Drowning in Junk Mail – Wrap up stats and other thoughts

Hi there everyone. This blog is coming to an end. The junk mail has stopped for good. Some days my mailbox is empty. I thought I would give the blog some closure, and take a peak into the box of junk I have been holding on to for a year.

The average American household receives 848 pieces of junk mail per year.
From April 2014 to December 2014, 8 months she received about 1,786 mailpieces.
From January 2015 to September 2015, 9 months she received about 155 mailpieces. Her peak week was 154 mailpieces.

Money spent about $220. Some it was bankrolled by money found in the junk mail.

Postage and stamps – $150 This is so high because of all the larger mailpieces that got a Form 1500, and all the jerks that had to go to step 2.
Envelopes $8 all bought at the Dollar store.
Fake Money and Real Glitter
Glitter $6
Princess money $1
Permanent markers – $2 for 2 packages of permanent markers from the Dollar Store.
Paper $4 (I think it was on sale) the cheapest ream of paper from Wal-Mart.
Toner – $25 It takes me about a year to go through a cartridge. Even printing on the lightest setting, was no match for the 100+ Form 1500’s I printed out.
Avery Mailing Labels – $23

A lot of that was optional. You don’t need Avery mailing labels or glitter.

I think a lot of people have been waiting for this. The big box of all the crap that I have gotten over the past year.

Over 100 form 1500’s. This does not include all the mistakes I made. And there were a lot of mistakes. I tossed in the DMA complaints that I had a paper copy of into the photo.

Happy photos of happy politicians.

Greeting Cards. I can to open a Hallmark store now.

Membership cards. What would you like to be a card carrying member of? I have plenty of choices.

Note pads. This is not all of them. I used 3 of them for taking notes about the blog.

Post cards. Because you never know when you will need a post card from Jesse Helms.

National Association of Blind Veterans a project of National Federation of the Blind
This cheap travel clock from National Association of Blind Veterans is a favorite of mine. Mostly because it has a cover over the clock face, rendering it useless for a blind person. The face is just a piece of paper. I sent this off to Melanie Hicken a CNN reporter along with a pile of junk mail. I like to imagine that in the middle of the big fancy NY CNN office there is a reporter with this cheap clock on her desk.

Bookmarks and prayer cards. Note that I wrote my own prayer on one of them.

A couple of DVD’s. One of them with the Fox News all-stars on the cover.

Calendars. How nice you have a different photo for each month. I have a different calendar for each month!

Window clings. Why yes I do support one of the worst charities in America.

Fake checks. Whatever you do don’t cash these. It gives the “charity” access to your bank account.

Of course the crap from St. Joseph’s gets a photo all it’s own

Mountain States Legal Foundation
By far the strangest swag I received was a bag of dirt. Sadly I don’t know where they are right now. They were lost in the piles of junk mail.

return mailing labels
And the granddaddy of them all. Over 1,600 return mailing labels. Keep in mind I used hundreds of them, and didn’t make a dent in the pile.

The blog maybe slowing down, but if you still want stories about junk mail, the elderly, scams, scam PACs, scam charities, and anything else that catches my fancy you can follow the Facebook page I set up for the blog.

One last thought: I do not make money from this blog. The ads you see are not from me. WordPress has to cover it’s costs some how.  Ethically I can not monetize this blog. Can you imagine the ads that Google ads would put on this blog with all the political, and charity links I have put on it?


12 thoughts on “Drowning in Junk Mail – Wrap up stats and other thoughts

  1. My mother gets over 30 pieces of mail daily, but she’s very protective of it right now. I plan on using the info you worked HARD on obtaining when the time is right!! Thank-you so much for doing the leg work so I don’t have to. I originally found your blog with searching for junk mail stop & your info was the best out there!!! Excellent job!! Thanks again!!


    • she’s very protective of it right now

      That is very common behavior. The really bad scams will tell them not to talk about “the big deal” they are working on with the scammer. You can set up a DMA Choice account for her right now. You can set up a PaperKarma account on your phone. Every time you go to her house snap pics of as junk mail as she will let you. “Here mom let me help you clean up all this junk mail mess” *snap* *snap* *snap* *photo* *photo* *photo*.


  2. Congratulations for getting it done! My mom let me take over her junk mail completely (I do the daily triage) and she doesn’t miss it at all. I don’t have your fortitude as far as getting her off specific charity lists, but I did register at the various “no mail” sites, and it reduced the volume considerably. Thanks for sharing all the information and tribulation and now jubilation!


  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed (that might be the wrong word) reading about your struggles with junk mail. My father, who died 2 years ago, received 20+ mailings a day. Somehow he wound up with subscriptions to about 2 dozen magazines. It drove us nuts.
    Thanks again for your blog.


  4. Thanks a million for your assistance and useful advice. My Moms mail has gone from around 30 per week to maybe two – three per week (makes it a lot easier on the shredder). You’ve been a tremendous and I wish you all the best!

    Roy Ephram – Dallas TX


  5. I get at least as much mail as you do. Just a question–how do you expect these organizations to raise money for their causes? Would you prefer robocalls? Have you never found a few groups that you feel are sincerely helping animals, vets, diseases, etc? I’m glad you solved your problem–but would like to know what other options deserving charities have?


    • First of all any charity that randomly sends junk mail should be off your list of groups to give money to. If they are sending out “seed” mail looking for new donors, they don’t know how to run a direct mail campaign and are wasting money. The return on investment for sending mail like that is terrible.

      There are so many more ways for a charity to get attention other than dinosaur marketing like direct mail. Social media and email have changed the way charities raise money, interact with donors, and show people the good works they do. Groups that use direct mail as their main fundraising tool are either living in the 20th century or preying on senior citizens (the only people who still read all their mail).

      Do me a favor and the next time you get a mailpiece from a charity you have never heard of before, look them up on Charity Navigator and look at how much they spend on fundraising. Chances are it will be over 20%. Direct mail is expensive, and it takes a lot of time and money to set up a campaign. Time and money that is not spent on programs.

      It sounds like you like to give to a lot of charities. Please rethink the way you spend your charity budget every year. It would be better if you gave a larger amount to a few charities, rather then a little money to many charities. I wrote this for another commenter How To Be A More Effective Charitable Donor. You may find it useful


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