Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail One Piece

I am going to start winding down this blog. I am regularly getting 1-2 pieces a week now. I will make this a monthly blog. I will still update the Facebook page. And if I find a good topic to write about I will post to this blog.

If you get a piece of junk mail you think I would like to talk about email a photo at darthjenni@gmail.com.

Freedom Watch

Freedom Watch

This week’s junk mail is from Larry Klayman’s Freedom WatchWiki page, Source Watch page,

Freedom Watch

Back in February Larry promised that his junk mail would stop in 60 days. It is now the end of May. I estimated that junk mail from Freedom Watch should have stopped well over a month ago. I sent an email to leklayman@gmail.com, no response. I called (310) 595-0800 mail box was full. I called (310) 770-9712 and left a voice mail. I called (352) 274-9359 and left a voice mail there also. I will Tweet this to @freedomwatchweb, I will tag them on Facebook. I do not know how many more ways to tell them to stop sending junk mail to a person who died 3 months ago.

If she wasn’t dead I would send another complaint to the DMA, and contact my state’s attorney general.


2 thoughts on “Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail One Piece

  1. I just came across your site and I am thrilled and can not wait to get started. I care for my 86 year old father in law and am amazed at the junk mail he gets. At least 3 times a week the mailman has to hand deliver the mail because it will not fit in the box. At first I would give him the mail, he would spend the day opening it and the next morning I would put all of his carefully sealed and stamped out going mail in the box. Recently after having to help with banking issues I came to realize that the majority of this out going mail also contained a check or even worse his credit card information. I immediately began researching each request for a donation prior to him writing a check. While this has cut down significantly on the amount of money being given out it is also a struggle. He does not understand how things are now a days and believes that he has been a “member” of these organizations for years. This week alone, if I allowed , 165 dollars in donations would have been mailed out! I will definitely be taking your advice and attempt to stop the junk from even hitting the box! Wish I would have come across this sooner. Thank you!

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