Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail 6 pieces

All 6 pieces of junk mail

I was contacted by another reporter this week. Will Tucker works for Houston Chronicle and was asking if I had gotten any junk mail from U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman in Texas. He may be the only politician that hasn’t sent me junk mail over the past year. So if you are getting lots of junk mail, live in Texas or are getting junk mail from Rep. Stockman drop Will a line at will@hearstdc.com.

I found this paper wandering around the internets Why Do Nigerian Scammers Say They are From Nigeria?. Gizmodo breaks it down nicely:

The scammers aren’t interested in seeming believable. They just want to find the most gullible victims they can, to maximize their return on their effort.

The emails (and by extension junk mail scams from the Netherlands) are written badly on purpose. Now I know why the scams are always so hard to read. It is to weed out people with functioning brains. They aren’t aiming at you and me. We still have good reading comprehension. They want people who only see the big $10,000,000,000 and who will write out the check with out a thought.

Midwest Equity Mortgage

Midwest Equity Mortgage (855) 976-4949
We just wrapped up closing out the reverse mortgage on her house. Most of the money from the reverse mortgage went to junk mail. The reverse mortgage company got the house. This company scrapes public records and saw some action on her house.

United States Justice Foundation

United States Justice Foundation. Charity NavigatorSource Watch page. Opt-out here or call (760) 788-6624. Also op-out through Response Unlimited. They are the all time record holder my for my PaperKarma requests. 19 requests since August of last year. Junk mail from them should stop this month.

National Republican Congressional Committee

National Republican Congressional CommitteeWiki page, Ballotpedia page, Open Secrets page. Opt-out here and call (800) 424-0215. This should be the last mailpiece from them.

The Youth Secret
The Youth Secret

You may remember this weird add from it’s lager version

The Youth Secret scam
The Youth Secret (800) 940-4046 make sure you have the ad when you call. They will ask for the “Special Code” when you ask to be taken off their mailing list. This should be the last mailpiece from them.

Direct TV junk mail

Direct TV. She had Direct TV at her house. When we closed down the account she got a refund that came here. I am just using PaperKarma on this one.

Sweepstakes Clearinghouse going to step 2 again

Sweepstakes Clearinghouse PO Box 569600 Dallas TX 75356 and 2000 E Lemar BLVD Arlington TX 76006. These guys just aren’t listing. They have already gone to step 2 with a Prohibitory Order. And I am sending it in again.

1 form 1500 part 2 going out

Here is the Form 1500 part 2 going to New York.


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