Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail, 87 pieces

Another great week with less than 100 pieces of junk mail. For those of you that haven’t been following along from the start, the peak week was 154 pieces of junk mail. I will take 87 pieces any week, after being deluged with 154 pieces of mail screaming to be opened.

2 in 1 day club
The 2 in 1 day club was big this week. It includes:

Tea Parties junk mail
3 Tea Party letters. 2 from Steve Eichler’s Tea Party. Opt out here contact@TeaParty.org.  And one from Tea Party PatriotsWiki page Opt out here.

DNC & RNC junk mail
2 from the DNC and the RNC each. and 2 from the NRSC. None of them can figure out why she hasn’t sent in her yearly dues yet.

3 from National Committee to Preserve Social Security and MedicareWiki page, Open Secrets page. When did 3 return envelopes become a thing? This is the second one in 2 weeks. Make sure you opt out twice:  Do not rent my nameNo More Mail.

Junk Mail made by Response Unlimited
These 6 are all from the same direct marketing firm: Response Unlimited. I will be devoting an entire post to that company and their clients. But for now opt out here.

The best mash up of junk mail lists this week is:

SPLC and friends
Getting a letter from the Southern Poverty Law Center,  in the same week as Traditional Values Coalition, SPLC page, and the Citizens Assembly’s Safe Borders Coalition. Don’t have a website but they are closely aligned with the Minuteman people. They aren’t on the SPLC radar yet, but they fall in to the anti-Immigrant category.

Large Envelopes
7 large envelops

16 Charities
16 charities

International Scams
5 international scams. including some old friends:

  • PO Box 1191 3600 BD Maarssen The Netherlands
  • PO BOX 169 3940 AD Doorn The Netherlands
  • PO Box 17 Varsity Lakes QLD 4227 Australia

Michelle Devon scam junk mail
And psychic of the week Michelle Devon PO Box 27 NL-1670 AA Medemblik The Netherlands

US scams
10 US based scams. Almost everyone is going down this week.

  • American Sweepstakes Publishers PO Box 12954 Kansas City, KS 66112-2954 it is on it’s last legs. I sent a  form 1500 for them a few weeks ago.
  • L.D.R. PO Box 190 Old Westbury, NY 15568 is playing games with me. I have already sent out a form 1500 on the outside return address under a different name: L.D.R. PO Box 422 Old Bethpage, NY 11804. It’s OK guys I will keep sending them in until you stop.
  • The Douglass Report 189 N. Charles St. Baltimore MD 21201. Rational Wiki page.
  • Scoopified P.O. Box 277; Bellingham, WA 98227.  It is written by the mysterious Diane Morgan.

2 with the same PO Box
Dr. David William’s Alternatives, PO Box 95 Old Shoals rd Arden, NC 28704. He is a chiropractor who is into peddling various pills to older people. Here is nice write-up by a doctor about a patient binging in one of his magazines. I put in a request to stop the mail through Catalog Choice months ago and it didn’t, so a form 1500 it is.

3 with the same PO Box
Dr. Frank Shallenberger’s Real Cures, Advanced Bionutritionals, and Dr. Nan Kathryn Fuchs’s Women’s Health Letter have the same PO Box. PO Box 8051 Norcross, GA 30091-851. Again I put in a request to stop the mail through Catalog Choice months ago and it didn’t work. Because they all use the same address, I only have to send in 1 form 1500. Thanks guys 🙂
Other companies that use this address:

All 87 pieces
Here are all 87 pieces

Stuffed and ready to go
19 pre-paid envelopes stuffed and ready to go

Form 1500's ready to go
Here are the lucky 7 form 1500’s ready to go.

Left overs
Here are the leftovers.

Pocket calendar and a dollar
This week I made a dollar and a pocket calendar.

Marked calandar
Luckily it is a 15 month calendar. I have already put it to good use. I estimate that the junk mail from Response Unlimited should stop the first week of August.

2 thoughts on “Drowning in Junk Mail – This week in Junk Mail, 87 pieces

    • I am sorry, I cannot help you get your money back. First, stop all contact with the scammer. Go to your local police with all the information you have. Also be on the look out for someone offering to help you get your money back… for a small fee. They are also scammers.


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