Drowning in Junk Mail – Sad Donkeys and Gun Raffles

I am in a holding pattern right now. I have sent emails to the top 4 groups that send me junk mail, every week I enter smaller groups and charities into Catalog Choice (I have over 70 requests right now). I am not going to see a sharp reduction in junk mail until the week of May 19, it is marked on my calender with a big red “X”. I have the post office stopping the worst of the worst scam mail, but it can take up to 2 weeks for them to kick in. I thought you might like to see a random day in my mail box. On Monday I got 30 pieces and on Tuesday I got 25, more than enough material for a blog post.

Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue
The smallest envelope comes from Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue. Guide Star page.
That is a first. I have gotten horse rescue stuff before:
Arabian Rescue Mission, Great Ripoff Report back and forth.
Arabian Rescue Mission

Speak up for Horses, Charity Navigator page (no rating, sub 1 million dollars)
Speak up for Horses

This is about 2 donkeys Kiki and Koko, that were found in a goat pen, with overgrown hooves. And the owner feed them “highly processed feed, which is like junk food for donkeys.” Anyway send money to help these 2 donkeys. Their physical location is in Dansville MI, but they want me to send the money to PO Box 1138 Merrifield VA 22116.

Foot & Mouth Painting Artists
Foot & Mouth Painting Artists, Wiki page, opt-out here mfpausa@bellsouth.net
Loyal Friend, Remember the set of All occasion cards, notelet and postcard you recently received from us?
Um no, I got some note cards from the kids at the Perkins School for the Blind. Charity Navigator page
Perkins Trust, School for the blind
And from American Farmland Trust, Wiki page, Charity Navigator page (not rated yet)
American Farmland Trust
But none from Foot & Mouth Painting Artists. Now I am kinda bummed out I didn’t get mine. Their thing is to mail out note cards then ask for money. I missed the first part 😦

Second Amendment Foundation
Second Amendment Foundation, Wiki page, Charity Navigator page (Percent of the charity’s budget spent on fund raising expenses: 27%)
Raffle Time! 6 entries for $25 win stuff from top brands like Glock, Beretta, Ruger and many more! Thanks Alan Gottlieb but I will pass this year. Great article about Alan Gottlieb.

American Claims & Reporting Center (ARC) Daniel P. Kennedy
American Claims & Reporting Center (ARC) Daniel P. Kennedy. This is a nice advance fee fraud scam. Give them $20 get $3.872,164.00 standard stuff.

The back of this notice is the interesting part:
American Claims & Reporting Center (ARC) Daniel P. Kennedy, Disclaimer
Part of it says that if I send this back with “DNM” written next to the mailing address they will stop. Now I have a choice to make. Do I send this back to them and hope they stop sending me stuff, or do I fill out form 1500 and send it to the USPS and know it will stop? Come on, this was never a choice! I am a vengeful mistress, off to the Pricing & Classification Service Center you go.


9 thoughts on “Drowning in Junk Mail – Sad Donkeys and Gun Raffles

  1. Since January, 2014, I’ve rec’d requests from over 50 charitable/animal rescue organizations – some, several requests. I’m wondering why so many have an address in
    Merrifield, VA? Also, a concern is – who is giving my name out? I used to give to only
    those I had chosen to support – now, I’ve had as many as 7 different requests in one day.
    Seems as though the floodgates have opened wide!!!


    • This is all a guess but, charities get a better postal rate, so non charities will piggy back with any charity big or small to save on postage. Most political groups and their direct marketing firms are based in the suburbs of Washington DC like Merrifield. One of the long term projects I am working on is, figuring out what big direct marketing firm is using the Merrifield PO Boxes. Once a direct marketing firm gets your info they sell you to all of their clients, and anyone else who wants to buy it. If you give them money you are put on an elite list of resent donors. Now they know you have money, and your mail will explode. In the mean time, sign up for DMA choice and put a lockdown on your mail. Direct marketing firms update mailing lists every few months, it will take time, but it will stop.


  2. I know how you feel. I get all those too and more. I wonder how I’ve never heard about some of these orgs before and if those donkeys horses and other animals are in those dire circumstances. Or is some greedy person out there exploiting my love for animals. I’m seriously depressed about the horrible things they’re saying…and those pictures on the envelopes! I’m sending those to PETA and ASPCA to see if they have heard of these terrible practices.


  3. I love animals and cannot understand man’s inhumane treatment of them; however, most days I dread opening my mailbox for fear of finding the most horrifying, graphic pictures of dead horses and abused animals. Some nights my sleep is interrupted by images of these envelopes. Calling the post office did not good because the clerk said that since my name was on the envelope the post office was responsible for delivering it to me. How can I stop this campaign against my senses? And I, too, would like to know why so many groups have a Merrifield, VA post office box. Similarly there must be one very large company that is sending out this mail because most use a very familiar font that looks like someone has personally written the letter JUST TO ME! I want to help animals but if I contributed to every charity I would be setting up a GO Fund Me account for money to live on.


    • They do it for shock value. They want you to be upset so you will send them money. If a group sends you junk mail with photos you don’t like call and email them, and ask to be taken off their mailing list. Make sure you let them know why.


  4. These organizations send you mail because it’s the only way they have to raise money. If you doubt they are legitimate, check our Charity Navigator—and especially check out the salary of the administrators. I receive about 40 pieces of mail weekly from charities—I give to several after trying to check if they are genuine. If you don’t want to give to any—ask the post office—just keep in mind many of these organizations are doing good work and direct mail is their only alternative.


    • Instead of looking at how much they get paid, look at how much they spend on fundraising. It should be around 10-15% for a well run charity. Any more than that I start to question if they are in it for the cause or to line their pockets.

      The post office has no incentive to stop junk mail. It is there bread and butter. If you want to lesson the amount of mail you get read the Start Here page.

      You should not give your money to a bunch random charities who send you mail. Even if they have a good rating. You should give more to a few charities, rather than a little to many charities. Read more about having a bigger impact with your donations here.


  5. I have figured out that a lot of the charities send postage paid envelope’s so I just stuff everything they send me into it and return it write “remove from list” next to my name and address. It seems to help a bit. There’s also a website called “PaperKarma” where you can take a Picture of the return address along with setting up an account with your name and they automatically through recognition software delete accounts for you and it’s free.


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