Drowning in Junk Mail – Rand Paul = Scammers from Jamaica

Remember this bit of mail from Rand Paul from a couple of weeks ago?

Senator Rand Paul, National Pro-Life Alliance

Well he has sent another. This time it is from his re-election SuperPAC He sure does like the fold out letter a lot.

Rand Paul 2016

I am working on the junk mail front, but the phone calls continue. My family is at this lady’s house taking care of her, and the phone won’t stop ringing. This house had had the same phone number for 50 years. And the lady that lives there has helped a lot of people in her town over the years. They still call to check up on her. But so do scammers. Everyday calls from Jamaica pour in. DON’T PICKUP!! It is a reverse charge. This lady’s phone bill was a mess. The other person who calls everyday is Rand Paul. Well not Rand Paul, but someone from his SuperPAC, asking for money. Everyday. A real person. Maybe if they didn’t call everyday, they wouldn’t need to beg for as much money, to pay for the guy working the phones.

This is the note I sent to the contact page of his SuperPAC:

Please remove [name removed] from your system. Delete everything like she never existed. You will not be getting any more money from her ever again. You have contributed to her loosing her house and being put into a nursing home. I hope you can sleep at night knowing you were calling a 86 year old woman with dementia everyday. You could do that because she didn’t remember that you called, and she wrote a check to you yesterday. She only gets calls from 2 places everyday, you and scammers from Jamaica. So forever in my mind Rand Paul = scammers from Jamaica.

Hopefully that will make it stop.


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