I was almost scammed by the Jamaican Lottery Scam

So this morning I was contacted by Michael Anderson (876) 450-4173. He told me I had won the Mega Millions jackpot. $6 million? Something like that. He also told me I was going to win a new Mercedes Benz. While I was talking to him, I looked up the Mercedes Benz website and picked CLS-Class Coupe in silver with a convertible top. I am not a car person. I should have picked the more expensive Mercedes-AMG GT S.

He wanted my address so he could deliver the money, the car, and a big bundle of flowers and balloons, he then mentioned Publishers Clearing House (keep your scams strait guy, this is the Mega Millions scam) I very quickly looked up my local police HQ in town and gave him that address instead.

Here it comes: There are taxes on the money and I need to pay them. He wanted me to wire $1200 to Vanessa Morgan at 49 Prospect St East Orange New Jersey.

I told him it would take me 2 hours to go and wire the money. He must not know that you can do it online now. He wanted my cell number, I told him I don’t have one. He  called every 5 minutes waiting for me to come home. He left a message with his personal number (876) 280-2267

When I finally picked up on him after making him wait for 2 hours, I  gave him an ear full, literally. I told him I had gone down to the Western Union and they told me it was a scam and that what he is doing is evil.

Emergency Whistle

I then whipped out my trusty emergency whistle from my hiking backpack let it rip, and hung up. It took a few times of him calling back, trying to sweet talk me, and me yelling at him and blowing the whistle for him to get the hint that I wan’t going to send him money.

I filled out a report to the FTC and The National Do Not Call page. I also filled out reports on 800notes.com for both phone numbers.

This won’t bring back all the money she sent to Jamaica. But it did make for a fun morning. And as a bonus I wasted his time so that he couldn’t scam anyone else.

Last week a man from Jamaica was extradited to the U.S. to face charges for wire fraud via telemarketing.


One thought on “I was almost scammed by the Jamaican Lottery Scam

  1. DarthJenni,
    We got this call a couple of years ago. When I asked how I ended up in their prize pool, the guy told me I must have bought something from Walmart or another store I don’t shop at (can’t remember). I played along to find out what the scam was, and it was that I had to pay taxes on the car. He said they were parked right around the corner with the car waiting to be delivered as soon as I made the payment via Western Union. And then he got mean: He said there would be a television crew and so I should get all dressed up to be ready to collect my prize. That made me mad.
    He had spoofed a local phone number, which I called back (unfortunately it was charged to Jamaica, so anyone else considering this, beware). He answered and said, what, you don’t believe me? I eventually got rid of him. Good idea to have a whistle handy. I can use that on the Microsoft Tech Support scammers (they want to take over your computer) or the US Government Department of Pharmaceuticals Rebate scammers (who knows what they want, maybe eventually they ask for a SSN).
    Thanks again for your informative and entertaining posts!


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