Send Someone a Glitter Bomb


Ship Your Enemies Glitter

This website is my new sprit animal.

For $9.99 AUS they will send a glitter bomb to whom ever you want. It will include a folded note. When they pull the note out of the envelope, the glitter will go everywhere.

Gawker articles about Ship Your Enemies Glitter:
Gizmodo article about Ship Your Enemies Glitter. And a day latter a Jezebel article on how Ship Your Enemies Glitter is to popular for the person who runs the site.

A Slate interview with the owner of the site Mathew Carpenter.

Shredded paper and glitter

I have been using weaponized glitter for months. The glitter I got cost about $6. I haven’t gone through a whole tube yet.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine envelope

Almost every prepaid envelope I send out, has a few sprinkles of glitter in it. Nothing messes up your day more than glitter getting all over your cloths, your desk, and glitter getting ground into the carpet.

Rock on you crazy Aussie. I just hope you built a clean room (a glitter room?) for your glittery operations. That crap gets everywhere.


There are other competing glitter bomb sending websites: has this spring loaded tube for $22.99. They also have nastier offerings that involve things like poop.


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