Drowning In Junk Mail – How to Stop Junk Mail from the Top 10 Republican Candidates for President

Update: I have a new post on how to stop junk mail for the final 2 candidates: Trump and Clinton.

Fox News was very late in telling everyone who was going to be at the first Republican debate. I can understand, this is the first time over one billion trilliony people have tossed their hat in the ring, to run for president. Fox has narrowed it down to the top 10 men who want the Republican nomination.

All of these people are thirsty for money to run their campaigns. The best way to get all the money they need, is to become friends with the Koch brothers. After that the best way is to send direct mail to people who have sent money to other campaigns in the past.

This is not the first step you should take to stop junk mail invading your house. Please follow my instructions for how to put a shield around your mailbox first. Or contacting these people will do you no good. They buy and trade so many mailing lists, it is like playing wack-a-mole unless you put up a strong shield first.

I am linking to Ballotpedia, and P2016 because they list the team that is running the campaign. If you are ignored after calling and emailing, get loud. Put your request to be taken off a candidate’s mailing list on Twitter, where everyone can see it. Tweet at the campaign and to the people running it. I find tweeting at them to be more effective than posting on the Facebook page for the campaign.

Trump 1

Donald Trump, official campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016 page. He is the most classy, phenomenal, fantastical presidential candidate of all time.  I didn’t think he was going to raise money for his campaign, mostly because he has more money than God. But just like everyone else he is.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has a webmail form and a phone number (646) 736-1779. Twitter .

Be on the look out for PACs using The Donald to raise money. They are not connected to him in any way.  I mean even less connected than most PACs to their candidates. They are Make America Great AgainCitizens for Restoring USA, MAGAPAC2016 (This website is now dead but the internet never forgets), and Hispanic Citizens for Trump.

Jeb! 1

Jeb Bushofficial campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016 page. He is the son of a former president, and the brother of a former president.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has an email Info@Jeb2016.com. Twitter 

The PACs that are backing Bush are:

Right to Rise Super PAC, Contact page with webmail. Email info@righttoriseusa.org. Twitter .

Right to Rise Policy Solutions, Contact page with webmail. Email info@rtrpolicy.com.

Vamos for Jeb 2016. At the bottom  of the Get Involved page there is a webmail form. Twitter .

Millennials for Jeb a project of Millennials Rising PAC At the bottom of the About page they have the emails of the entire team working for the PAC. I would email Founder & Executive Director: Lucas Agnew lucas@millennialsrisingpac.com to get off the mailing list.

Walker 1

Scott Walkerofficial campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page. P2016 page. He is the Governor of Wisconsin.

To Opt-out: the Contact page, has an email swinfo@scottwalker.com or call (608) 446-7258. Twitter .

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabeeofficial campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016 page. He is a bass player and Fox News talking head.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has a webmail form, the only email is for the press. If you get no response from the webmail, I recommend tweeting at the campaign . Sarah Huckabee Sanders is his daughter and campaign manager give her a tweet also .

The PACs that are backing Huckabee are:

America Takes Action No contact information given on website.

HuckPAC The Contact page has a webmail form.

Pursuing America’s Greatness The Contact page has a webmail form.

Ben Carson website

Ben Carsonofficial campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016 page. Ben is my junk mail boyfriend. Ben and I go way back. I remember the days when other people were asking for money for him. Now he is all grown up and asking for money for himself. Sniff, Sniff, they grow up so fast.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has a webmail form. Don’t even bother, all that happens is you are put on their email spam list. I wound up tweeting to @Mike_Murray_ his Senior Advisor, whatever that means. I know what you are asking “Why that guy, he isn’t even listed on the Ballotpedia page?” Well he just also happens to be President and CEO of TMA Direct, a direct marketing agency. If nothing else he should know how to get someone off a mailing list. Twitter .

The PACs that are backing Carson are:

One Vote PAC The Contact page has a webmail form and an email address Info@onevotepac.org. It also has the contact information for the Executive Director Andy Yates’s phone number (704) 727-8092 and email address andy@reddomegroup.com.

2016 Committee AKANational Draft Ben Carson for President Committee (Run Ben, Run) The Contact page has a webmail form and an email address info@2016Committee.org and a phone number (202) 760-2795.

USA First PAC The Contact page has a webmail form. Twitter .

Cruz 1

Ted Cruz, official campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016 page. He is a United States Senator from Texas.

To Opt-out: the Contact page, has a phone number (713) 353-4330 Twitter  , go ahead and tweet at them both. They are both active.

The PACs that are backing Cruz are:

Jews for Cruz FEC Tells ‘Jews for Cruz’ PAC to Change Its Name, and not for the reason you think.

Jobs, Growth & Freedom Fund The Contact page has an email address info@jobsgrowth.org and a fax number (512) 487-5024.

Keep the Promise PAC Because whenever I go fishing off a dock with my family, I make sure my 2 little girls are in brand new matching outfits. Contact page

Stand for Principle PAC The Contact us link auto opens your email program. Here is the address info@standforprinciple.com.

Cruzaders PAC The Contact page has a webmail form, and an email address info@jointhecruzade.com.

Rubio 1

Marco Rubioofficial campaign website (AAhhh!! FU infinite scroll 😡 How can I get to the bottom, where all the important info is, if infinite scroll keeps pushing it down?), Ballotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016. He is a United States Senator from Florida.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has an email contact@marcorubio.com. Twitter .

The PACs that are backing Rubio are:

Students for Rubio No Contact information. Twitter 

Reclaim America PAC their website is down. So I will link to their Open Secrets page instead.

Conservative Solutions PAC The Contact page has a webmail form.

Conservative Solutions Project email address team@conservativesolutionsproject.com.

Rand Paul 1

Rand Paulofficial campaign website (he sure likes that counter at the top of the page. When he launched the website he was counting up all the money that people had donated to him.), Ballotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016.  He is a United States Senator from Kentucky. And one of the mascots for this blog.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has a webmail form and a phone number (202) 735-5323. This is hidden at the bottom of  the Privacy Policy page Info@RandPaul.com. Twitter  tweet at them both, they are both active.

The PACs that are backing Paul are:

America’s Liberty PAC The Contact us link has a webmail form and an email address info@americaslibertypac.com and a phone number (703) 291-3450.

Forever Free PAC The Contact page has a webmail form. Emailsupport@foreverfreepac.com and phone number 941-896-7770.

Human Action/ Draft Rand Paul for President 2016. The Contact page has a webmail form.

Rand PAC 2016 At the bottom of the Donate page there is an email donations@randpac.com.

Ready For Rand PAC The Contact page has a webmail form. Twitter .

Reinventing A New Direction PAC, No website so here is a link to their Open Secrets page.


Chris Christieofficial campaign website (OMG, who designed this website?! Giant auto-play video at the top? Fire them now.), Ballotpedia page, Open Secrets page, P2016. He is the Governor of New Jersey.

To Opt-out: Again hidden on the Privacy Policy page “You may opt out of any future contacts from us at any time by contacting us via the email address given on our website: info@chrischristie.com”. Twitter .

The PACs that are backing Christie are:

America Leads again with the auto play video.  No contact information. Twitter .

Leadership Matters for America This email address is at the bottom of the page info@leadershipmattersforamerica.org.

John Kasich

John Kasichofficial campaign websiteBallotpedia page, Open Secrets page P2016 page. He is the Governor of Ohio. You can’t win the electoral collage without Ohio. He may have all ready won the presidency, and we just don’t know it yet.

To Opt-out: the Contact page has a webmail form, and an email info@johnkasich.com. Twitter .

The PACs that are backing Kasich are:

New Day For America  The Contact page has a webmail form and an email info@newdayforamerica.com address and a phone number (614) 500-3295.

Balanced Budget Forever The Contact page has an email info@balancedbudgetforever.com and a phone number (614) 769-7852.

That is the top 10. Do you want me to do the other 7? Ask me to do it in the comments.

Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail, 7 pieces

All 7 pieces

Oh come on! I was doing so well last week and then this happens. Don’t they know I have goals to attain.

The stack of DMA complaints I sent in have been processed. I know this, because people who ignored me a few weeks ago, have sent simpering mea culpa emails, saying I am off their mailing lists.

I also got linked from Reddit. In some ways they are the start of the internet. A lot of your favorite memes get their start there.

I have also noticed a lot of visitors from Facebook. Do you want me to make a Facebook page for this blog? It would only take a few minutes to set up. Let me know if that is something you guys would like. By popular demand the Drowning in Junk Mail Facebook page

Let’s meet this weeks 7 pieces of junk mail

All 7 pieces

Rand Paul National Right to Work Committee

Rand Paul and the National Right to Work Committee. Wiki page, Source Watch page. I have been dealing with them since April. Opt-out here and call (800) 325-7892

American Policy Center

American Policy CenterSource Watch page, Southern Poverty Law Center page for Tom DeWeese, The Daily Kos on Tom DeWeese. Opt-out here and call (540) 341-8911

NARAL Pro-Choice America

NARAL Pro-Choice America, Wiki page, Open Secrets page Opt-out here. They also use Public Interest Communications for telemarketing.

Concerned Women for America

Concerned Women for America, Wiki page, Charity Navigator page 1 star. Opt-out here and call (202) 488-7000. They also use InfoCision call them at (330)668-1400 and email them at infocis@infocision.com.

Consumer Reports Foundation Sweepstakes

Consumer Reports Foundation Sweepstakes. Wiki page Call (800) 666-5261 It makes me very sad to see a well respected organization like Consumer Reports sending out unsolicited sweepstakes.

Balboa Mailing Company

Balboa Mailing Company 501 W Broadway Ste 800 San Diego CA 92101. I emailed them at info@moneymailerprogram.com no reply. I called (619) 760-0570 and it was just a pre-recorded message about how great their program is. A form 1500 it is then.

The Progressive Generator (Pig) JAN-L Marketing Inc

The Progressive Generator JAN-L Marketing Inc
The Progressive Income Generator JAN-L Marketing Inc 9805 Tamarisk Louisville KY 40223 (502) 493-3210. They will also get a form 1500.

2 scams getting a from 1500
The 2 scams with their form 1500’s


Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail, 56 Pieces

All 56 pieces

This week I have dumped Catalog Choice for PaperKarma. I have hit a wall, and was logging fewer and fewer mailpieces every week. Mostly because I knew Catalog Choice couldn’t help me anymore. So after 4 months and over 200 requests, I am giving PaperKarma a try. I will be writing a review for both of them in about 4 months. Fair is fair, I want to give PaperKarma time to work.

2 in 1 day club
2 in 1 day club. Including:

Response Unlimited junk mail
All of these are from direct marketing firm Response Unlimited, opt-out here

Citizens United
Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee selling themselves out to Citizens United

Mashed up political parties

Other political junk mail
Other random political junk mail. Including:

Sarah Palin poem
The Americans for Sarah letter is just to good this week. It has part of a speech she gave at CPAC in March. It is a parody of Green Eggs and Ham, but for conservatives.

I do not like this, Uncle Sam.
I do not like this healthcare scam.

I do not like these dirty crooks
Or how they cry and cook the books

I do not like when Congress steals
I do not like their crony deals

I do not like “oh yes, we can”

I do not like this spending, spree
We’re smart, we know nothing’s free

I do not like reporters’ smug replies
When I complain about their lies

I do not like this kind of hope
And we won’t take it
Nope, nope, nope


Big envelopes
Giant envelopes. Including:

7 Charities. Including:

11 scams.

Including one of the most long winded pyramid schemes I have seen. 6 pages double sided. All trying to convince me to send $97 to one person and $100 to another. If you can’t tell me your pitch in 1 page you are a terrible sales person.

I won’t be sending out any form 1500’s this week. None of them qualify. I have either already sent them out, or It is the first time I have gotten them. I hope the guys in the New York office don’t miss me.

Stuffed and ready to go
Here are 11 pre-paid envelopes stuffed and ready to go.

Scam from Australia
You should recognize this little scam from PO BOX 17 Varsity Lakes QLD 4227 Australia. I get it almost every week. Now with both her new and old address. As I am writing this, the mail for next week has already come, and I just got 3 more. Because it is international, I can’t use a from 1500 to make it stop. Or I would have stopped them months ago. I have sent every one back stuffed, not stuffed, nasty notes, crazy notes, and they still come. So this time I am trying something new. Instead of just “Take me off your mailing list” I have put “Deceased, She is dead” next to her address. I have not done this before because, she is in fact not dead. I also don’t want to mess up her Social Security and Medicare. But this one is international and they just can’t take a hint.


Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail 30 Pieces

I didn’t think that I was going to write an entry this week. I had no junk mail from May 9th to May 17th. It was the 8 best days I have had in 2 months. No giant stacks of mail in my arms, as I trugged back to the house from the mail box. No paper cuts, or getting stabbed by my letter opener. It was wonderful.

30 pieces of junk mail
Then on Saturday the mail man dropped 30 pieces of mail on me. I consider this a victory. I was expecting the mail to get better the week of May 19th. The fact that it got better a week early is great.

The best pairing of the week was definitely Rand Paul and Al Franken.
Rand Paul and Al Franken
As if you needed more prof that this lady’s mail is very messed up. No one should be getting mail from both these people at the same time. And yet here we are.

As for the rest of the political junk mail, take a look:
8 random political junk mail

Only 5 charities this week
5 Charities

We have a new winner for most junk mail in one week. It was a hard fought battle, there being only one day of competition and all.
3 from Global Reporting Network, Junk Mail
3 from Diversified Marketing Group, I knew they had it in them. Opt out here info@divmarketgroup.com.
Update: Don’t bother with the e-mail it won’t work. Instead fill out a form 1500 to make them stop.

On the international scam seen we have all our favorites from the Netherlands
4 scams from the Netherlands
The one from Zetten came by way of  China, PO Box 1000102 Beijing

On the US scam front
5 scams from the USA
Topeka KS and St. Louis MO continue to send the most stuff.

Stuffed and ready to go
Only Planned Parenthood had a pre-paid envelope. But I had 3 hits on duplicate scams from the US. I only send out from 1500’s if they send me 2 or more. I then keep the duplicate return envelope as my record.


Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail, 154 pieces :(

This week's mail 154
Here is this weeks big box of junk mail, 154 pieces in all.

Noooo stop sending me junk mail

Noooo! Stop sending me junk mail!

NO! No no no! How could this happen? I have been pounding the keyboard for a month to make the junk mail stop. How could I go backwards, and get 154 pieces in one week?! It is like I have kicked an angry hornet’s nest of junk mail.

This is what my mailbox looks like everyday

This is what my mailbox looks like everyday.

St. Rand Paul the patron saint of junk mail, and our Lady of Blessed Contribution Dr. Annette Bosworth
How could you 2 let me down? I was counting on you to keep the mail away.

It's back :(
The biggest set back I had was, I got the official paperwork back for the first few USPS form 1500’s I sent out. It doesn’t work on foreign mail, only mail from the USA. Darn it. 22 out of 38 this week were from either The Netherlands or Australia. Now I will just focus 100% on US based scams. Look out St. Louis MO, there are lots of form 1500’s coming your way.

Let’s run down the biggest junk mail senders this week:

Chosen People Ministries
Chosen People Ministries. (Wiki page) They like to convert Israelis into christens. I like the pre-filled out check on the top right. All I have to do is fill in the dollars.

Judicial Watch
Judicial Watch run by Thomas Fitton. Charity Navigator page, 33% of budget spent on fundraising. There is a lot going on here. Some how Sheriff Joe Arpaio is involved.

American Civil Rights Union (ACRU)
American Civil Rights Union, (Wiki page) it wants to be the conservative answer to the ACLU. Their Charity Navigator page is a must read, they get 0 stars, and 72% of their budget is spent on fundraising. Source Watch page. Opt-out here: info@theacru.org

Rand Paul c/o Citizens United
Citizens United dressed in Rand Paul clothing

Rand Paul c/o National Right to Work Committee, National Pro-Life Alliance
National Right to Work Committee and National Pro-Life Alliance also using Rand Paul. So did I get 3 unrelated letters? Did I get 4 pieces of junk mail from Rand Paul? You decide.

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund
Tea Party Patriots. (Wiki page) It is time for her to renew her membership. Sorry guys that ship has sailed. You aren’t getting any more money from her. The other one wants John Boehner to resign. That has to be the worst photo of John Boehner ever. I couldn’t find the original, but the flag he is standing in front of is huge. The stars are the size of his head.

Food & Water Watch, 3 in one week
Food and Water Watch, (Wiki Page) (Charity Navigator page) (Source Watch page) hay hippies, you had better check yourselves. The Tea Party, and Citizens United sent less that you this week.

5 from The National Center for Public Policy Research. Opt out here: info@nationalcenter.org, with the subject header “Delete from Solicitation”

15 from PII
15 from Policy Issues Institute. Opt-out here: james.lacy.@wewerlacy.com

16 from Federation Of Responsible Citizens. Opt-out here: FedofRespCitizen@aol.com. I wanted to make sure everyone saw the large envelopes this week. They are usually buried under all the smaller mail

The week of May 19th can’t come fast enough.

People running for office
The junior division is getting feisty. Both Annette Bosworth and Ben Carson are mad I didn’t feature them enough last week, so they sent me more stuff.

Annette Bosworth for US Senate
Annette sent me the same letter and blow-up of a camera phone photo, that she did last week.
Annette Bosworth
But now I can show you the taking points on the back of the photo. This week she compared people who receive food stamps to wild animals in National Parks. I hope who ever is paying for all this expensive mail gets their moneys worth when she is elected.

Ben Carson junk mail
Ben Carson, I mean the people who have nothing to to with Ben Carson, but are asking him to run for president, have stepped up their game.
Ben Carson junk mail
I now have a Teen Beat style Pin-up poster of Ben. That is like so cool, I will totally like put it up next to all the like old NKOTB posters in my like bedroom. Like.

Jordan is so dreamy

Jordan is like so dreamy

15 Charities
Lots of note cards and address labels were included this week. They will come in handy for stopping scam junk mail.

38 Scams
38 scams

Scams that will get a form 1500
16 of them are eligible for a USPS form 1500. And I just went to Costco and got a 100 pack of stamps. Bring it on scammers.

17 stuffed and ready to go
Here they are 17 pre-paid stuffed, sharpied envelopes.

The Washington Post March Sucks
I wrote a special note for the fine folks at Run Ben Run. That group is headed by John Phillips Sousa IV. His great-grandfather wrote this little ditty:

It was quite the hit at the time. Just imagine that I wrote to Blue Ivy and told her that her mom’s song “Single Ladies” sucked and you get the idea. They had better stop sending me stuff, or next time I will say something mean about Stars and Stripes Forever :-O

Here are the leftovers from this weeks 154 pieces.

An Offering
I am giving offerings to Our Lady and St. Rand. Hopefully it will be enough to keep the mail away this week.


Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail, 134 pieces

Last week I estimated that I received about 120 pieces of junk mail. This week I actually  got 134 pieces. From the smallest post card to giant manila envelopes with photos of Rand Paul.

Here is a recap of the junk mail this week:

8 From National Center for Public Policy Research
8 from the NCPPR
Opt out here: info@nationalcenter.org, with the subject header ‘Delete from Solicitation’.

10 from Federation of Responsible Citizens
10 From the Federation Of Responsible Citizens FRC
Opt-out here: FedofRespCitizen@aol.com

14 from PII
14 from Policy Issues Institute PII
Opt-out here: james.lacy@wewerlacy.com instead

4 from Citizens United
4 from Citizens United
Opt-out here: info@citizensunited.org

Global Reporting Network, Junk Mail
Who can forget the 10 mailers from Global Reporting Network
Opt-out here: info@divmarketgroup.com

and 35 scams of one kind or another
Pile of junk mail scams

These guys will all be getting Post office from 1500. 2 or more mailers in one week from the same address is an automatic smack down.

2 getting a USPS form 1500
That little post card drives me nuts. It is ugly, and they send one every week.

Scams from PO Box 41 394 AA Doorn The Netherlands
4 from this one PO Box in Doorn The Netherlands

Scams from 2037 Lemoine ave #155 Fort Lee New Jersey 07024
3 from one PO Box in Fort Lee New Jersey

Scam from Independent Catalog Services PO Box 6487 Providence, RI 02940
and 2 from  Providence, Road Island

6 USPS form 1500's ready to go
Here they are all 6 wrapped up and ready to go. (Sorry I forgot to take photos of 2 of them)

This is what I started out with on Saturday morning
Box o' Junk Mail, 134 pieces
134 pieces of mail

20 Stuffed and ready to go
Here it is all stuffed and ready to go in 20 pre-paid envelopes.

20 Stuffed and ready to go
I found an old roll of duct tape in the garage so I used that to seal everything up (every ounce counts). Note the big USPS envelops. They have easy open tabs on the sides, I duct taped over them, just to be extra mean.

St. Rand guarding all that is left of this weeks junk mail
My new patron saint of junk mail, Rand Paul guards over what is left of this weeks junk mail. It is mostly exterior envelopes that were awkward sizes that didn’t fit nicely into larger envelopes.

I will pray to St. Rand this week, in hopes that there will be less junk mail.

Drowning in Junk Mail – Rand Paul = Scammers from Jamaica

Remember this bit of mail from Rand Paul from a couple of weeks ago?

Senator Rand Paul, National Pro-Life Alliance

Well he has sent another. This time it is from his re-election SuperPAC He sure does like the fold out letter a lot.

Rand Paul 2016

I am working on the junk mail front, but the phone calls continue. My family is at this lady’s house taking care of her, and the phone won’t stop ringing. This house had had the same phone number for 50 years. And the lady that lives there has helped a lot of people in her town over the years. They still call to check up on her. But so do scammers. Everyday calls from Jamaica pour in. DON’T PICKUP!! It is a reverse charge. This lady’s phone bill was a mess. The other person who calls everyday is Rand Paul. Well not Rand Paul, but someone from his SuperPAC, asking for money. Everyday. A real person. Maybe if they didn’t call everyday, they wouldn’t need to beg for as much money, to pay for the guy working the phones.

This is the note I sent to the contact page of his SuperPAC:

Please remove [name removed] from your system. Delete everything like she never existed. You will not be getting any more money from her ever again. You have contributed to her loosing her house and being put into a nursing home. I hope you can sleep at night knowing you were calling a 86 year old woman with dementia everyday. You could do that because she didn’t remember that you called, and she wrote a check to you yesterday. She only gets calls from 2 places everyday, you and scammers from Jamaica. So forever in my mind Rand Paul = scammers from Jamaica.

Hopefully that will make it stop.