Drowning in Junk Mail – How to Opt-Out of Publishers Clearing House (again)

This is the 3rd mailpiece group I have gotten from Publishers Clearing House (Wiki page) in 3 months. I have opted-out twice. The second time because I realized that they have her name backwards.
If you are in the clutches of PCH please opt out of their mailings. If they won’t stop use a form 1500 and the USPS will stop it for you. I am so passionate about getting people off the Publishers Clearing House mailing list because they will sell you out to the worst mailing lists around. Because they use a strange variation of her name, I see where it gets sold to, and it isn’t pretty.

2 from Publishers Clearing House
This week I got these 2 mailpieces from Publishers Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House junk mail

Publishers Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House
This is the first letter. It is telling me to be on the look out for more junk mail from Publishers Clearing House. Yaaaa just what I need, junk mail telling me I’m about to get more junk mail.

Publishers Clearing House
Then just as they promised this arrived

The out side of the envelope talks a lot

Publishers Clearing House envelope
Uh oh She has Ignored Prior Bulletins. A crime punishable by sending more junk mail, according to Publishers Clearing House.

Publishers Clearing House envelope

Publishers Clearing House envelope
Some legalese at the bottom of the envelope

If you thought that the front was busy, check out the back
Publishers Clearing House envelope

Publishers Clearing House envelope

Publishers Clearing House envelope

Publishers Clearing House envelope

I am already exhausted and I haven’t looked at the contents yet

Publishers Clearing House
Here are the contents: return pre-paid envelope, rule book, the form to send back, 2 games, and stuff to buy

First the boring stuff: the rules
Publishers Clearing House rules front

Publishers Clearing House rules back
In defense of PCH, the font size is large and easy to read. The odds are clearly laid out (you have no chance of winning). They clearly state that you have not won yet, you don’t have to buy anything to enter and buying stuff won’t increase your chances of winning. Plus they want you to recycle. Oh I will be recycling this stuff alright. Just not the way they expect. This reporter signed up for PCH, and played every day for 6 months and won nothing.

Publishers Clearing House, Bingo and scrachers
These are 2 extra games. You play the bingo card my matching the number stickers on the left to the card, if I get Bingo (I did) I am then entered into another contest for $50. There are 2 scratchers. The blue one is to match the secret number in the box next to the arrow with one of the 3 boxes below (I did). The other is to see what kind of discount I will get off the stuff I buy from the PCH catalog (I got 50% off ) but the bottom of the scratcher says the “Maximum savings already reflected in Bulletin pricing” and the back says”Return of Savings Pass not required to receive savings” For shame PCH. This is the kind of stuff you were busted for recently.

Now that I have played the games and I’m getting an extra $50, $35,000, and 50% off everything in the catalog (no, I’m not) Let’s go shopping!

Publishers Clearing House catalog
There are 3 booklets to go through

Publishers Clearing House
Most important is to get the little “Initials Registration” sticker on this page. It will go on the order form.

Publishers Clearing House
Stuff some burgers, then exercise it off.

Publishers Clearing House
Wagging Tails in Heaven or 101 Advanced Sexual Positions.

Publishers Clearing House
Do you need a bag of old dimes or old pennies?

Publishers Clearing House
Melamine, Where have I heard the word before? Oh I know it is the stuff you put in milk and pet food and it kills everything that eats it. But the FDA says that it is safe in tableware. Bon appetit!

Have you picked out your 2 favorites? Because it is time to fill out the Entry-Order form!!1!!

Publishers Clearing House
The one on the top left is the order from that gets sent in. The rest is just trying to convince me to do it.

Publishers Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House
The “Initials Registration” sticker is there too.

Publishers Clearing House
The bingo card is stuck to the back

Publishers Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House
But you know me. I have to add special touches to the form. I blacked out the barcodes, and the 10 digit ID code. They process it by sending it through a scanner. They never open the envelopes. I have made it so they have to open it up and when they do, they will get my note and little sprinkle of glitter.

This had better be the last one of these I get. The next one is going strait to the Pricing and Classification Service Center in New York.


Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail, 61 pieces

61 pieces woo hoo! A sub 100 piece week! I hope this is the new normal.

I had a bit of a set back. I sent in a form 1500 for GI America and it bounced back.
GI America bounce back
It was bounced back because they aren’t selling anything in the mail piece. I disagree, they are asking for money, but I am not here the reinvent the form 1500 wheel, so I will just send an email to the Tea Party group that runs GI America, contact@TeaParty.org

The worst packaging of the week goes to Mike Huckabee and Secure America Now for their bubble pack containing  2 sheets of paper and an envelope.
Mike Huckabee junk mail
The letter reads “I sent you this letter in this special Jiffy Pack carrier because I knew you would not want to miss it.” Congratulations guys, you have my attention and for the first time I am going to lookup Secure America Now. It was founded by pollsters John McLaughlin and Pat Caddell, Right Web page.

United States Justice Foundation
2 from United States Justice FoundationCharity Navigator page 2 stars. Source Watch page. It is made by Response Unlimited. One of them had a dollar in it 🙂

Liberty Grard
Liberty Guard these guys are new. They may have sent stuff in the past but it was just a normal letter and I didn’t notice it. Now they have sent 2 giant surveys to fill out. Bob Barr is the chairman. Find the Best page, Charity Navigator. Opt out here also opt-out of American Target Advertising

The mail from Liberty Guard looks like the mail from these 2 groups
Christian Seniors Association and Veterans in Defense of Liberty
Christian Seniors Association, a project of Traditional Values CoalitionWiki page, Open Secrets page, Rational Wiki page. And Veterans in Defense of Liberty. Charity Navigator page.

National Republican Senatorial Committee and National Republican Congressional Committee
2 from the National Republican Senatorial Committee (Wiki page, Source Watch page, Open Secrets page) not to be confused with the National Republican Congressional Committee (Wiki page, Source Watch page, Open Secrets page). The lady who’s mail this is got a gold membership card for the National Republican Senatorial Committee because she was in the top 1% of donors last year.

Southeastern Legal Foundation
Only 2 from Southeastern Legal FoundationWiki page, Charity Navigator page, Source Watch page. Opt out here jayers@southeasternlegal.org

Citizens United junk mail
4 from Citizens United. Wiki page, Open Secrets page, Source Watch page. I am at my wits end with these people. I sent a form 1500 on these guys and it bounced back because they aren’t selling anything in the mail piece. I am going to email them again. I am reluctant to call them, because I am afraid that I will let loose a string of profanity that will singe the person on the other end of the phone. I need these people to do what I want, and screaming F-bombs at them won’t solve anything.

5 in the Giant envelope division
Large envelopes

Including 2 calendars this week. That is 3 so far.
3 Calendars

11 charities

International scams
Only 3 international scams.

Marie de Fortune
Including Marie de Fortune and her hypno paper.

10 US based scams. Since the Post office wants scams where they sell things I will concentrate on the medical quackery ads this week  when I send out the form 1500’s.

All 61 pieces
Here are all 61 pieces of junk mail I got this week

Stuffed and ready to go
Here are all the prepaid envelopes all stuffed and ready to go

Form 1500's ready to go
5 form 1500’s ready to go. I was able to use some of the free stamps I have gotten in other junk mail on the large envelope.

And here are the leftovers.

I am crossing my fingers for another sub 100 pieces of junk mail week, next week.

Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail, 136 Pieces

I am back up to “normal” levels of junk mail. After a nice 2 week break with only one day of junk mail all my friends are back again. Missing are the SuperPACs that I directly contacted, and got back to me. I shutter at the thought of how much I would have gotten this week if The National Center for Public Policy Research, Federation Of Responsible Citizens, and Policy Issues Institute were still in the mix.

One bit of good news is, that this:
14 form 1500's going to the Pricing Classification Service Center

Turned into this:
Form 1500 recipts
That is 15 less pieces of junk mail I will be getting in 30 days 🙂

60 Plus junk mail
2 from everyone’s favorite wanna be AARP, but is a puppet for the Koch brothers: 60+. Wiki page, Source Watch page, Open Secrets page

Oh look they have a Flickr account:
Here is where we are sending the next batch of junk mail.

Sign up to win a Kindle Fire, and get put on our junk mail list.

Could you please send us more money? No, I don’t care that you ate cat food this week.
Opt out here info@60plus.org

The Senior Citizens League
2 from The Senior Citizens League, an affiliate of The Retired Enlisted Association (TREA) Wiki page, Open Secrets page. They have a Memorial Foundation, Charity Navigator gives it 0 stars.
Opt out here

United States Justice Foundation
2 from United States Justice Foundation (USJF). Source Watch page,  Charity Navigator gives them 1 star. Gary Kreep and the USJF are mentioned by the Southern Poverty Law Center as being anti-Muslim among other things. This mail is made by Response Unlimited.

Ted Cruz junk mail
2 from Ted Cruz. One from his “Draft Ted” group the other from Citizens Against Government Waste. Opt out here membermgr@cagw.org.  The last time we saw them they were using John MacCain as their poster guy.

Judicial Watch
2 from Judicial Watch. Wiki page, Source Watch page,  Charity Navigator page, 2 stars and 33% spent on fundraising.
Opt out here info@judicialwatch.org.

Mountain States Legal Foundation
2 from Mountain States Legal Foundation,  Wiki page, Charity Navigator page, Source Watch page, Exxon Secrets page.  Somehow Ed Meese is involved. And they sent me dirt. It is supposed to be from someone’s ranch. I bet that if I was to go all CSI on it, It would be from some local quarry in Lakewood, Colorado.

Southeastern Legal Foundation junk mail
3 from Southeastern Legal FoundationEd Meese is involved with this one also. Wiki page, Source Watch page, Charity Navigator page.

Mike Huckabee Junk Mail
3 from Mike Huckabee. I have contacted his main website and have gotten no response back.

G.I. America
4 from G.I. America. G.I. America’s website is not working. I checked the Internet Archive and they hadn’t posted anything since 2010. To Keep and Bear Arms never had a website as far as I can tell. We have a Zombie PAC people. The only way to stop them is a USPS form 1500 to the head.

Update: It didn’t work because they aren’t selling anything in the mail piece. It is OK I have figured out that these 2 groups are run by Tea Party.org. Opt out here: contact@TeaParty.org

Citizens United junk mail
5 from Citizens United, Mr. Huckabee is in this pile also. Check out the 10 return stamps that one letter came with. They put boxes on the envelope and everything.
I have emailed them at info@citizensunited.org. No response. I found the company who makes their mail, HSP Direct and emailed them at info@hspdirect.com.  No response. I found HSP’s mailing list manager NOVA list. I contacted them here. No Response yet. If they don’t get back to me this week, I am going to file a complaint with the DMA at ethics@the-dma.org.

But the winner this week goes to the laziest junk mail I have ever seen:
Ghetto junk mail
From Disabled Police Officers of America and The Citizen Guardian It is a letter wrapped around an envelope. These 2 groups need your money just so they can pay for a better mailer. This is so pathetic. I would love to see the stats on how much this mailer brings in for these 2. My guess?

I warned you Ben Carson, that if you kept sending me stuff it was going to get real:
Ben Carson and Flying Tigers junk mail
There you go, Stars and Stripes Forever is CRAP!
Check out how the completely unrelated Flying Tiger Historical Organization mail is the exact same format.
Alex Altman over at Time Magazine has been following the money trail of Ben Carson.  In that article he mentions “direct-mail wizard Bruce Eberle” and Eberle Associates. Opt out here.

Charity junk mail
20 charities this week. Including a 2015 calendar, more return address labels and not 1 but 2 handy cancer ribbon decoder charts
National Foundation for Cancer Research
Cancer Awareness Ribbon Color chart
Thanks National Foundation for Cancer Research now I know that testicular cancer is orchid, not purple. That is for pancreatic cancer. Charity Navigator page, 2 stars, 46% spent on fund raising .

International scams
18 international scams. I still don’t know what to do with them. I will stop you, PO Box 1191 Maarssen if it is the last thing I ever do.

Us based scams
20 US based scams. I have gotten most of these before. They will be getting a form 1500.

Post card scams
It was a big week for postcards, 8 in all. This is frustrating, I need a return address to give to fill out a form 1500 but all they give me is a phone number. Jerk scammers.

The Society and The League
The Society and The League. I have gotten one of these before, but to get both on the same day is very special. I don’t want to drag you down the rabbit hole to far with this, but it a cult. It is as one ex-member put it “a combination of Scientology and Ayn Rand”. Neo-Tech was created in 1984 by Frank R. Wallace and is now run by his son. They promise you the secret to great wealth. But you end up buying and selling really expensive books, that cost well over $100. Like I said this is the second one, time for a form 1500.

psychic junk mail
Lots of psychic junk mail this week, 4 total. I can’t do anything about Mr Hypno Eyes Morgan T. because he comes out of Switzerland. But Grandma Rosa, Maria Duval at the Destiny Research Center (an entire blog devoted to Maria), and Numerological Resource Center are all getting a form 1500.

Morgan T. junk mail
Give me your money. All of your money.

Box o junk mail 136
Here is all 136 pieces with  St. Rand Paul the patron saint of junk mail, and our Lady of Blessed Contribution Dr. Annette Bosworth.

Left overs
and here are the leftovers

26 pre paid envelops stuffed and ready to go
26 pre-paid envelops stuffed and ready to be sent out

15 USPS from 1500's
15 scams with a form 1500 attached ready to go to New York.

This week was great for the mail paying me to stop it
This weeks bounty
I made $1.25 in cash, $1.36 in stamps, 2 baggies of dirt and 1 talisman.

I am going to ratchet up my technique this week. I started this project in late March/early April, and I see no difference in the amount, or senders of junk mail. I am going to contact the DMA complaint email ethics@the-dma.org and ask for help.

Update: How to fill out a DMA ethics complaint form


Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail 30 Pieces

I didn’t think that I was going to write an entry this week. I had no junk mail from May 9th to May 17th. It was the 8 best days I have had in 2 months. No giant stacks of mail in my arms, as I trugged back to the house from the mail box. No paper cuts, or getting stabbed by my letter opener. It was wonderful.

30 pieces of junk mail
Then on Saturday the mail man dropped 30 pieces of mail on me. I consider this a victory. I was expecting the mail to get better the week of May 19th. The fact that it got better a week early is great.

The best pairing of the week was definitely Rand Paul and Al Franken.
Rand Paul and Al Franken
As if you needed more prof that this lady’s mail is very messed up. No one should be getting mail from both these people at the same time. And yet here we are.

As for the rest of the political junk mail, take a look:
8 random political junk mail

Only 5 charities this week
5 Charities

We have a new winner for most junk mail in one week. It was a hard fought battle, there being only one day of competition and all.
3 from Global Reporting Network, Junk Mail
3 from Diversified Marketing Group, I knew they had it in them. Opt out here info@divmarketgroup.com.
Update: Don’t bother with the e-mail it won’t work. Instead fill out a form 1500 to make them stop.

On the international scam seen we have all our favorites from the Netherlands
4 scams from the Netherlands
The one from Zetten came by way of  China, PO Box 1000102 Beijing

On the US scam front
5 scams from the USA
Topeka KS and St. Louis MO continue to send the most stuff.

Stuffed and ready to go
Only Planned Parenthood had a pre-paid envelope. But I had 3 hits on duplicate scams from the US. I only send out from 1500’s if they send me 2 or more. I then keep the duplicate return envelope as my record.


Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail, 124 pieces

St. Rand and Our Lady of Perpetual Dumb-ocracy
It looks like my prayers to St. Rand Paul the patron saint of junk mail, and our Lady of Blessed Contribution Dr. Annette Bosworth worked. I got ten fewer pieces of junk mail this week – 124 🙂

I got 2 from everyone’s favorite front group for Big Pharma 60 Plus.
60 Plus, junk mail
Thank you for your generous donation to my “Stop Junk Mail Fund” it will be going to stamps and envelopes to stop scam junk mail.

Citizens United junk mail
3 from David Bossie and Citizens United Opt-out here: info@citizensunited.org

Junk mail made by Response Unlimited
4 with a similar look and PO boxes in Houston TX. OMG one of them is The Western Center for Journalism run by Floyd Brown! How many of these things does he have his fingers in?

Ahhhh! Ahhhh! the junk mail it burns!

Ahhhh! Ahhhh! The junk mail it burns!

7 from NCPPR junk mail
7 from The National Center for Public Policy Research. Opt out here: info@nationalcenter.org, with the subject header “Delete from Solicitation”

11 from PII junk mail
11 from Policy Issues Institute. Opt-out here: james.lacy.@wewerlacy.com

And this week’s the winner of the most junk mail sent by one 501(c)(4) is:
16 from FRC junk mail
16 from Federation Of Responsible Citizens. Good job guys! Opt-out here: FedofRespCitizen@aol.com

In the junior division we have these people running for office:
Various people running for office
Come on Dr. Annette Bosworth only 2 in one week? You need to step up your game, if you are going to play with the big boys. Ballotpedia page

12 charties
12 charities. It was a big week for blind kids and horses.

30 junk mail scams
30 scams.

It was a tough week to pick out the worst of the worst. For most of the week it was scams from St. Louis MO leading the pack. They combined a fake lottery with a fake charity.
Care For Our Wounded Soldiers
Very dirty stuff. But then at the last moment this arrived:
Marie de Fortune, Astral Check
I know what you are thinking, just another scam fortune teller. Let’s take a closer look, The exterior return address is 1250 Valley Brook Ave. #102 Lyndhurst, NJ 07071. But the Return envelope is PO Box 451 Oxenford Qld 4210 Australia.
And it came with this:
Marie de Fortune, Astral Check
You are supposed to fill it out with at least $50,00 and send it back. I don’t know exactly what happens after that but it can’t be good.

This week’s aftermath:
Left overs of this week's junk mail
Not nearly as good as last week. Let me show you why
9 pre-paid envelopes stuffed and ready to go
Only 9 envelopes with pre-paid postage. Once I get conformation from each group that they are going to take my address out of their system, I stop stuffing and mailing their pre-paid envelopes. I am saving them though, just in case the mail doesn’t stop.

The form 1500’s this week go to 2 people, remember I only send these to the most thirsty scammers of the week.
This weeks from 1500's
One is going to my second favorite city in The Netherlands: Bilthoven. The other is going to Linden NJ.

St. Rand Paul the patron saint of junk mail, and our Lady of Blessed Contribution Dr. Annette Bosworth

I will continue to prey to St. Rand Paul the patron saint of junk mail, and our Lady of Blessed Contribution Dr. Annette Bosworth. Here’s hoping for 114!

Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail, 134 pieces

Last week I estimated that I received about 120 pieces of junk mail. This week I actually  got 134 pieces. From the smallest post card to giant manila envelopes with photos of Rand Paul.

Here is a recap of the junk mail this week:

8 From National Center for Public Policy Research
8 from the NCPPR
Opt out here: info@nationalcenter.org, with the subject header ‘Delete from Solicitation’.

10 from Federation of Responsible Citizens
10 From the Federation Of Responsible Citizens FRC
Opt-out here: FedofRespCitizen@aol.com

14 from PII
14 from Policy Issues Institute PII
Opt-out here: james.lacy@wewerlacy.com instead

4 from Citizens United
4 from Citizens United
Opt-out here: info@citizensunited.org

Global Reporting Network, Junk Mail
Who can forget the 10 mailers from Global Reporting Network
Opt-out here: info@divmarketgroup.com

and 35 scams of one kind or another
Pile of junk mail scams

These guys will all be getting Post office from 1500. 2 or more mailers in one week from the same address is an automatic smack down.

2 getting a USPS form 1500
That little post card drives me nuts. It is ugly, and they send one every week.

Scams from PO Box 41 394 AA Doorn The Netherlands
4 from this one PO Box in Doorn The Netherlands

Scams from 2037 Lemoine ave #155 Fort Lee New Jersey 07024
3 from one PO Box in Fort Lee New Jersey

Scam from Independent Catalog Services PO Box 6487 Providence, RI 02940
and 2 from  Providence, Road Island

6 USPS form 1500's ready to go
Here they are all 6 wrapped up and ready to go. (Sorry I forgot to take photos of 2 of them)

This is what I started out with on Saturday morning
Box o' Junk Mail, 134 pieces
134 pieces of mail

20 Stuffed and ready to go
Here it is all stuffed and ready to go in 20 pre-paid envelopes.

20 Stuffed and ready to go
I found an old roll of duct tape in the garage so I used that to seal everything up (every ounce counts). Note the big USPS envelops. They have easy open tabs on the sides, I duct taped over them, just to be extra mean.

St. Rand guarding all that is left of this weeks junk mail
My new patron saint of junk mail, Rand Paul guards over what is left of this weeks junk mail. It is mostly exterior envelopes that were awkward sizes that didn’t fit nicely into larger envelopes.

I will pray to St. Rand this week, in hopes that there will be less junk mail.

Drowning in Junk Mail – Political Whiplash: National Center for Public Policy Research and Food & Water Watch

Pile of Junk Mail, 15 items
It is a busy day today. Lots of mail, 15 items in all. There is a lot of “official business”, “no bending”, “time sensitivity”, “date stamped” action going on.

I got a bit of  political whiplash while writing this post. 2 different groups 2 completely different agendas. But they both use the same aggressive scare tactics to get money from people.

First we have 2 letters from 2 totally different groups. Or are they?

The National Center for Public Policy Research
The National Center for Public Policy Research (Wiki page)

“We’re so effective in thwarting Obama’s big-government agenda that the Administration has been trying to silence us.”

It goes on to talk about the IRS auditing Tea Party groups and this group.
Aside from the hand placed stamps this is the classiest junk mail yet. The quality of the paper is very nice.

Boo! They have pre-printed the return address for me, so I can’t over stuff the envelope 😦  But I did write a note asking to be taken off the mailing list. 🙂

Health Care Reform Task Force
Health Care Reform Task Force a project of the National Center for Public Policy Research “PLEASE SAVE THE BRIGHT RED ENVELOPE I SENT YOU WITH THIS FINAL NOTICE ALERT TODAY. YOU WILL NEED IT LATER. THANK YOU!”

Don’t worry Amy M. Ridenour I will put it to good use.

Looks like I have stumbled on the fountain of junk mail for the elderly. (Source Watch)
Here is an article from 1998 by SFGate about Amy M. Ridenour and all the junk she sends out.

Junk Mail, American Criminal Justice Center, Washington DC

I have already sent out a stuffed envelope from one of their other front groups, American Criminal Justice Center.

Now my #1 goal is to get off this group’s mailing list. I have a feeling if I can get off Amy’s radar most of the junk mail will disappear.

Update: I have found out how to get off the mailing list for this group

From the Privacy Policy page of the NationalCenter.org site

“Send an e-mail to info@nationalcenter.org, with the subject header ‘Delete from Solicitation’. Please include your name and mailing address in your e-mail correspondence.”

This will take a while. Give them 6 weeks for you to cycle out of their mailers.

National Campaign to Guarantee Social Security

National Campaign to Guarantee Social Security
Careful this one is protected by federal law. But all I can see is that giant envelope.

Food & Water Watch
Food & Water Watch  (Wiki page) (SourceWatch)

“From Wenonah Hauter 
Last week, notorious corporate PR flack, Rick Berman, a man dubbed “Dr. Evil” by 60 Minutes for his work on behalf of Big Tobacco and the fast food industry, turned his sights in Food & Water Watch. Shilling on behalf of a corporate front group named “Environmental Policy Alliance”, Mr. Berman has launched a massive campaign to smear Food & Water Watch and disrupt our work to ban fracking and ensure clean water and safe food for us all.”

Let me stop you there Wenonah Hauter. How did you get into this pile of crap? How did the conservative woman who this is addressed to get on the mailing list for your liberal cause? Oh I know, you are using the same scare tactics, the same deceptive envelope, the same “Quick! Give me money!!!11!”, that the conservative think tank up there is using. Shame on you. From all I can find your group actually does good work (Charity Navigator.org)

I learned another hot tip about messing with business reply mail. Sharpie out the 3 bar codes on the envelope. They will get charged more if the routing codes aren’t there.

Stuffed, Sharpied and ready to go

Thanks to volund on Instructables