Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail 7 pieces

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This was a bad week, her junk mail numbers are inching back up. I can tell that her information was sold again.

You may have noticed that I have new links in the side bar. I found another blog that documents junk mail Sgt. Bob’s Place. Sgt. Bob’s MIL was getting a lot of  junk mail. He contacted his state’s attorney general about stopping junk mail. He wound up filling out 65 complaints and his state’s AG contacted the junk mailers for him.

Larry Klayman's Freedom Watch

Freedom Watch It is run by Larry Klayman. Wiki page. To opt-out call (310) 595-0800 and email leklayman@gmail.com If they blow you off, do what I had to do and send a complaint to the DMA. Junk mail from them should stop this month.

Pacific Legal Foundation

Pacific Legal Foundation Wiki page, Charity Navigator page 2 stars, 23% of budget spent on fundraising.  Opt-out here plf@pacificlegal.org and call (916) 419-7111. When I called the lady on the phone looked up my gal and she is not on their mailing list. She was on a list they bought. Also the letter they sent was 10 pages long.

NARAL Pro-Choice America

NARAL Pro-Choice America, Wiki page, Open Secrets page, Charity Navigator page 2 stars, 23% of budget spent on fundraising. Opt-out here Membership@ProChoiceAmerica.org  and call (202) 973-3000

United States Deputy Sheriff's Association

United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association Charity Navigator page, zero stars, 88% of budget spent on fundraising. Americas Worst Charities list. Opt-out here info@usdeputy.org  and call (316) 263-2583. It will take 90 days to be dropped from their mailing list. Their fundraisers are RBS International Direct Marketing divisions: Brickmill Marketing Services, and PEP Response Systems, couldn’t find current contact information. All about Quadriga Arts a division of RBS. It is the same marketing firm that St. Joseph’s Indian School uses. Another fundraiser of their’s is  Newport Creative Communications (800) 934-0586 info@newportcreative.com

United States Deputy Sheriff's Association
There is a lot going on with this mailpiece. Is it a sweepstakes? A charity? It is both!

United States Deputy Sheriff's Association
The Super Million Dollar XXII Sweepstakes is running between December 1, 2014 to  January 30, 2016. That is 14 months of this mailpiece wandering around people’s mailboxes.

Because this mailpiece includes a sweepstakes, you can also fill out a form 1500 to make mail from them stop.


RealEstateCE.com (866) 324-4510

Oh No! Her real estate license must have expired! She was a realtor for over 40 years. I will never be able to stop the real estate junk mail. They are just using the publicly available database from the state.

Smartz Marketing Old El Paso coffee company scam
Smartz Marketing Old El Paso coffee company scam

This postcard is from Smartz Marketing, They have an F from the BBB, Old El Paso Coffee Company BBB page, PO Box 971618 El Paso TX 79997. (915) 546-9944. A very entertaining Rip-off Report complaint about Smartz Marketing and Jan-l Marketing. This is a sample of the “Your Coffee Club” MLM scam.

You can also fill out a form 1500 to make mail from them stop.

Best Life Herbals Memory Health Journal

Best Life Herbals, Memory Health Journal 329 E 2100 S Salt Lake City, UT 84115 contact@bestlife-herbals.com and call (866) 405-5138. The address is for All West Call Centers. Contact page and call (800)532-5255. When I called Best Life Herbals the pre-operator message said that “the operators are not doctors and cannot give medical advice.”

2 prepaid envelopes ready to go

2 pre-paid envelopes ready to go


3 thoughts on “Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail 7 pieces

  1. Hi Darthjenni,
    I have a couple questions but first wanted to tell you that you’re my hero! I’m so grateful for your site. I’m still battling the junk mail and telemarketers and my mom is fighting me every step of the way. I would like to know how you figure out who the data brokers and third party mailers are. Just sending back their envelope with the request doesn’t work well. I’ve found some #’s on websites and emailed some places but I can’t find the third parties. My other question is, which state is Sgt Bob from? I’m hoping my AG will help if it doesn’t stop soon. Thanks for everything!


    • You are the second person to ask how I research the junk mailers. I will have to make a post about that. Sgt Bob is from Arkansas. But any state AG should help you. I would give your state AG a call to find out what form to fill out. Sending back the pre-paid envelopes is less about making them stop, and more about costing them money.


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