Drowning in Junk Mail – This Week in Junk Mail, 134 pieces

Last week I estimated that I received about 120 pieces of junk mail. This week I actually  got 134 pieces. From the smallest post card to giant manila envelopes with photos of Rand Paul.

Here is a recap of the junk mail this week:

8 From National Center for Public Policy Research
8 from the NCPPR
Opt out here: info@nationalcenter.org, with the subject header ‘Delete from Solicitation’.

10 from Federation of Responsible Citizens
10 From the Federation Of Responsible Citizens FRC
Opt-out here: FedofRespCitizen@aol.com

14 from PII
14 from Policy Issues Institute PII
Opt-out here: james.lacy@wewerlacy.com instead

4 from Citizens United
4 from Citizens United
Opt-out here: info@citizensunited.org

Global Reporting Network, Junk Mail
Who can forget the 10 mailers from Global Reporting Network
Opt-out here: info@divmarketgroup.com

and 35 scams of one kind or another
Pile of junk mail scams

These guys will all be getting Post office from 1500. 2 or more mailers in one week from the same address is an automatic smack down.

2 getting a USPS form 1500
That little post card drives me nuts. It is ugly, and they send one every week.

Scams from PO Box 41 394 AA Doorn The Netherlands
4 from this one PO Box in Doorn The Netherlands

Scams from 2037 Lemoine ave #155 Fort Lee New Jersey 07024
3 from one PO Box in Fort Lee New Jersey

Scam from Independent Catalog Services PO Box 6487 Providence, RI 02940
and 2 from  Providence, Road Island

6 USPS form 1500's ready to go
Here they are all 6 wrapped up and ready to go. (Sorry I forgot to take photos of 2 of them)

This is what I started out with on Saturday morning
Box o' Junk Mail, 134 pieces
134 pieces of mail

20 Stuffed and ready to go
Here it is all stuffed and ready to go in 20 pre-paid envelopes.

20 Stuffed and ready to go
I found an old roll of duct tape in the garage so I used that to seal everything up (every ounce counts). Note the big USPS envelops. They have easy open tabs on the sides, I duct taped over them, just to be extra mean.

St. Rand guarding all that is left of this weeks junk mail
My new patron saint of junk mail, Rand Paul guards over what is left of this weeks junk mail. It is mostly exterior envelopes that were awkward sizes that didn’t fit nicely into larger envelopes.

I will pray to St. Rand this week, in hopes that there will be less junk mail.


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