Publisher’s Payment Processing Inc. Scam Targeting Newspapers

An old scam by Publisher’s Payment Processing Inc. has returned. The main front group they are using is Readers Payment Service P.O. Box 2489, White City, OR 97503-0489. phone number 707-266-6673.

They are sending out fake subscription renewal notices for various newspapers. This company is not authorized to renew a subscription for any newspaper or magazine. They will  also charge more than if you had renewed directly with the publication. Do not send them money.

Other front groups that they use are:

  • Associated Publishers Network
  • Associated Publishers Subscription Services
  • Magazine Billing Network
  • Orbital Publishing Group
  • Publishers Billing Exchange
  • United Publishers Service

These are all the same company Publisher’s Payment Processing Inc. They have an F with the BBB.

Some of the targeted newspapers are:

They have a ton of complaints on

You can do what The Nation says to do, contact your state’s Attorney General, or the Attorney General of the state in the return address. Or you can use a Prohibitory Order to make it stop.


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