Anatomy of a Mailpiece: The Jesse Helms Center Foundation

When I was in the storm of stopping junk mail I didn’t have the time to slow down and really get in-depth with how the mailpieces are put together, how they are aimed at the elderly to get money from them.

Thankfully The Jesse Helms Center Foundation has ignored all the requests I have put out for them to stop sending mail to my house.

This includes:

Obviously I need to have another chat with my mail carrier, but in the mean time let’s take a long hard look at the fundraising mail The Jesse Helms Center Foundation is sending out to people.

Jesse Helms was the US Senator for North Carolina from 1973 to 2003. The Jesse Helms Center Foundation houses his papers and the museum is host various programs for students and guest speakers.

Mission Statement:
The Jesse Helms Center exists to promote traditional American values and the principles upon which our nation was founded and that Senator Jesse Helms advanced throughout his career. This is accomplished through education, public policy promotion,and historical preservation.The Jesse Helms Center Foundation’s programs are offered at little or no cost to the public. This is made possible by the support of foundations, individuals and corporations who recognize the value of the programs and the non-partisan commitment of the foundation.
How about this:

The Jesse Helms Center Foundation

Stop the U.N. Tax THREAT to Americans!
3,000,000,000 Patriot Survey to STOP the U.N. Tax THREAT to Americans
Petition Demanding Your Senators REJECT This UN Tax
I am sure many of you are scratching your heads going What?! The UN is hurting for money so they wrote a proposal for various global taxes.  The boogie man in today’s junk mail are taxes that may or may not happen, that were proposed by the mostly toothless UN.

The Jesse Helms Center Foundation

Please complete your personal, registered Patriot Survey to STOP the U.N. Tax THREAT to Americans I’ve enclosed, right away! So I can pressure the U.S. Senate to REJECT the TAX!
Then sign the enclosed REJECT the Unconstitutional U.N. TAX Petitions demanding your two Senators to vote to STOP the greedy U.N. bureaucrats’ plan to impose hundreds of billions in taxes on American citizens– for the first time in history.
Then return your Survey and Petitions to me today so the Jesse Helms Center can expose and stop President Obama’s plan before he sneaks this treaty through the Senate.

The Jesse Helms Center Foundation

ONE: Sign and return your REJECT the Unconstitutional U.N. TAX Petitions. I’ve sent you four Senate Petitions: One for each of your two Senators and one for each of the Senate’s majority leaders, Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn. Your Petitions urge McConnell and Cornyn to REJECT the  U.N.’s tax on Americans.
TWO: Complete your enclosed Patriot Survey to STOP the U.N. Tax THREAT to Americans and return it to me today. The Jesse Helms Center will send the results of the survey to key national news outlets, especially conservative talk radio, so they can expose this tax scheme and help us STOP the UN TAX.
THREE: Make a tax-deductible donation of $15, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000 or more to the Jesse Helms Center to help fund our massive grassroots and media campaign to pressure ALL Senators – old and new! – to reject this U.N.’s tax scheme.

The Jesse Helms Center Foundation

Did the font just get bigger?!

The Jesse Helms Center Foundation

We are half way through and we need to stop and take a break. A few things I would like to point out:
The Printing: The font size is bigger than your average letter. It gets really big on page 3
The liberal use of ALL CAPS, Bold, Italic, and Underline.
The repetitive nature of the letter. They repeat the “3 part plan” on every page. Twice on page 4.

The Jesse Helms Center Foundation

Here is the Patriot Survey to STOP the U.N. Tax THREAT to Americans. I’m not going to type the questions out. You can read them  yourself.


The Jesse Helms Center Foundation

The Jesse Helms Center Foundation

Can anyone tell me where to put my CREDIT CARD INFORMATION?

In the body of the letter they were asking for “$1000 or more”. But now the top dollar amount they are asking for is $500. You have to be consistent with this stuff people. You just cost yourself a $1000 donation.

I also find the “I can’t make a donation right now but here is $9 to deliver my petitions.” very interesting. Even though they can’t get a lot of money out of you today, you are still interacting with the mail. You are telling them that you may donate in the future, or to some other cause.  Is $9 the cost of processing one check these days? They might break even on processing this transaction, but by the time they sell you to other mailing lists the may get their money back. Maybe. But that is for a real reporter to look into.

The Jesse Helms Center Foundation

And finally the REJECT the Unconstitutional U.N. TAX Petitions that we have been hearing so much about.

If the people that process the checks for the The Jesse Helms Center Foundation, operate the same way as the ones who process the checks for psychic scams the “Patriot Survey to STOP the U.N. Tax THREAT to Americans” and the “REJECT the Unconstitutional U.N. TAX Petitions” will be tossed in the trash once they get the credit card information off of it, or grab the check out of the envelope.

If all of this seems familiar or formulaic it is because The Jesse Helms Center Foundation uses American Target Advertising for their direct mail. I have written about American Target Advertising here and I also reviewed  America’s Right Turn by Richard A. Viguerie (the founder of American Target Advertising). While American Target Advertising is not listed in The Jesse Helms Center Foundation‘s IRS 990’s (you can find them on their Charity Navigator page.) American Target Advertising did fundraising for Mr. Helms when he was alive, and the mailing list for The Jesse Helms Center Foundation is listed on Viguerie Political Lists website.

I will pull out the best part of Mr. Viguerie’s book America’s Right Turn. He outlines how movement starts and why that movement would want to use “alternative media” to get their message out.

 Issues that motivate:

A perceived crisis

Threats to a way of life

Idealistic revulsion against corruption

Idealistic projections of a better life

Then you need:

A dedicated vanguard

Self-identification as a movement

Communication networks

Money to fund the revolution

Let’s see if this letter checks off all the boxes:
  • A perceived crisis: “Stop the U.N. Tax THREAT to Americans!”
  • Threats to a way of life: The U.N. is going to tax us $4 billion.
  • Idealistic revulsion against corruption: “This new tax would make the U.N. less dependent on dues from donor nations. And that Would make the U.N. bureaucrats even more unaccountable, more arrogant and more powerful than they are now.”
  • Idealistic projections of a better life: ??? This letter doesn’t talk about what will happen once the bad guys are overthrown.
  • A dedicated vanguard: The Jesse Helms Center Foundation, “pro-sovereignty patriots like you”, 3 million Americans, Internet “warriors”
  • Self-identification as a movement: The Jesse Helms Center Foundation, pro-sovereignty patriots like you”
  • Communication networks:  “We will survey 3 million American patriots and share the results with media outlets.”
  • Money to fund the revolution: Make a tax-deductible donation of $15, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000 or more

I almost had a junk mail BINGO, but they just had to be negative the whole letter.

A few more things you should look for in a mailpiece like this are:

  • How many pages is the pitch? (A milti-page pitch in a mailpiece will pull in more money than a one page pitch will. ) 4
  • Who are the good guys?:The Jesse Helms Center Foundation, pro-sovereignty patriots like you”.
  • Who are the bad guys?: The U.N. and Obama
  • Sense of urgency: “Please complete your personal, registered Patriot Survey to STOP the U.N. Tax THREAT to Americans I’ve enclosed, right away! ” and “return your Survey and Petitions to me today
  • Interaction with the mail:  Fill out the “REJECT the Unconstitutional U.N. TAX Petitions” and the  “Patriot Survey to STOP the U.N. Tax THREAT to Americans

The only goal of this mailpiece is to scare and upset a person so that they will send money to fight against whatever cause is in the letter. The combination of the size of the font, the liberal use of bolding important talking points, and repeating those talking points over and over, lead me to believe that this mailpiece is aimed at an elderly person.

The big question I have is Why? Why is this mailpiece coming from the The Jesse Helms Center Foundation and not The UN Sucks Foundation?  Do they have so little confidence in the mission of their foundation, that they have to go so wildly off topic to raise money? Is the cause of getting young people interested in government not good enough? Is digitizing a collection not a sexy enough topic to get people to pull out their checkbooks? If I lived in the town of Wingate, NC I would be a member just for the speakers they bring to town. Why are they spreading fear, when they could be spreading the positivity of what the foundation does every day.

Let’s return to Mr. Viguerie’s book America’s Right Turn for the answer:

Even in the environmental arena, where liberals have had so much success, Warwick sees nuances others might miss: “Certain issues strike a responsive cord with the public, and others don’t.  I mean, some of the worst problems we face in many communities in the country come from toxic spills and solid waste management. Yet it is virtually impossible to raise money around those issues-at least in ‘cold mail’ [prospect mail]. Whereas, if you want to save the rainforest, or cuddle pandas, it’s another story altogether.”

So the core mission of The Jesse Helms Center Foundation is the junk mail equivalent of a toxic spill, and “STOP the U.N. Tax THREAT to Americans” is like cuddling a panda Got it.

This space is normally where I tell everyone how to get off the mailing list of whom ever I’m talking about. Instead I’m going to ask for help. If you know who to call or email to get off the mailing list for the The Jesse Helms Center Foundation, comment or email me

I received another mailpiece from them in July. At that time I filed complaints with the California Attorney General and the DMA with no effect.

In the week since I received this mailpiece I have sent a webmail to the The Jesse Helms Center Foundation, emailed John Dodd I have sent a webmail to American Target Advertising, and I have also sent a webmail to Viguerie Political Lists, and left a message with Marty Anderson who does list management for them.

It shouldn’t be this hard to stop junk mail.


Hello readers from The Daily Beast!

To opt-out of junk mail from Citizens United:

If that doesn’t work contact the direct marketing firm that makes their mail HSP Direct If that doesn’t work, contact the CEO Jamie Hogan
Also contact NOVA List and email Sunrise Data Services
Also Contact InfoCision, Call them at (330) 668-1400 or email them at

A couple of days ago Betsy Woodruff from The Daily Beast contacted me about one of my favorite group of scumbags: Citizens United. It was quite an ordeal to stop junk mail from them a couple of years ago. Email and phone calls did nothing to stop junk mail from them. I had to contact their direct marking firm HSP Direct and their telemarketer InfoCision.

Edit: Part 2: Right-Wing Group Citizens United Again May Have Tried to Trick the Elderly Into Giving It Cash

The reason that reporters are interested in Citizens United right now, is that the head of Citizens United David Bossie is working for team Trump. No wonder Mr. Trump talks like a piece of junk mail come to life.

Citizens United does not care who wins or looses in November. All they care about is making sure the money doesn’t stop flowing to them. They will say anything to get a check out of you.

Do you care about our troops?
Citizens United
Citizens United has got you covered.

You you want to fill out a survey and tell people how angry you are about illegal immigrants committing voter fraud?
Citizens United for a Secure America
Citizens United has got you covered.

Are you worried that “In God We Trust” is going to be removed from US currency?
Citizens United
Not only has Citizens United has got you on this, they will send you a one dollar bill to remind you what it looks like.

And the mailpiece that Betsy really liked:

Woops! Could you resend that $50 check you sent us a while back?
Citizens United form 1500
The only problem was that we took her checkbook away in November 2013, and this came in June of 2014.

Betsy Woodruff wants to write more about political junk mail. If you are drowning in junk mail and want to tell your story and share the junk mail you get, contact Betsy by email or on the twitters @woodruffbets. She is looking for junk mail from David Bossie, Citizens United or anything else that exploits the elderly. You know the stuff I’m talking about: Social Security is going to be taken away, The Death Tax. That kind of nonsense.


Hello to readers from CNN!

Hello everyone visiting from CNN!

Today CNN Money published the story of PacNet. They process the checks for many of the scams that come in the mail.

I have been working with Melanie Hicken and Blake Ellis for a couple of years. A long time, and a million pieces of junk mail ago Melanie contacted me asking about the junk mail industrial complex. I don’t think she or Blake realized what a rabbit hole junk mail could be. But they tumbled down into it with me. I sent her a box filled with, the best? The worst junk mail I had. That box helped with their first junk mail story about Maria Duval. If you look close in the first video you can see the box and it’s contents on the table.

When Melanie contacted me the first time one of the questions she asked was how much money she had given away, and to whom. I had no idea. I was so busy slaying the junk mail dragon I hadn’t thought to look. One of her kids and I went through the last year of her bank account and we were shocked at what we found.

I wrote about that here: How much money did she give away?

While we looked through her account I printed out anything that looked interesting. Some of the checks were written out to random initials and they were all around $25 or so. There were a lot of them so I only printed out a few, put them a side to deal with later.

When Melanie and Blake contacted me for their new story, they asked if I had herd of PactNet. I dug through the stack of canceled checks I had printed out over a year ago. Lo and behold, not only did I have a check processed by PactNet I had 3!

Huge thank you to Melanie Hicken and Blake Ellis for diving into this topic. And thanks to their editor who let them do not one, but two long investigative reports on the dark and dirty world of junk mail.

If you or a loved one are drowning in junk mail please read my battle plan on how to stop it.  If you need more help you can email me at

Are you mad that this is going on, and want it to stop? Contact your Congress person and Senator (especially if they are on the Senate Committee on Aging). Facebook share CNN’s story to them, Tweet it to them.  Get out a piece of paper and a pen and write to them. Let them know how junk mail is affecting your family, and that it needs to be stopped.

Drowning in Junk Mail – Rules for the Stop Junk Mail Project

After I wrote the last post I realized that I had never told you guys what my rules were. I talk about them throughout the blog, but I never said what they were.

Junk Mail Rules

The Rules for the stop junk mail project:

Spend as little time as possible dealing with the mail.
I wrote a blog about the mail so I spent about 1,000% more time touching, photographing, researching the mail than a normal person should. If I hadn’t documented everything, I would have spent about 1-3 hours a week on the mail. Put all the mail in a box. Sort through it once a week, enter it into PaperKarma, then call and email the people who sent the most junk mail in a week.
This philosophy is what lead me to going after the fundraising companies and direct mail firms. If I could go above the piece of mail in my hand and stop another 5, or 10 charities who use the same direct mail firms, that would save me time.

Spend as little money as possible.
I only used postage to send Form 1500’s out. I bought all the supplies at the dollar store or Wal-Mart using the money that was sent to me in the junk mail.

When dealing with the people who work in the direct mail industry, treat them with respect. 
Call it social engineering. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Use whatever philosophy you need to get you through the interaction with them. You need their help. You need them to do what you want them to do. Coming at them from an angry place will get you nowhere. These people are at work and have a job to to. Do you like it when people come out of nowhere and start yelling at you at work? No. If someone is throwing a temper tantrum are you going to go out of your way to help them? No. Of corse I say all of that and I blew up at someone. Even I had a breaking point.
One thing I did learn is that instead of saying “I need to get my relative off your mailing list.” Say “I need to get off your mailing list.” It was a lot easier to get the person on the phone to help me if I became the person who’s mail I was trying to stop.

Keep emails as short, and on point as possible.
The emails I sent were very short:

Subject line: Remove from Mailing lists

Body of email:
Please remove
from your mailing lists.
Thank you,

No long story about your loved one. They don’t care. If they cared about the pain their junk mail causes, they would work to stop the out of control selling and trading of personal information in the direct mail industrial complex.

Keep track of when the mail should stop. Follow up when it doesn’t.
March Calendar
I used one of the calendars that came in the junk mail to keep track of when junk mail from each group should stop. Use whatever system works best for you. Following up is very important. They are counting on you forgetting about them in 8 weeks. If you get something on the 9th week call and email them that day. Don’t let them push you around. If you have to, email the CEO of whatever group you are trying to stop. Every mailpiece they send after it should have stopped is another email and another phone call, until the junk mail stops.

If the junk mail doesn’t stop, tattle on them to anyone who will listen.

I'm not going to be ignored, junk mail

I’m not going to be ignored, junk mail

They have promised that the junk mail will stop in 8 weeks, twice now. But after 16 weeks the junk mail hasn’t stopped. It is time to take it to the next level. If not for you then for the next person who has the same problem with the same people. If enough complaints are filed someone will take notice. File complaints with the DMA, and your state’s Attorney General.

While it won’t stop the junk mail you can also file complaints with the FTC and the  U.S. Postal Inspection Service. Many a criminal investigation was started with someone seeing a lot of complaints with the FTC or the USPS.

If you really want to make a stink go to the media. Reporters are always looking for a good story, and everyone hates junk mail.  Every local TV station and newspaper has a customer advocate “On your side” reporter.  Contact them and tell them what you are going through to stop junk mail, who won’t stop after all that hard work, and how it has affected your family. This story from ABC15 Arizona is a perfect example of the type of story I am talking about.

Are there any other rules for stopping junk mail I should have?

Drowning in Junk Mail – How to get Junk Mail Revenge

How to get junk mail revenge

How to get junk mail revenge

This is not the first step to stopping junk mail. Read the Start Here page to see how stuffing envelopes fits into my battle plan for stopping junk mail. This is the fun part of stopping junk mail. It is like arts & crafts. Get the kids involved! Everyone loves glitter and sharpies!

Things you will need for this project:

  1. Pre-paid envelops found in the junk mail you want to stop.
  2. Flat objects that will fit into the envelope.
  3. A black marker.

There are 2 goals for this project:

  1. Cost the junk mailer money.
  2. Be so annoying to the people who open the mail, that they will take you off the mailing list.

This is the least effective way to stop junk mail. It is more therapy than anything else. I found it very satisfying every week filling the envelopes with garbage, sending it off and “sticking to the man.” The goal was to be as annoying to them as they were to me. If they are going to waste my time will all that junk mail, I am going to cost them money.

First I will tell you what not to do. Then I will show you the best way to get some small bit of revenge on the people hammering you with junk mail.

Return to sender
One of the first things people do when they want to stop junk mail is write “Return to Sender” on the envelope and put it back in the mail box. This no longer works. The postal worker will just toss it out.

There are also some popular memes on the net on how to stop junk mail:

LOL look he put a bricks and rocks in a box then mailed it off!!11!!

The only problem is that this doesn’t work. A pre-paid envelope is not a mailing label. It is an envelope. The postal worker can declare it trash and toss it out.

What about a brick? Can I put the pre-paid envelope on a brick??
Pre-paid envelope taped to a brick
Again no. You can’t put a pre-paid envelope on a brick and expect it to get to it’s destination.

From the Straightdope, From

“According to rule 917.243(b) in the Domestic Mail Manual, when a business reply card is “improperly used as a label” — e.g., when it’s affixed to a brick — the item so labeled may be treated as “waste.” That means the post office can toss it in the trash without further ado.”

We must work within the rules that the postoffice has set up.

Time for a video!

Let’s review:

No Postage Necessary if Mailed in the United States
Gather up all the pre-paid return envelopes you get in the junk mail.

When you are done stuffing the envelope, you want it to be thick so that it costs more. Over 1/4in is best.

You want the envelope to be stiff so it won’t go through the sorting machine. The guy in the video spent money to buy the pieces of wood. Spending lots of money is a no no and goes against one of my rules. I bet that if you go through the week’s junk mail or your closet you will find something stiff to slide into the envelope.

Put old CD's in medium envelopes, it will make it stiff and cost them more postage

Note cards? Or other thick, stiff paper.

stuffed envelope 50 grams
Don’t have any of that? You can also use shredded paper.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democratic National Committee, Stuffed envelope
Now for some fun. Stuff the envelope as full as you can with other junk mail.

stuffing the envelopes of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton
In this example I have pulled the old political switcharoo. Slick Willy goes in the RNC envelope, and 41 goes into the Democratic Senate something something envelope. Mix it up as much as you can. Try not to put the same junk mail back in the return envelope. You want to come off as goofy as possible. You want to to be kicked off the mailing list.

Since all they want from you is money toss in a fake check or 2.

Princess Money from the Dollar store
or Princess money from the dollar store.

Stuffed Fake Lottery
In this example the entry fee for the fake lottery was $10. So I slipped in a fake $10 bill.

I also liked to use perfume samples from magazines.
perfume samples from magazines
Tear them out and cut them up into smaller pieces. If you keep them in a baggy all together the smells all combine into an ungodly stench.

National Republican Congressional Committee
DNC Survey
Fill out their little survey (I always tried to make junk mail the #1 issue that Americans were concerned about). Then write “Take me off your mailing list” in large friendly letters with a black marker. The guy in the video talks about “having a conversation” with the junk mail sender. You can write a note about how the junk mail has affected your family, or any other topic you want.

Adding glitter
Then top it all off with a sprinkle of glitter.

I will repeat: The goal is to be as annoying as possible. Nothing is more annoying as glitter mixed with stinky shredded paper all over the office.

Stuffed, Sharpied and ready to go
Mark out all the bar codes on the front of the envelope. This makes the post office sorting computer not to read the envelope and causes an extra step for the postal workers. The post office will charge them for the extra sorting time.

What is you favorite thing to stuff an envelope with?

Drowning in Junk Mail – Wrap up stats and other thoughts

Hi there everyone. This blog is coming to an end. The junk mail has stopped for good. Some days my mailbox is empty. I thought I would give the blog some closure, and take a peak into the box of junk I have been holding on to for a year.

The average American household receives 848 pieces of junk mail per year.
From April 2014 to December 2014, 8 months she received about 1,786 mailpieces.
From January 2015 to September 2015, 9 months she received about 155 mailpieces. Her peak week was 154 mailpieces.

Money spent about $220. Some it was bankrolled by money found in the junk mail.

Postage and stamps – $150 This is so high because of all the larger mailpieces that got a Form 1500, and all the jerks that had to go to step 2.
Envelopes $8 all bought at the Dollar store.
Fake Money and Real Glitter
Glitter $6
Princess money $1
Permanent markers – $2 for 2 packages of permanent markers from the Dollar Store.
Paper $4 (I think it was on sale) the cheapest ream of paper from Wal-Mart.
Toner – $25 It takes me about a year to go through a cartridge. Even printing on the lightest setting, was no match for the 100+ Form 1500’s I printed out.
Avery Mailing Labels – $23

A lot of that was optional. You don’t need Avery mailing labels or glitter.

I think a lot of people have been waiting for this. The big box of all the crap that I have gotten over the past year.

Over 100 form 1500’s. This does not include all the mistakes I made. And there were a lot of mistakes. I tossed in the DMA complaints that I had a paper copy of into the photo.

Happy photos of happy politicians.

Greeting Cards. I can to open a Hallmark store now.

Membership cards. What would you like to be a card carrying member of? I have plenty of choices.

Note pads. This is not all of them. I used 3 of them for taking notes about the blog.

Post cards. Because you never know when you will need a post card from Jesse Helms.

National Association of Blind Veterans a project of National Federation of the Blind
This cheap travel clock from National Association of Blind Veterans is a favorite of mine. Mostly because it has a cover over the clock face, rendering it useless for a blind person. The face is just a piece of paper. I sent this off to Melanie Hicken a CNN reporter along with a pile of junk mail. I like to imagine that in the middle of the big fancy NY CNN office there is a reporter with this cheap clock on her desk.

Bookmarks and prayer cards. Note that I wrote my own prayer on one of them.

A couple of DVD’s. One of them with the Fox News all-stars on the cover.

Calendars. How nice you have a different photo for each month. I have a different calendar for each month!

Window clings. Why yes I do support one of the worst charities in America.

Fake checks. Whatever you do don’t cash these. It gives the “charity” access to your bank account.

Of course the crap from St. Joseph’s gets a photo all it’s own

Mountain States Legal Foundation
By far the strangest swag I received was a bag of dirt. Sadly I don’t know where they are right now. They were lost in the piles of junk mail.

return mailing labels
And the granddaddy of them all. Over 1,600 return mailing labels. Keep in mind I used hundreds of them, and didn’t make a dent in the pile.

The blog maybe slowing down, but if you still want stories about junk mail, the elderly, scams, scam PACs, scam charities, and anything else that catches my fancy you can follow the Facebook page I set up for the blog.

One last thought: I do not make money from this blog. The ads you see are not from me. WordPress has to cover it’s costs some how.  Ethically I can not monetize this blog. Can you imagine the ads that Google ads would put on this blog with all the political, and charity links I have put on it?

Drowning In Junk Mail – How to Stop Junk Mail from the Top 10 Republican Candidates for President

Update: I have a new post on how to stop junk mail for the final 2 candidates: Trump and Clinton.

Fox News was very late in telling everyone who was going to be at the first Republican debate. I can understand, this is the first time over one billion trilliony people have tossed their hat in the ring, to run for president. Fox has narrowed it down to the top 10 men who want the Republican nomination.

All of these people are thirsty for money to run their campaigns. The best way to get all the money they need, is to become friends with the Koch brothers. After that the best way is to send direct mail to people who have sent money to other campaigns in the past.

This is not the first step you should take to stop junk mail invading your house. Please follow my instructions for how to put a shield around your mailbox first. Or contacting these people will do you no good. They buy and trade so many mailing lists, it is like playing wack-a-mole unless you put up a strong shield first.

I am linking to Ballotpedia, and P2016 because they list the team that is running the campaign. If you are ignored after calling and emailing, get loud. Put your request to be taken off a candidate’s mailing list on Twitter, where everyone can see it. Tweet at the campaign and to the people running it. I find tweeting at them to be more effective than posting on the Facebook page for the campaign.

Trump 1

Donald Trump, official campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016 page. He is the most classy, phenomenal, fantastical presidential candidate of all time.  I didn’t think he was going to raise money for his campaign, mostly because he has more money than God. But just like everyone else he is.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has a webmail form and a phone number (646) 736-1779. Twitter .

Be on the look out for PACs using The Donald to raise money. They are not connected to him in any way.  I mean even less connected than most PACs to their candidates. They are Make America Great AgainCitizens for Restoring USA, MAGAPAC2016 (This website is now dead but the internet never forgets), and Hispanic Citizens for Trump.

Jeb! 1

Jeb Bushofficial campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016 page. He is the son of a former president, and the brother of a former president.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has an email Twitter 

The PACs that are backing Bush are:

Right to Rise Super PAC, Contact page with webmail. Email Twitter .

Right to Rise Policy Solutions, Contact page with webmail. Email

Vamos for Jeb 2016. At the bottom  of the Get Involved page there is a webmail form. Twitter .

Millennials for Jeb a project of Millennials Rising PAC At the bottom of the About page they have the emails of the entire team working for the PAC. I would email Founder & Executive Director: Lucas Agnew to get off the mailing list.

Walker 1

Scott Walkerofficial campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page. P2016 page. He is the Governor of Wisconsin.

To Opt-out: the Contact page, has an email or call (608) 446-7258. Twitter .

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabeeofficial campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016 page. He is a bass player and Fox News talking head.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has a webmail form, the only email is for the press. If you get no response from the webmail, I recommend tweeting at the campaign . Sarah Huckabee Sanders is his daughter and campaign manager give her a tweet also .

The PACs that are backing Huckabee are:

America Takes Action No contact information given on website.

HuckPAC The Contact page has a webmail form.

Pursuing America’s Greatness The Contact page has a webmail form.

Ben Carson website

Ben Carsonofficial campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016 page. Ben is my junk mail boyfriend. Ben and I go way back. I remember the days when other people were asking for money for him. Now he is all grown up and asking for money for himself. Sniff, Sniff, they grow up so fast.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has a webmail form. Don’t even bother, all that happens is you are put on their email spam list. I wound up tweeting to @Mike_Murray_ his Senior Advisor, whatever that means. I know what you are asking “Why that guy, he isn’t even listed on the Ballotpedia page?” Well he just also happens to be President and CEO of TMA Direct, a direct marketing agency. If nothing else he should know how to get someone off a mailing list. Twitter .

The PACs that are backing Carson are:

One Vote PAC The Contact page has a webmail form and an email address It also has the contact information for the Executive Director Andy Yates’s phone number (704) 727-8092 and email address

2016 Committee AKANational Draft Ben Carson for President Committee (Run Ben, Run) The Contact page has a webmail form and an email address and a phone number (202) 760-2795.

USA First PAC The Contact page has a webmail form. Twitter .

Cruz 1

Ted Cruz, official campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016 page. He is a United States Senator from Texas.

To Opt-out: the Contact page, has a phone number (713) 353-4330 Twitter  , go ahead and tweet at them both. They are both active.

The PACs that are backing Cruz are:

Jews for Cruz FEC Tells ‘Jews for Cruz’ PAC to Change Its Name, and not for the reason you think.

Jobs, Growth & Freedom Fund The Contact page has an email address and a fax number (512) 487-5024.

Keep the Promise PAC Because whenever I go fishing off a dock with my family, I make sure my 2 little girls are in brand new matching outfits. Contact page

Stand for Principle PAC The Contact us link auto opens your email program. Here is the address

Cruzaders PAC The Contact page has a webmail form, and an email address

Rubio 1

Marco Rubioofficial campaign website (AAhhh!! FU infinite scroll 😡 How can I get to the bottom, where all the important info is, if infinite scroll keeps pushing it down?), Ballotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016. He is a United States Senator from Florida.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has an email Twitter .

The PACs that are backing Rubio are:

Students for Rubio No Contact information. Twitter 

Reclaim America PAC their website is down. So I will link to their Open Secrets page instead.

Conservative Solutions PAC The Contact page has a webmail form.

Conservative Solutions Project email address

Rand Paul 1

Rand Paulofficial campaign website (he sure likes that counter at the top of the page. When he launched the website he was counting up all the money that people had donated to him.), Ballotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016.  He is a United States Senator from Kentucky. And one of the mascots for this blog.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has a webmail form and a phone number (202) 735-5323. This is hidden at the bottom of  the Privacy Policy page Twitter  tweet at them both, they are both active.

The PACs that are backing Paul are:

America’s Liberty PAC The Contact us link has a webmail form and an email address and a phone number (703) 291-3450.

Forever Free PAC The Contact page has a webmail form. and phone number 941-896-7770.

Human Action/ Draft Rand Paul for President 2016. The Contact page has a webmail form.

Rand PAC 2016 At the bottom of the Donate page there is an email

Ready For Rand PAC The Contact page has a webmail form. Twitter .

Reinventing A New Direction PAC, No website so here is a link to their Open Secrets page.


Chris Christieofficial campaign website (OMG, who designed this website?! Giant auto-play video at the top? Fire them now.), Ballotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016. He is the Governor of New Jersey.

To Opt-out: Again hidden on the Privacy Policy page “You may opt out of any future contacts from us at any time by contacting us via the email address given on our website:”. Twitter .

The PACs that are backing Christie are:

America Leads again with the auto play video.  No contact information. Twitter .

Leadership Matters for America This email address is at the bottom of the page

John Kasich

John Kasichofficial campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page P2016 page. He is the Governor of Ohio. You can’t win the electoral collage without Ohio. He may have all ready won the presidency, and we just don’t know it yet.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has a webmail form, and an email Twitter .

The PACs that are backing Kasich are:

New Day For America  The Contact page has a webmail form and an email address and a phone number (614) 500-3295.

Balanced Budget Forever The Contact page has an email and a phone number (614) 769-7852.

That is the top 10. Do you want me to do the other 7? Ask me to do it in the comments.

Google Smartbox

Google has gone all out with it’s April Fools pranks this year. Here is a full rundown on all the pranks they have today.

The one I loved the best was the Google Smartbox. It is a smart mailbox for your real world mail.

It has many features. But the one I loved the best was what it does to junk mail:

Google SmartBox

My hope is that when the junk mail is flipped to the side, it falls into an incinerator never to be seen again.


I was almost scammed by the Jamaican Lottery Scam

So this morning I was contacted by Michael Anderson (876) 450-4173. He told me I had won the Mega Millions jackpot. $6 million? Something like that. He also told me I was going to win a new Mercedes Benz. While I was talking to him, I looked up the Mercedes Benz website and picked CLS-Class Coupe in silver with a convertible top. I am not a car person. I should have picked the more expensive Mercedes-AMG GT S.

He wanted my address so he could deliver the money, the car, and a big bundle of flowers and balloons, he then mentioned Publishers Clearing House (keep your scams strait guy, this is the Mega Millions scam) I very quickly looked up my local police HQ in town and gave him that address instead.

Here it comes: There are taxes on the money and I need to pay them. He wanted me to wire $1200 to Vanessa Morgan at 49 Prospect St East Orange New Jersey.

I told him it would take me 2 hours to go and wire the money. He must not know that you can do it online now. He wanted my cell number, I told him I don’t have one. He  called every 5 minutes waiting for me to come home. He left a message with his personal number (876) 280-2267

When I finally picked up on him after making him wait for 2 hours, I  gave him an ear full, literally. I told him I had gone down to the Western Union and they told me it was a scam and that what he is doing is evil.

Emergency Whistle

I then whipped out my trusty emergency whistle from my hiking backpack let it rip, and hung up. It took a few times of him calling back, trying to sweet talk me, and me yelling at him and blowing the whistle for him to get the hint that I wan’t going to send him money.

I filled out a report to the FTC and The National Do Not Call page. I also filled out reports on for both phone numbers.

This won’t bring back all the money she sent to Jamaica. But it did make for a fun morning. And as a bonus I wasted his time so that he couldn’t scam anyone else.

Last week a man from Jamaica was extradited to the U.S. to face charges for wire fraud via telemarketing.