Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail 2 pieces

This week makes the one year anniversary of the start of this blog. Here is the first blog post.

For any new people who are just now finding this blog and are wondering why I am bitching about 2 pieces of junk mail, a few months ago the person who’s junk mail this is, was getting over 100 pieces a week. This is what one week’s worth of her mail used to look like:

Box o junk mail 104

Any junk mail she gets now has slipped through multiple layers of my trying to stop it. So you will have to pardon me if I go hard on these last few stragglers.

All 2 pieces of junk mail

The junk mail box is looking very empty this week, just the way I like it.

2 pieces of junk mail
Let’s meet this week’s junk mail: Tools for Freedom and an old friend, the NRCC

Tools for Freedom junk mail
Tools for Freedom call (800) 770-8802 and choose 4 in the phone tree to talk to a human. They offer “cutting-edge information and alternative health resources to empower, enlighten, awaken, raise consciousness, spread the message of freedom and promote the truth of what is happening in the world.” Whatever that means. They sell books, DVD’s, woo pills, and a side of paranoia.

National Republican Congressional Committee NRCC
This one has “Office of the Treasurer” in the return address corner of the envelope. But it is a lie just to get you to open it. It is from the Treasurer of the National Republican Congressional CommitteeWiki page, Ballotpedia page, Open Secrets page. Opt-out here and call (800) 424-0215

They are very concerned for my gal: “I hope everything is okay and you’ve simply delayed sending in your renewal.” (incase you don’t know, she died last month).

Another snippet reads” We’ve kept our overhaed low, but my current projections show we are facing a short fall of $687,500 going into the Second Quarter.” I am not a fancy  treasurer, but my suggestion for helping you budget woes, is to stop sending so much junk mail.

1 pre-paid envelope ready to go

Only one pre-paid envelope to send out this week.


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