Drowning in Junk Mail – This Month in Junk Mail – July

The Daily mail is continuing  it’s Godzilla like rampage all over big charity in the UK. They took one man’s massive pile of junk mail and traced it all back to him not checking one box:

The Daily Mail's chart of where Mr. Rae's information was sold

The Daily Mail’s chart of where Mr. Rae’s information was sold

Mr Rae’s son Chris summed it up the best:

“The way charities have treated him is absolutely disgraceful … If what they have done to my father is legal, then the law needs to change.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Now back to my own junk mail nightmare.

All 7 pieces

In the month of July she got 7 pieces. Last July she got about 220 pieces of junk mail.

Citizen Guardian

Citizen Guardian (202) 469-3433, (540) 630-6400 and email info@CitizenGuardian.org Citizen Audit page, Open Secrets page, Charity Navigator page. Contact Engage Direct Mail at  info@uscomplianceservices.com to opt-out.

I have a feeling that after what I did last month, this will truly be one of the last mailpieces I will get from them.

Second Amendment Foundation and Neptune Society

This mailpiece is very interesting. On the outside it is for Second Amendment Foundation (Wiki page, run by Alan Gottlieb. SourceWatch page for Mr. Gottlieb. Great article about Alan GottliebCharity Navigator page. Opt-out here: Call (425) 454-7012 or email info@saf.org. It will take 90 days to be dropped from their mailing list.) But on the inside it is an ad for the Neptune Society.  How much is the Neptune Society paying the Second Amendment Foundation for an ad in a Second Amendment Foundation mailpiece?


National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Wiki page, Charity Navigator page. To opt-out: call (877) NAACP98 that is (877) 622-2798, or the national office (410) 580-5615, or the membership hotline (866) 636-2227. Mail from them should stop next month.

Real estate postcards

These 3 are all about her house and the fall out of the reverse mortgage.

Pro Wave Model 101

Nature’s Wave, Pro Wave Energy System, Rife Model 101 Frequency Generator PO Box 490300 Leesburg FL 34749-0300. Dead website, no phone pick up, no reply to email. This maybe zombie junk mail. BBB page F rating. Here is another company that sells the same thing. Royal Rife wiki page, QuackWatch page. I have already filed a Form 1500 about these guys.  But if they are a zombie company there may be no way to stop them.

one pre-paid envelope

Only one Pre-paid envelope to send out this month.





4 thoughts on “Drowning in Junk Mail – This Month in Junk Mail – July

  1. > is an ad for the Neptune Society. This is a violation of USPS Nonprofit Standard Mail

    As a philatelist I would say that is not a NONPROFIT ORG. postage. If I could ID the stamp correct from the jpg image that is a “The Stars and Stripes Presorted Standard stamp” which is being sold (in self-adhesive coils of 3,000 and 10,000 and are intended) for the use by regular bulk mailers – not for the nonprofits. Their special rate mailings should carry necessarily an appropriate ‘nonprofit org.’-note (in the postage meter imprint, in the Mailer’s Postmark Permit cancel/spray-on, in the postage paid indicia or even on the stamp itself).
    Again, what you consider as worthless scam, are great ‘little treasures’ for other groups of people. But in the past you called us modern philatelist just hoarders, maybe you are right, but at least we recycle that scam into collective items for future generations 😉 Have fun…


  2. I would ask that you correct your article. As the previous commenter noted, the mail piece in question is *not* sent on our non-profit rate and thus *cannot* violate the terms of such rate (since it doesn’t use it).

    SAF, in my experience, is quite attentive to the terms of the non-profit mailing rate. However, neither SAF nor any other non-profit are bound to use *only* the non-profit rate, and when they use other rates or services, are not bound by the rules you cite.

    I learned about this after chatting with folks at SAF.


  3. I am ready to scream. Really scream. After over one year of getting my father off direct mailings, generally by directly contacting the data brokers and the organizations themselves, plus, Do Not Contact for Caregivers, DMA, etc. (i.e., I’ve done everything “right”), they are sending to his NEW address! I’m back at school, so getting home early enough to call these ^#%$&* is nearly impossible. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!


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