JUNK MAIL REDUX: Feel the Rage

Kip has been fighting against junk mail for 3 years. He has knocked it down to a low roar at his house. But they found his father again. At his new apartment.

Kip Koelsch Author

mail-6Many of you know the adventure we’ve been through over the last three years to reduce/stop the junk mail that had been inundating my 86-year old father. At one point he was receiving up to 100 pieces of mail a day and often was duped into making donations to some very questionable “charities” and other organizations. In addition to having all his mail directed to our home, we made calls, sent emails, mailed letters and sent messages on Facebook to over 800 of these groups to remove him from their mailing lists. While the mail has not completely stopped, we now only receive 1-6 pieces of junk mail for him a day at our home.

The other thing we did (not entirely because of the mail situation, but I won’t lie and say it wasn’t part of the reason) was we moved him to a new home–AND we did not…

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2 thoughts on “JUNK MAIL REDUX: Feel the Rage

  1. My mother received tons of junk mail. I started calling requesting that she be placed on the do not mail list. There is also another list many are not aware of and that is the do not share,rent or sell my name that is a separate request. And then I started keeping a List of names and the date I requested the removal. As each piece of mail came I referenced my list and then repeat of the phone calls it took a while but the junk mail has to Dwindled down to nothing. You need to be just as persistent as they are and it will work


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