Drowning in Junk Mail – Flip Your Junk Mail Over

Funny things start to happen when you open, sort, and send out over 100 pieces of mail a week. You stop reading it and start to look at the construction of the thing they have sent you. The quality of the paper, the size of the font used,
Abe Lincoln Foundation
crazy blue writing all over the letters.
Blue scribbles on junk mail

A lot of the mail comes with these little cards:
501(c)(4) cards
I have been using them to stuff in the smallest pre-paid envelops (it is amazing what you can do when you get 30 or 40 in a week). Take a look at it. It is a bunch of legal mumbumo jumbo about how to get copies of financial reports. But it also gives you a big clue as to who is sending you stuff. They list the name of the parent 501(c)(4) and the mailing address, In this case it is for National Center for Public Policy Research, and our good friends at Policy Issues Institute. I have been picking on them the last few weeks, so let’s turn our attention to someone new.

The Seniors Coalition (TSC) junk mail

If you can look past the crazy writing in red that is all over the place, you will see that this is from The Seniors Coalition run by Sean Ferritor.
Hay, how did you figure that out so quick? Well let me show you:
The Seniors Coalition junk mail
This is the back of the solicitation letter. It has all the usual legal stuff but look at the very bottom
The Seniors Coalition junk mail
They want fan mail! Email: tsc@senior.org
A quick Google of Sean Ferritor pulls up US Border Security Council. And look they have a Flicker page
Here is a photo of Sean Ferritor taking junk mail to the post office.

And here is Owen Thomas calling your grandma, asking for money.

This is fun! Let’s see what else we can find flipping over the mail.

National Association of Chiefs of Police
National Association of Chiefs of Police. Email policeinfo@aphf.org
National Association of Chiefs of Police
Charity Navigator page, 0 stars 64% of budget spent on fundraising.

Help Hospitalized Veterans
Help Hospitalized Veterans, email hhv@hhv.org
Help Hospitalized Veterans
AC360 report on Help Hospitalized Veterans. Charity Navigator page is a must read, the only thing worse than 0 stars is a Donor Advisory. What can I say, only the classiest charities for this mail box.

So what did we learn today? Look on the back of your junk mail. There is gold hidden in the fine print.



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