Drowning in Junk Mail – United States Justice Foundation and Christians in Defense of Israel

United States Justice Foundation
I normally would wait until the end of the week to profile this group. But they marked it “Urgent” and sent me 2 on the same day, so I felt compelled to show this direct mail from United States Justice Foundation. Charity Navigator page 2 stars. Source Watch page. Opt out here.

United States Justice Foundation
They also slipped me a dollar. Note to direct mail marketers: If you want me to profile you, sending me money never hurts.

The letter from the mailer with the dollar is the more interesting of the 2
United States Justice Foundation

“The enclosed $1 is real and you may keep it if you like. But I hope that you will choose not to do that. Instead, I hope that you will rush this $1 bill back to me TODAY…
… along with a special donation of your own to the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) in the amount of $300, $600, $900, or more.”

Wow really you are going to start at $300? No that can’t be right. Let’s look at the last page where you check off the dollar amount
United States Justice Foundation
These people aren’t playing. It is a $300 minimum. While I have been digging around I have found separate “elite” mailing lists for people who send the most money. I guess when the base donation is going to be $300 tossing a dollar in the envelope doesn’t add much it the over all cost of the mail campaign. The return envelope also has postage on it. They really want my $300.

The other letter was for the poors who can only afford to send $25
United States Justice Foundation

This mail is from Response Unlimited opt out here.

The other letter that caught my eye is about current events in Russia

Kiev Ablaze!!! Christians in Defense of Israel
Kiev Ablaze!!! The Bear is Back!!!

It is rare for me to get topical junk mail. It is mostly about Social Security, and impeaching Obama. This is about Putin and the Ukraine.

Kiev Ablaze!!! Christians in Defense of Israel
The strange part is that this is from Christians in Defense of Israel a project of World Prophetic Ministry. What Christians and Israel have to with Putin and the Ukraine is beyond me. I tried to read the letter but it gave me a headache. Dr. Ed Hindson also has a  Prophecy and Terrorism blog.



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