Drowning in Junk Mail – First Street Catalog

I am trying to systematically stop the junk mail going to an elderly relative. Most of the junk mail falls into 3 categories:
1. Charities, that tug at your hart strings to get money.
2. Political junk mail, that tries to scare you out of your money.
3. Scams, that cheat you out of your money.

It gets very repetitive after a while. I only show you a small fraction of what I get. But some times something lands in the mail box that is so amazing, so luzy I have to share it.

First Street Catalog
I give you First Street Catalog, “For Boomers and Beyond”
It is a lifestyle catalog for people 55+. It is filled for products for the active senior.  It starts with the Jitterbug on the cover and then goes through the roof with awesome.

Yes it has incontinence products
Night Proofs Briefs

And phones with giant buttons and a 53dB speaker
Precision Plus Amplified Phone

But is also has cool stuff that all of us could use.
This is the Wow! Computer. It is an all-in-one computer with a touch screen and extra loud speakers. “It’s so easy to use you won’t have to ask your children or grandchildren for help.”
Barefoot slippers, Keys-U-See
The perfect accessory for your new computer is the Keys-U-See. It has “the largest bold print that will fit on the keycap.”

Don’t like computers but still like to read?
Lighted Full Page Magnifier
You can get this handy Full page Magnifier. 

Spring Has Finally Arrived! And so has cool stuff for active people in the golden time of their lives.
Spring has Finally Arrived!
OMG! Is that a hedge trimmer with a vacuum?
Spring has Finally Arrived!
Bikes are out, and trikes are in! Including a Tricycle built for 2. It also comes in electric!

Neptune Upright Bath Lift
After your bike ride you can soak in the tub using a Neptune Upright Bath Lift.

Classic Instant Camera
Instant film camera. And they say millennials are all about instant gratification. Note the large button phone at the bottom of the page. In a clothing catalog that is where they would put something like socks or leggings. They sell so many of these phones it is in a toss away position in this catalog.

35mm film camera
Instant film camera to much? How about a 35mm film camera? They even sell 400 speed film. I want to take a moment to also look at the other 2 products on the page. The All-in-one Record/Cassette/CD Player/AM FM radio LP Saver III. They want you to convert all your records and tapes to CD. Don’t to the tapes, they have degraded to the point where it won’t sound good anymore. The records just need a good cleaning and they will be great to copy. And the Support Hosiery. Please don’t encourage old ladies to dress in outrageous patterns. It is bad enough when I see them in Alfred Dunner outfits with Betsey Johnson accessories, but now their socks are crazy too? Thanks First street.

Turn Grandma into a WiFi thief
And now for the best page in the whole catalog. From top to bottom: Super WiFi Antenna, turn grandma in to a Wifi thief! Get her this and she can get the Starbuck’s Wifi from the comfort of her home. MiniBike Exerciser this is pretty cool. It is good low impact exercise. You win this time First Street. Cassette Player/Recorder with mic. I had that Memorex  90 min tape back in the day. It had all my Madonna albums on it. And a Typewriter, I’m sorry a Portable Typewriter.  It is 10 pounds. I hope shipping is free on that one.


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