Drowning in Junk Mail – Guess That Junk Mail!

It’s time for everyone’s favorite game show: Guess That Junk Mail!
Hold on I need some theme music:

It’s time for everyone’s favorite game show: Guess That Junk Mail!

Let’s bring out our junk mail for today:
Guess that Junk Mail

In one of these envelops we have a well known and respected charity from America. And in the other we have a advanced-fee scam from the Netherlands. One of them will bring happiness to the people of America (and the World). The other will take your money, and get you put on the “suckers list” for a never ending cycle of scam junk mail and phone calls asking for money.

Envelope number 1? or envelope number 2?
Guess that Junk Mail


Number 1 it is:
BMW from Doorn the Netherlands
Wait, no you haven’t. To get the new 2014 BMW you must pay $20 to A.C.S. Accounting Certification Substantiator. It is just a 419 scam. This one is more bold than most. This is the first one I have seen that uses a brand name, in this case BMW. I wonder how BMW would react if they found out that a scam was using their trademarks?

Let’s see what is in the envelope you turned down:
National Parks Foundation
It is from the National Park Foundation. Wow, that was unexpected. Of all the charities to be confused with a 419 scam from The Netherlands, the National Park Foundation was last on my list. I like that at the bottom of the envelope it is very proud to be “Printed on recycled paper”. You know what would also help the environment? Putting your solicitation in a smaller envelope. Who ever told you that a larger envelope “would help you stand out in the crowd” fire them. You now look like a scam. Stop it.

Ooo a survey, I love surveys!
National Park Foundation Survey
Kobuk Valley National Park is the least visited national park. If you like caribou, sand dunes, no trails, and 24 hours of sunlight Kobuk Valley National Park is for you.
National Park Foundation Survey
I will admit that I have been going soft on the legit charities that have pre-paid envelops, I will only put this in the envelope. I figure a crazy note written with a Sharpie is enough to get taken off their mailing lists. SuperPAC’s and scum charities are a whole other story.

Here is the guide to direct mail by the National Park Service.


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