Big Data part 2 , How to Opt-out of Big Data

In my last post we learned about what big data is. Today we will learn how to opt-out of it. What I wanted is very simple, compared to the media black out I am about to teach you. Because I am not her, it was harder to opt-out of some data companies than others (this is sensitive information blah blah blah). Dropping that I had power of attorney on them usually did the trick. You can do as little or as much as you want. Just know that every time you swipe your member card at the super market you undo a part of this. Just using the internet people can track you. I am tracking you right now. I know the search term you typed into a search engine to find this blog. I know what country you are in. This topic gets very creepy very fast.

Mrs. Smith has just looked up “baby stroller”on Google. We need to make sure every ad she sees on the internet today, are for baby strollers.

This list is a combination of 4 websites: World Privacy Forum and Stop Data Mining Me, a Reddit thread and a new article from Computer World. They are all a little different, and some of the links were out of date.

DMA Choice If you have read this blog more than 5 minutes, you should have done this all ready.

Opt-Out Pre-Screen or call1-888-5-OPT-OUT (1-888-567-8688) to opt-out of credit card offers. They are going to ask you for your Social Security Number. It is OK, that is the way the credit bureaus ID you.

The 3 credit bureaus and FICO:

Data Brokers:

People Searches:

  •  Intelius people search opt-out here. They want you to send them your driver’s license with the photo and the number blacked out. The next 3 are all owned by Intelius but you have to opt-out for each one individually.
    • PublicRecords360 opt-out here or fax them your driver’s license (photo and license number blacked out) to 425-974-6194
    • Record blocking page, you have to fax them your driver’s license (photo and license number blacked out) to 425-974-6194
    • you have to fax them your driver’s license (photo and license number blacked out) to 425-974-6194
  • People Finders  opt-out here. That was the best one so far. I wish they were all that easy.
  • Spokeo Inc. opt-out here. You must look yourself up in their system and tell them the URL that you want deleted.
  • Zoominfo opt-out here. They ID you by your email. Enter your email and they send you an email to tell you if you are in their system.
  • Pipl opt-out here you have to put your name in URL form and it will pull up everyone with your name.
  • To delete your profile email or call (888) 704-1900
  • opt-out page
  • opt-out page
  • call (800) 877-3272
  • opt-out page. It is very nice and easy to use. But they want me to give them an email address and a password to a website I will never use.
  • opt-out page. They want all your addresses going back 20 years, then to mail this form in.
  •  Data policy page. These guys are lame they put it all on 3rd parties. It’s not us tracking you, it is these guys we hired.
  • opt-out page
  • you have to fax them your driver’s license (photo and license number blacked out) to 516-717-3017
  • How to opt-out you have to sign up and claim your page. To do that you must give them all of your info. WTF?!

These are just the top sites. The theory is that if you opt-out of these top sites it will filter down to the copy cat sites.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation‘s Privacy Badger blocks spying ads and invisible trackers that follow you around while you are surfing the internet

Universal Web Tracking Opt Out Do Not Track it is a plug-in for your browser.

You can see who is tracking you online and then opt-out of them

Like everything now a days there is an app for that: abine’s Blur for private browsing so big data can’t track you on the web, $39 a month for premium service, or their Delete Me service that “deletes your personal information from the internet” that costs $129 for a year subscription.

There is also they charge 95.40 a year after a 7 day free trial.

From now on do not enter drawings or sweepstakes at the fair or the ballpark. It is not about winning the car it is about getting your info. Same goes for product registration cards or warranty cards that come with your new toaster. Don’t fill out surveys that come in junk mail, they just want your demographic data so they can market to you better. Don’t completely fill out your social media profile. Don’t tell it where you live, where you work, when your were born. “If you’re not paying for something, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.”

Forbes talking about the big business of selling your info when you move.

If you want to read more about how to protect your personal data Computer World has a 3 part series The paranoid’s survival guide . Part 1 How to protect your personal data, Part 2 Protect your privacy on social, mobile and more, and Part 3 Opting out, and how to protect your personal data offline

Today’s photo is of ENIAC


3 thoughts on “Big Data part 2 , How to Opt-out of Big Data

  1. The cookie-based opt-outs conflict with (completely free) browser add-ons that block tracking cookies from the get go. I find it easier to block as much as possible and then selectively “opt-in” than to allow everything and selectively out-out.


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