.org, with the subject header “Delete from Solicitation”

7 from Federation of Responsible Citizens
7 from Federation Of Responsible Citizens. Opt-out here: FedofRespCitizen@aol.com.

And this week we have a new winner of the most junk mail in a single week:
16 from PII
16 from Policy Issues Institute

In the Junior Division
Junior division
Only one from Annette Bosworth this week. So sad. I need more glossy photos of her kids running around with baskets of vegetables. I know you are wondering why Sarah Palin‘s SarahPAC is in the Junior Division. She is not running for office, but her PAC donates to baby politicians just getting their start. Or she is supposed to, the PAC isn’t run very well. The Daily Beast did a nice write-up on SarahPAC and how it handles it’s money. Opt-out here.

23 Charities
23 charities some good, a lot bad.

11 International scams
11 international scams

16 US based scams
18 scams from the good old US of A

Scams from St. Louis MO
including 2 of scams from St. Louis MO. My new #1 city that is sending me scams right now.

This weeks leftovers
Here are the left overs

Stuffed and ready to go
17 envelopes stuffed, sharpied, duct taped, and ready to go.

14 form 1500's going to the Pricing Classification Service Center
I also sent off 14 form 1500’s to the Pricing Classification Service Center in New York.

Here is hoping for 94 next week

Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail, 154 pieces :(

This week's mail 154
Here is this weeks big box of junk mail, 154 pieces in all.

Noooo stop sending me junk mail

Noooo! Stop sending me junk mail!

NO! No no no! How could this happen? I have been pounding the keyboard for a month to make the junk mail stop. How could I go backwards, and get 154 pieces in one week?! It is like I have kicked an angry hornet’s nest of junk mail.

This is what my mailbox looks like everyday

This is what my mailbox looks like everyday.

St. Rand Paul the patron saint of junk mail, and our Lady of Blessed Contribution Dr. Annette Bosworth
How could you 2 let me down? I was counting on you to keep the mail away.

It's back :(
The biggest set back I had was, I got the official paperwork back for the first few USPS form 1500’s I sent out. It doesn’t work on foreign mail, only mail from the USA. Darn it. 22 out of 38 this week were from either The Netherlands or Australia. Now I will just focus 100% on US based scams. Look out St. Louis MO, there are lots of form 1500’s coming your way.

Let’s run down the biggest junk mail senders this week:

Chosen People Ministries
Chosen People Ministries. (Wiki page) They like to convert Israelis into christens. I like the pre-filled out check on the top right. All I have to do is fill in the dollars.

Judicial Watch
Judicial Watch run by Thomas Fitton. Charity Navigator page, 33% of budget spent on fundraising. There is a lot going on here. Some how Sheriff Joe Arpaio is involved.

American Civil Rights Union (ACRU)
American Civil Rights Union, (Wiki page) it wants to be the conservative answer to the ACLU. Their Charity Navigator page is a must read, they get 0 stars, and 72% of their budget is spent on fundraising. Source Watch page. Opt-out here: info@theacru.org

Rand Paul c/o Citizens United
Citizens United dressed in Rand Paul clothing

Rand Paul c/o National Right to Work Committee, National Pro-Life Alliance
National Right to Work Committee and National Pro-Life Alliance also using Rand Paul. So did I get 3 unrelated letters? Did I get 4 pieces of junk mail from Rand Paul? You decide.

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund
Tea Party Patriots. (Wiki page) It is time for her to renew her membership. Sorry guys that ship has sailed. You aren’t getting any more money from her. The other one wants John Boehner to resign. That has to be the worst photo of John Boehner ever. I couldn’t find the original, but the flag he is standing in front of is huge. The stars are the size of his head.

Food & Water Watch, 3 in one week
Food and Water Watch, (Wiki Page) (Charity Navigator page) (Source Watch page) hay hippies, you had better check yourselves. The Tea Party, and Citizens United sent less that you this week.

5 from The National Center for Public Policy Research. Opt out here: info@nationalcenter.org, with the subject header “Delete from Solicitation”

15 from PII
15 from Policy Issues Institute. Opt-out here: james.lacy.@wewerlacy.com

16 from Federation Of Responsible Citizens. Opt-out here: FedofRespCitizen@aol.com. I wanted to make sure everyone saw the large envelopes this week. They are usually buried under all the smaller mail

The week of May 19th can’t come fast enough.

People running for office
The junior division is getting feisty. Both Annette Bosworth and Ben Carson are mad I didn’t feature them enough last week, so they sent me more stuff.

Annette Bosworth for US Senate
Annette sent me the same letter and blow-up of a camera phone photo, that she did last week.
Annette Bosworth
But now I can show you the taking points on the back of the photo. This week she compared people who receive food stamps to wild animals in National Parks. I hope who ever is paying for all this expensive mail gets their moneys worth when she is elected.

Ben Carson junk mail
Ben Carson, I mean the people who have nothing to to with Ben Carson, but are asking him to run for president, have stepped up their game.
Ben Carson junk mail
I now have a Teen Beat style Pin-up poster of Ben. That is like so cool, I will totally like put it up next to all the like old NKOTB posters in my like bedroom. Like.

Jordan is so dreamy

Jordan is like so dreamy

15 Charities
Lots of note cards and address labels were included this week. They will come in handy for stopping scam junk mail.

38 Scams
38 scams

Scams that will get a form 1500
16 of them are eligible for a USPS form 1500. And I just went to Costco and got a 100 pack of stamps. Bring it on scammers.

17 stuffed and ready to go
Here they are 17 pre-paid stuffed, sharpied envelopes.

The Washington Post March Sucks
I wrote a special note for the fine folks at Run Ben Run. That group is headed by John Phillips Sousa IV. His great-grandfather wrote this little ditty:

It was quite the hit at the time. Just imagine that I wrote to Blue Ivy and told her that her mom’s song “Single Ladies” sucked and you get the idea. They had better stop sending me stuff, or next time I will say something mean about Stars and Stripes Forever :-O

Here are the leftovers from this weeks 154 pieces.

An Offering
I am giving offerings to Our Lady and St. Rand. Hopefully it will be enough to keep the mail away this week.


Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail, 124 pieces

St. Rand and Our Lady of Perpetual Dumb-ocracy
It looks like my prayers to St. Rand Paul the patron saint of junk mail, and our Lady of Blessed Contribution Dr. Annette Bosworth worked. I got ten fewer pieces of junk mail this week – 124 🙂

I got 2 from everyone’s favorite front group for Big Pharma 60 Plus.
60 Plus, junk mail
Thank you for your generous donation to my “Stop Junk Mail Fund” it will be going to stamps and envelopes to stop scam junk mail.

Citizens United junk mail
3 from David Bossie and Citizens United Opt-out here: info@citizensunited.org

Junk mail made by Response Unlimited
4 with a similar look and PO boxes in Houston TX. OMG one of them is The Western Center for Journalism run by Floyd Brown! How many of these things does he have his fingers in?

Ahhhh! Ahhhh! the junk mail it burns!

Ahhhh! Ahhhh! The junk mail it burns!

7 from NCPPR junk mail
7 from The National Center for Public Policy Research. Opt out here: info@nationalcenter.org, with the subject header “Delete from Solicitation”

11 from PII junk mail
11 from Policy Issues Institute. Opt-out here: james.lacy.@wewerlacy.com

And this week’s the winner of the most junk mail sent by one 501(c)(4) is:
16 from FRC junk mail
16 from Federation Of Responsible Citizens. Good job guys! Opt-out here: FedofRespCitizen@aol.com

In the junior division we have these people running for office:
Various people running for office
Come on Dr. Annette Bosworth only 2 in one week? You need to step up your game, if you are going to play with the big boys. Ballotpedia page

12 charties
12 charities. It was a big week for blind kids and horses.

30 junk mail scams
30 scams.

It was a tough week to pick out the worst of the worst. For most of the week it was scams from St. Louis MO leading the pack. They combined a fake lottery with a fake charity.
Care For Our Wounded Soldiers
Very dirty stuff. But then at the last moment this arrived:
Marie de Fortune, Astral Check
I know what you are thinking, just another scam fortune teller. Let’s take a closer look, The exterior return address is 1250 Valley Brook Ave. #102 Lyndhurst, NJ 07071. But the Return envelope is PO Box 451 Oxenford Qld 4210 Australia.
And it came with this:
Marie de Fortune, Astral Check
You are supposed to fill it out with at least $50,00 and send it back. I don’t know exactly what happens after that but it can’t be good.

This week’s aftermath:
Left overs of this week's junk mail
Not nearly as good as last week. Let me show you why
9 pre-paid envelopes stuffed and ready to go
Only 9 envelopes with pre-paid postage. Once I get conformation from each group that they are going to take my address out of their system, I stop stuffing and mailing their pre-paid envelopes. I am saving them though, just in case the mail doesn’t stop.

The form 1500’s this week go to 2 people, remember I only send these to the most thirsty scammers of the week.
This weeks from 1500's
One is going to my second favorite city in The Netherlands: Bilthoven. The other is going to Linden NJ.

St. Rand Paul the patron saint of junk mail, and our Lady of Blessed Contribution Dr. Annette Bosworth

I will continue to prey to St. Rand Paul the patron saint of junk mail, and our Lady of Blessed Contribution Dr. Annette Bosworth. Here’s hoping for 114!

Drowning in Junk Mail – Diversified Marketing Group

Update: Emailing them did not work. So I sent in a form 1500. Using one of their mail pieces with their PO Box 309 Brainerd, MN 56401 address. It worked like a charm.

Remember the booklet of pre-printed 3×5 cards to send out to different sweepstakes from yesterday?
Prize Alert Bulletin
Enrty into Slim Jim Battlefield 4 Instant Win Sweepstakes

No sooner did I hit “Publish” on that blog entry, than the mail carrier came and dropped off 9 more. 10 in 48 hours.
Global Reporting Network, Junk Mail

Now you have my attention, Diversified Marketing Group
Diversified Marketing Group
Address: Po Box 33817 Denver CO 80233
Phone: (303) 920-1616 or 1-866-304-3013
e-mail: info@divmarketgroup.com

Other names they go by:

  • Global Reporting Network – Award Digest
  • Vanguard Documenting Agency – Prize Alert Bulletin
  • United Reporting Alliance – Personal Eligibility Report
  • Advanced Documenting Institute – National Prize Notice
  • Prize Documenting Center – Monthly Dispatch
  • Report Acquisitions – Prize Portfolio

They have left a trail of broken harts across the internet:
800 Notes
Rip-Off Report
Complaints Board

Global Reporting Network, Junk Mail
Each book comes with a way to enter 8 to 24 sweepstakes. For a grand total of 120 entries. 120 more mailing lists, for 120 times more junk mail. I almost want to put a restraining order on the mail carrier, with the threat of that much junk mail out there, headed strait to my mail box.
I am never one to let a good postage paid postcard go to waste. Each package came with 2 or 3 of them. I filled each one out using the addresses of places that have sent me junk mail this week. The names? The cast from The Hills and Laguna Beach. I also sent an e-mail to Diversified Marketing Group (info@divmarketgroup.com) requesting they remove the person who’s mail this is from their mailing list.

Update: Emailing them did not work. So I sent in a form 1500. It worked like a charm.