Hello to readers from CNN!

Hello everyone visiting from CNN!

Today CNN Money published the story of PacNet. They process the checks for many of the scams that come in the mail.

I have been working with Melanie Hicken and Blake Ellis for a couple of years. A long time, and a million pieces of junk mail ago Melanie contacted me asking about the junk mail industrial complex. I don’t think she or Blake realized what a rabbit hole junk mail could be. But they tumbled down into it with me. I sent her a box filled with, the best? The worst junk mail I had. That box helped with their first junk mail story about Maria Duval. If you look close in the first video you can see the box and it’s contents on the table.

When Melanie contacted me the first time one of the questions she asked was how much money she had given away, and to whom. I had no idea. I was so busy slaying the junk mail dragon I hadn’t thought to look. One of her kids and I went through the last year of her bank account and we were shocked at what we found.

I wrote about that here: How much money did she give away?

While we looked through her account I printed out anything that looked interesting. Some of the checks were written out to random initials and they were all around $25 or so. There were a lot of them so I only printed out a few, put them a side to deal with later.

When Melanie and Blake contacted me for their new story, they asked if I had herd of PactNet. I dug through the stack of canceled checks I had printed out over a year ago. Lo and behold, not only did I have a check processed by PactNet I had 3!

Huge thank you to Melanie Hicken and Blake Ellis for diving into this topic. And thanks to their editor who let them do not one, but two long investigative reports on the dark and dirty world of junk mail.

If you or a loved one are drowning in junk mail please read my battle plan on how to stop it.  If you need more help you can email me at darthjenni@gmail.com.

Are you mad that this is going on, and want it to stop? Contact your Congress person and Senator (especially if they are on the Senate Committee on Aging). Facebook share CNN’s story to them, Tweet it to them.  Get out a piece of paper and a pen and write to them. Let them know how junk mail is affecting your family, and that it needs to be stopped.


One thought on “Hello to readers from CNN!

  1. Over the past 5 years I am sick of 20 pieces of Junk mail per day. The mail
    About feed the Hungry children, the Vietnam vets, about our soldiers and how this Country does not take care of
    Their families, about the US Deputy Sheriffs’ Association needing equipment to serve and protect our kids on the streets. St. Joseph’s Indian School, Boys Town , meducal research for cancer. And many charities. It hurts me that I’m not able
    To give to any of them like St. Judes Research for kids cancer. Now check this out. No longer can we depend on Law ENforcement Officers to look after our kids when my grandson in May turned 18 didn’t want a car because he is a boy police will pull him over plant something in his car and innocently may be taken to prison.
    He really has a fobia at the thought of
    Driving. He is my grandson never got in troubled in school nor walking home
    from school. He never used any substance nor one drink. His greatest dream is to be a Marine like our oldest
    Brother who was a Vietnam war Hero
    But he was killed 8/21/1968 at age 19.
    Our parents were World War I & II in the Army and retired from Kelly Air Force Base as our hereros. To be able
    To have all of us in Private Schools 8 of us graduated. Now with the low social security check disabled retired
    Taking a break from graduate school to have to get out and work to supplement my income it’s pretty sad.
    When I turned 65 I confronted the non profit agency I worked for 12 years and I was shocked to hear all my Washington Mutual Retirement was lost in 2008. My email is latinaameri@yahoo.com thank you for reading this. SFS, CA.90670


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