Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail, 44 pieces

All 44 pieces

Only 44? Could this be because of the holiday? Or is this the new normal? We will find out next week. But for now I will enjoy a sub 50 pieces of junk mail week.

Club 2 in 1 day
Everyone loves the 2 in 1 day club. They are so worried that I won’t send them money that they send 2 at a time.

Response Unlitited
7 from Response Unlimited including:

Citizens United
3 From Citizens United

Border junk mail
2 border watch groups

3 Civil Rights groups
The second best mash-up of the week was the 3 civil rights groups that I wrote a blog post about

Junk mail from George W. Bush and Bill Clinton
Mash-up of the week has to go to these two mailpieces. One from George H. W. Bush for Republican National Committee and one from Bill Clinton for Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. I have said it before and I will say it again: No one should be getting both of these mailpieces ever, let alone in the same week.

Giant envelopes
8 Giant envelops including:

Other political junk mail
Here is the rest of the political junk mail. Normally I don’t take photos of the single mailpieces because it would overflow the poor table on my porch. But this week there is a reasonable amount.

4 charities
4 charities

Angeles mag
Random ad of the week is Angels on Earth magazine. It is all inspirational stories involving angels

Junk mail prayer card
They even sent a personalized prayer card.

May God grant you always… No more junk mail

Thanks guys! How did you know that is what I pray for every day?

3 scams
Only 3 scams this week

Adding glitter
I am kicking my envelope stuffing up a notch this week. I bought some glitter and sprinkled a little in each prepaid envelope.

stuffed and ready to go
25 envelopes stuffed, sprinkled with glitter, sealed with duct tape, and bar codes blacked out. Remember that I combined last week’s prepaid envelopes with this week because of the holiday.

4 1500's
Only 4 form 1500’s this week. Like the prepaid envelopes I combined this week with last week.

Left overs
Here are the left overs.

My junk mail project is almost done. Do you need help stopping junk mail? Do you have photos of junk mail you want to share? The comments are open or darthjenni at gmail dot com.


5 thoughts on “Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail, 44 pieces

  1. Thanks! I especially thank you for the info on how to stop Red Plum and Val Pak crap (posted in another article, IIRC). There’s one company that really infuriates me – it’s a beauty products company called Ulta and they send us crap regularly, addressed to someone who doesn’t live here. The pernicious thing about this company is that their glossy catalogs (this is high end sales) do not include a single phone number or web site address so you can unsubscribe. There isn’t even a phone number so you can order; you have to go to their web site, set up an account, and then order online. No phone numbers ANYWHERE in the catalog. There is, in very fine print, a physical address listed, and they say that to get off the list you must send them the address label from a piece of the junk. To me, this is putting far too much of the responsibility on the recipient; I haven’t sent one in because the principle of the thing galls me; I should have to spend money to stop YOU from spamming me? Even if it’s only the cost of the stamp, and the effort of getting the letter together…but that’s why they do it this way. Shame.


    • Here is a contact page. Just ask to have your Jane Smith removed from their mailing list. Here is a phone number 866-983-8582
      If none of that works send in a form 1500. It can be used on any mailpiece that is trying to sell you something. Hot Tip: you must fill it out as if you are Jane Smith including the signature. Also try to use a postcard or regular sized letter, so you can fold it into a regular sized envelope and only use 1 stamp.


      • Wow, I didn’t expect that! Thank you so much! I am going to contact them right away and see if I can’t get off their list; I’ll start with the web form (I am totally mystified about why they would not include a link to this in their print catalog or their phone number) and if that doesn’t work I’ll try the phone.

        Thanks again – this makes my day.


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