Drowning in Junk Mail – How to block a loved one from using Western Union

While doing research, one of the topics I keep running into is mom or dad keeps using Western Union to wire money to scammers. The teller will flat out tell them it is a scam, and the elderly person will still incest on wiring the money to Nigeria, Jamaica or wherever the scammer is located.

Send your money to nigeria

There is a away to block them from using Western Union. I found this while roaming around on the intertubes.

I am adding a Western Union update to my post directly above . You can stop your elderly parents from making money orders to accompany these fraudulent sweepstakes entires.

Instructions: Mail an “application” (this is a letter created by you to include the following information: Parents name and aliases, Full Address, phone numbers and why you need to block the parent you are making the application for.

Mail application to: Western Union Attn.- Fraud Department 12510 East Belford Avenue M/S M21A1 Englewood, CO 80112

You can also fax the request for application to block an individual from utilizing Western Union for fulfill these scams The fax number is: 888-295-2995.

If you have the money order receipts you can open fraud investigations by either including the transaction number(s) in the request or by calling 1-800-CALL-CASH and choosing the fraud investigation out of the options given which unfortunately comes after listening to 4 options and then having to choose “more options” before you can connect to a fraud department representative.

Hope this helps all of you out there struggling with similar parental/elderly sweepstakes scams and fraud!

This is an extreme step to take against a loved one, but this entire blog is about extreme situations when dealing with elderly parents.  Western Union’s website has a whole Fraud Awareness section and it doesn’t mention this. A couple of notes: the poster assumes you have power of attorney for your loved one, and Western Union has a fraud hotline you can call directly (800) 448-1492, I would talk to them first before sending in any paperwork.

This article from the American Grandparents Association hits a little to close to home. This is exactly what happened to my gal.

These 2 grandparents got conned into laundering money.

We stopped the fraud long after it was to late. Please, if your parents are getting letters like these do everything you can to get power of attorney for them, gain access to their bank account, put a stop payment on checks to scammers. Contact Western Union, and stop the junk mail. Change their phone number if you have to. Do everything you can to separate them from those blood sucking scammers before it is to late.

And thanks to the Consumerist‘s Flickr page for the most perfect photo ever.


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