Drowning in Junk Mail – How much money did she give away?

I have been in contact with CNN reporter Melanie Hicken about this blog. She is on both the retirement and the Big Data beat. Junk mail is both of those smashed together in a nightmare of pleas for money for everything from saving Social Security, to saving cute fuzzy animals with big eyes. If you want to tell her about your battle with junk mail you can email her at Melanie.Hicken@turner.com.

One of the questions she asked was how much money did she give away? I didn’t know. Her family didn’t know. Didn’t want to know. But for this project, we took a peek. We only went through the last year of her account, before we wrestled the checkbook out of her hands.

Second Amendment Foundation
Second Amendment Foundation, Wiki page, run by Alan Gottlieb . Great article about Alan GottliebCharity Navigator page. Opt-out here info@saf.org – $100 She doesn’t have a gun.

Citizens United
Citizens United Foundation – $100

National Center for Public Policy Research junk mail
National Center for Public Policy Research:

  • National Retirement Security Task Force – $70, $200, $200, $500
  • Health Care Reform Task Force – $200

Total: $1,170

16 from Federation of Responsible Citizens junk mail
Federation of Responsible Citizens:

  • National Campaign to Guarantee Social Security – $400, $400
  • Task Force to Impeach Obama – $100
  • American Federation of Senior Citizens – $70, $100, $500

Total: $1,570

15 from PII
Policy Issues Institute:

  • White House Watch – $200
  • Impeach Obama – $600 When we saw this one we shut down the computer and walked away.


Total: $800

Grand Total: $3,740

Those are only the big checks. Not the little $20 ones she sent off to the sweepstakes scams in the Netherlands. Or the ones for cash that were turned into money orders and sent off to who knows where.

After that glimpse it is a good guess to say that she gave away about $100,000. Or most of the value of her house.


4 thoughts on “Drowning in Junk Mail – How much money did she give away?

    • I didn’t count the ones to Cash. I know where the money went, but I don’t know where the money went.¯\_(ツ)_/¯. It is hard to explain how hard it was to do this. It was like watching a horror movie. We screamed every time we clicked on a check and it was a scam. NO DON’T SEND THAT CHECK OUT!!


  1. Im living with a 94 year old man Who is being scared by all the same mail companies .and he has decided my wife an I are young and dumb . And he hates us for telling hi. It’s scams.


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