Drowning in Junk Mail – How to Opt-out of Junk Mail from Policy Issues Institute (PII)

To opt-out from Policy Issues Institute contact James Lacy of Wewer & Lacy LLC james.lacy@wewerlacy.com and call (949)495-3314.

Update: It has been brought to my attention that in this post I do not use strong enough language about Policy Issues Institute. Do not send them money. They are not going to Impeach Obama. The only thing that will happen is that you will get 10+ letters from them every week. And your information will be sold to every mailing list in the US.

14 from PII

I feel like I have been chasing Floyd Brown and his “Band of Merry Men” all over the internet. Read about that here and here. Policy Issues Institute does not have a website. White House Watch (A project of Policy Issues Institute) had a website but it is now dead. Impeach Obama Campaign has a website but no contact info. Every project of Policy Issues Institute has a different PO Box. I need to find the physical address.
To the Googles! Thanks Washington State and GuideStar 🙂

14 from PII

Their Mailing address is:
Law Offices Of Maureen E. Otis, PC
4850 Wright Rd Site 168

But their street address is:
Civic Center Plaza
30011 Ivy Glenn Drive
Suite 223
Laguna Niguel, California 92677
Policy Issues Institute HQ
Google Street View
That is the address of Wewer & Lacy LLC “Leaders in Nonprofit and Election Law”

Policy Issues Institute

But how is this law office connected to Policy Issues Institute (PII)? There are 14 companies that are listed at this address:

They are all run by Floyd Brown, James Lacy and few friends. James Lacy is listed as the Registered Agent for Policy Issues Institute, and his email address is at the top of the  Wewer & Lacy LLC website, so I sent a note to his work email. Now I am not so high and mighty as to think that a big fancy lawer with an office in ritzy Laguna Niguel would answer my email himself, he tossed it to a lackey in the office (probably some poor kid with a brand new law degree and a mountain of student loan debt) who wrote me a nice note saying that I would be off the mailing list that day. He then passed it on to someone at Policy Issues Institute who would delete me from their mailing list.

PII envelopes

That was overly complicated. If they would just have a real website like a normal SuperPAC, I would have just sent it to info@PII or some such thing, but no. Now I am the official web page for Policy Issues Institute. But instead of spewing their rhetoric, all I do is tell people how to stop it from invading their homes.


Charity Navigator page, Citizen Audit page

An article from The Intelligencer, Wheeling News Register from West Virginia, about junk mail aimed at seniors that mentions our friends at Policy Issues Institute.

Los Angeles Times article about how Policy Issues Institute sells it’s self out to PACs so they can use Policy Issues Institute’s lower postal rate.

Policy Issues Institute, White House Watch Junk Mail

Here are all the projects of Policy Issues Institute (PII):

  • Americans Against U.N. Control
  • Impeach Obama Campaign
  • United States Investigative Unit
  • United States Health Congress
  • White House Watch, The

All the projects of Policy Issues Institute


25 thoughts on “Drowning in Junk Mail – How to Opt-out of Junk Mail from Policy Issues Institute (PII)

  1. thank you so much! i have been trying to find a contact to get a family member removed from this mailing list! i will let you know if this works.


      • Sadly “Return to Sender” just gets it tossed in the trash by the post office. Write to Mr. Lacy and Response Unlimited. I haven’t gotten it to stop 100% yet, but 1 mailpiece a week from them is better than the 15 I was getting. Mail out those pre-paid envelopes, make them pay for sending you junk mail. I like to write “Take me off your mailing list” in bold sharpie on the letter next to my address and mail it back to them.


    • I am so working on that. I called them and asked to be taken off their mailing list. They did the old fake transfer hang up on me routine. All I need is an internal email address or someone’s phone extension.


  2. any success on email address for the Policy Issues Institute? my mother is getting slammed by them and that website for James Lacy does not show or allow me to email him.


      • It is still impeach Obama and the bad part is that they make it sound so secretive so that my grandmother feels like she is betraying a confidence by letting my mother see the letter. It honestly feels so much like they are isolating her and strong arming her into sending them money by feeding off her fears. At this point we are afraid she will lose her house. Thank you so much for your wonderful indepth reporting about these issues.


      • Isolating her and strong arming her into sending them money by feeding off her fears

        That is how they do it. Does she realize that Obama only has a few months left and that the chances of impeachment are slim to none?

        Just to let everyone know this is the group that my gal also sent the largest check to ($600) in the year before we wrestled the checkbook out of her hands.


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  4. I am writing to inform you that I want my senior citizen mother,Betty J. Bakers name removed immediately from any and all political mailing lists scams immediately!


  5. I have an elderly “92” year old lady next door I take care of. For as long as I have lived next door, she has been receiving “Junk Mail” including this scam. She is kind and passionate but getting mentally feeble. She has a bad habit of sending money to this and all other scams. She does not even remember writing the checks. The local church and Sheriffs Office can do nothing about it apparently. She has no family connections. Financially, she will deplete her retirement accounts like the one most recently. I understand these people prey on the elderly. I don’t understand why nothing can be done about it. It is fraud. This garbage does not come to my house. Only hers. Let me put it into perspective. This spring, I went to her house to look for and help her with her taxes. The living area’s including the Kitchen were covered in junk mail stacked as high as 2 feet. The floors, tables desks bookshelves, you name it. I sorted for several days. 99.9% was junk mail scams asking for donations for various causes. Many return envelopes had written checks in them that she lost in the debris. Many checks overdrawn as she can’t keep recorded track. I hauled out 4, 50 gallon garbage bags of junk mail and burned it. That was a real job in of itself. One would think paper burns easily. Not 300 pounds of it. Nobody has a clue on how to stop all this. The local Post Master should be able to but refuses to get off his lounge chair. I would like to think people care but the only time we hear about someone taking action is when it is too late and it ends up on the 6 o’clock news. Actually, if I can’t figure out how to stop this, that may be my next stop. Any suggestions would be very welcome. If anyone cares to read this, feel free to give advice.

    Thank you. Sincerely
    A concerned neighbor.


    • She needs to be evaluated to find out if she has dementia/ALZ.
      Here are 2 tests you can use to help the doctor with the first visit:
      You fill out the check list for Mild Behavioral Impairment
      Print out a SAGE test and have her fill it out.

      Someone needs to get a Power of Attorney for her. So you can get control of her bank accounts and her medical visits. Call Adult Protective Services They should get her a case worker, and they should help you get a POA for her, or they will have the POA themselves.

      Once you or someone else has a POA you can start to contact everyone who sends her junk mail. Start Here and work your way down the steps.

      Contact the Ohio State Attorney General’s office and file complaints on everyone who won’t stop sending her junk mail.

      As for the bigger junk mail issue contact your Senator and Congressperson to let them know what happened to your neighbor. Contact the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging and tell them how hard the job of stopping junk mail is. If you took photos of the piles of junk mail send them that as well.

      IF you want to contact the media, I have been working with some CNN reporters for a couple of years. You can also contact your local TV station’s “On Your Side Investigators Team”.


  6. The last time I visited this site there was a long list naming the companies that sent out all this stuff and I could pick one and get their web site phone # etc. now I can’t find that. It was so helpful, I did 4 in one night.. Now I have 4 more but can’t find the page Any hints Ps thanks for this work. It’s been horrible during the election and thought it would stop. But no it hasnt


  7. Still happening. My mother is receiving mail from The White House Watch and Western Law Journal with crazy delusional information about the government. She thinks she is receiving “special secretive” information about what is going to happen in the government. How can I make these mailings stop. She thinks it is real! I sent an email to James Lacy to take her name off the list, but we will see. Is there any other articles about how this is a scam? Is there anyone in Michigan that I can contact to stop this ridiculous amount of mail coming to my mother? Thanks for all the help along with article.


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