Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail, 2 pieces

All 2 pieces

Why am I madder at getting 2 pieces than I was at getting 150?

These 2 pieces set me back to 0. The goal right now is to go a month with out any junk mail with her name on it. I have gone 8 days with no junk mail in the past. It is time to go to the next level.

The DMA Ethics office is mad at me for all the complaints I sent in. Whatever DMA. You made this mess, now you get to clean it up.

2 pieces of junk mail
Meet the 2 pieces of junk mail that came this week.

Prevention Magazine booklet ad
Prevention Magazine booklet ad

An ad for Prevention Magazine call (800) 813-8070. When I called I found out that she had a subscription in the past. The CSR had no knowledge of this little booklet and thinks it might be a part of a church fundraiser. She lives near a church and gave to them regularly. It would not surprise me if she bought a magazine subscription from the church during a fundraiser.

Help Hospitalized Veterans

Help Hospitalized Veterans hhv@hhv.org or call (951) 926-4500

This Help Hospitalized Veterans (HHV) Craft Kit was sent to you as an expression of care and appreciation for your service to our country by the person(s) whose name appears below. If you would like to drop them a note of thanks, please use the reverse side.

Help Hospitalized Veterans

Was Delivered at Grand Junction CO Community Based Arts & Crafts Center by an HHV Craft Care Specialist.


Thank you for the wooden wishing well kit.

There is not much I can do about this postcard. It is in a closet somewhere attached to a craft kit of some kind. I may be seeing these for years :/

Charity Navigator page. I have been doing this project so long that their rating has changed. The last time I checked on them, they were so bad that Charity Navigator had slapped a Donor Advisory on them. Charity Navigator has processed the newest IRS 990’s and bumped them up to 1 star.

HHV’s fundraising is done by American Target Advertising opt-out here. If that doesn’t work call (703) 392-7676 and American Mailing Lists Corporation (571) 292-5806 

AC360 report on Help Hospitalized Veterans.



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