The Koch Brothers plan on spending $889 million supporting conservative campaigns in 2016. That buys a lot of Junk Mail

This week a bunch of billionaires got together to decide who is going to buy the White House in 2016. (Update: A few of them wrote an opinion piece for the Dallas Morning News “We want Washington to do what it hasn’t done for years: work for, not against, the American people.” American people = Rich people) The Koch brothers are planing on spending $889 million in the next election cycle. That translates to millions of pieces of political junk mail papering America for the next 2 years.

I am still morning the loss of the Colbert Report and how he went after the way PACs handle money. But the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore is lessening the sting. Last night’s episode was all about the Koch brothers and how money effects the democratic process.

The Washington Post has a great graphic of the web of money the Koch brothers control.


That chart reminds me of an old political cartoon about Standard Oil:


I have pulled out some of the more famous PACs they control:

Freedom Partners network Wiki page  Source Watch page Open Secrets page. You can’t opt-out of this group they just pass out the money. They don’t send the junk mail.

Americans for Prosperity

Americans for ProsperityWiki page Source Watch page Open Secrets page Opt-out here also call (866) 730-0150

60 Plus Association, James L. Martin

60 Plus Association Wiki page, Source Watch page, Open Secrets page Opt-out here also call (703)807-2070. Also contact Base Connect

Concerned Women for America

Concerned Women for America, Wiki page, Charity Navigator page 1 star. Opt-out here and call (202) 488-7000. Also contact InfoCision call them at (330)668-1400 and email them at

Rand Paul National Right to Work Committee

National Right to Work Committee. Wiki page, Source Watch page. Opt-out here and call (800) 325-7892

Tea Party Patriots

Tea Party Patriots, Wiki page, Source Watch page, opt-out here also call (404)593-0877

The Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation Wiki page. Source Watch page. Open Secrets page. Opt out here: and call the membership desk (800) 546-2843

Concerned Veterans for America, Source Watch page Opt-out here and call (703)-678-4664

The Libre InitiativeSource Watch page Opt-out here and call (956) 519-4200

Generation OpportunityWiki page, Source Watch page, Opt-out here or email also call (703) 566-9800

My point for listing out all the places the Koch brothers spend their money is I think these groups will send out the most junk mail in the election cycle that is about to start. These PACs are doing just fine. They don’t need you, or your money. They will do just fine at getting the candidates they back put into office, and getting the laws they lobby for passed.


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