Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail the week after Christmas 9 pieces

So I went on Christmas vacation and this was waiting for me when I returned.

All 9 pieces

9 pieces, not bad for a short week. I am just going to do a rundown of all the junk mail that came. I will have a email sending, phone calling, form 1500 filling out, DMA complaint sending, envelope stuffing party, when the holidays settle down and everyone gets back to the office.

Random political junk mail

James o' Keefe Project Veritas
Project Veritas run by James O’Keefe opt-out here info@theprojectveritas.com Note to self: No response to email time to send a complaint to the DMA.

American Immigration Control Foundation
American Immigration Control Foundation, They also have this website. Opt out here aic@immigrationcontrol.com (540) 468-2023 (I found those on their Facebook page, don’t make me work that hard it only makes me madder.)

Random Charities

Environmental Defense Fund
Environmental Defense Fund, Wiki page, Charity Navigator page, opt out here or call (800) 684-3322. Their fundraisers are Integral ResourcesPublic Interest Communications, Strategic Fundraising

African Wildlife Foundation
African Wildlife FoundationWiki page, Charity Navigator page. Opt-out here africanwildlife@awf.org no response, call (888) 494-5354. Their fund raiser is Sanky inc

Natural Resources Defense Council NDRC
Natural Resources Defense Council, Wiki page, Charity Navigator page, opt-out here membership@nrdc.org. I also called (212) 727-2700 and they dumped me to a voice mail that is just for getting off their mailing list. Should be dropped the first week in February.

ALS Association
ALS Association (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) Wiki page, Charity Navigator page. Their fundraiser is Strategic Fundraising. Opt-out here: The national email address alsinfo@alsa-national.org, the donation email address donations@alsa-national.org. I got no response so I called the donation hot line (888) 949-2577. Should be dropped the second week in February.

Terry Morrison Disabled Police Officers of America
Disabled Police Officers of America Inc. Charity Navigator page Zero stars, it is one of the worst charities in America Opt-out through Base Connect. I contacted Base Connect in August. The mail from them should have stopped months ago, I sent a complaint to the DMA.

As Seen on Oprah and 20/20 Chain Letter scam
As Seen on Oprah and 20/20 Chain Letter scam. The letter mentions where to buy new names Dataline 800-497-2912. They are not the scammers! When you call them to get off their mailing list, be nice to them. An example of the letter from 2009. The USPS Postal Inspector on chain letters. They want you to turn over any chain letter you receive that asks for money or other items of value to your local postmaster or nearest Postal Inspector. Write on the mailing envelope of the letter or in a separate transmittal letter, “I received this in the mail and believe it may be illegal.”

Prize Finding Bureau
Prize Finding Bureau Customer Processing Postbus 67 6670 AB Zetten Netherlands

And that is where I will stop for this week.

8 thoughts on “Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail the week after Christmas 9 pieces

  1. I may be back to square one with my dad’s mail: I went to check on his mail, etc. when he was recently hospitalized, and he is still sending checks, responding to petitions for organizations that came during that 12-week period. SIGH. Glad to hear your mail is improving.

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  2. I am encouraged by your blog and doing what I can to reduce the flow. Just started but I’m hopeful I can have some impact. I live in another state so I’m limited as to what I can get my hands on when I visit but every little bit helps. One of your posts seemed to indicate that the two direct marketing organization members don’t need to abide by Do Not Mail requests if they have ever received a check or response. Is that the case? I am trying to contact the various entities that he responds to directly as well. If they ignore a direct request can I notify the marketing association of that?


    • The DMA Choice page only stops mail that they never gave money to. Sign up your person anyway as it acts like a shield of protection to stop new junk mail. Directly contact anyone that you know is sending junk mail. I have started emailing and calling on the same day. If you don’t get a response then send a complaint to the DMA. Also do the data broker section of my How to opt-out Big Data post. That will toss another big shield over your person’s address.


      • Thanks for the response. I will be there in Feb for two weeks and plan to use the phone app and hope to get more info on the senders too. So far I have been getting good response to my emails telling me they are removing them from lists. Time will tell if that is true. I have included a final line in my emails indicating that if they don’t comply I will file a USPS form 1500 so perhaps that is helping to make them realize I am serious.


      • A from 1500 is only for mail that is selling stuff or an out right scam. Threaten them with a DMA complaint. And follow through with your threat. If you still see mail coming in after 3 months, take it to the next step.


      • I heard back from Paper Karma: You can use it for more than one person’s address (in addition to your own). Now al I need is time to set that up. I’ll let you know what I had to do once I’ve figured it out.

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