Merry Christmas from Drowning in Junk Mail

Junk Mail Christmas Tree

I love Pinterest. You can find boards of pictures for almost anything there. There are even boards for junk mail. I also like to craft. But I am a lazy crafter who wants instant gratification.


I found this photo captioned as Junk Mail Christmas Tree. It is a great tutorial on how to make that very cute tree using book pages. It is also very easy to make.

All you need is:

  • A base container
  • Floral foam
  • A stick
  • Paper for the middle
  • Something cute for the top

Well I definitely have paper goods for the middle. And Michel’s has 50% off coupons this time of year.

crafting with junk mail

All this cost about $20. I think it was all on sale except for the foam. But that is where the 50% off coupon kicked in.

I trimmed down the foam so it would fit in the basket. Whittled down one end of dowel into a death spike, to stab the junk mail with. Stuck the dowel into the foam, and started to stab junk mail on to the dowel.

Junk Mail Christmas Tree

If I had to do it over again I would make sure there was at least one piece of paper folded in each envelope. The envelopes themselves are too floppy on their own. The folded paper would stiffen it up a bit for a straiter “branch”

I tried to have one white envelope and one envelope with a color or pattern, every other “branch” to give it some verity.

Junk Mail Christmas Tree close up

The ornaments are all from St. Joseph’s Indian School. I also stuck membership cards from various charities in between the “branches”.

Junk Mail Christmas Tree

I used fake poinsettias to hide the death spike at the top. I was really lazy and just taped the poinsettias to the top piece of junk mail. If you do this for real, break out the hot glue gun and do it the right way.

There you have it, my attempt at upcycling some recycled junk mail, crafty art project thing. This took me about an hour to put together. And it was good therapy to stab the junk mail onto a pike after dealing with it for almost a year.


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