Drowning in Junk Mail – New Week, New Strategy

For the past 2 weeks, everyday I have sorted, opened, piled, paper clipped, mail to try and figure out what was going on with the junk mail I was being bombarded with. I have sent out pre-paid envelopes stuffed to the gills, with notes inside asking to be taken off mailing lists. I have sent e-mails to some of the biggest junk mail mills asking to be taken off their lists. I have even declared 2 scammers from the Netherlands porn.
Now it is time to wait. This is the part I hate. I need for my address to cycle out of the system. To keep myself entertained, I will be tossing all the junk mail this week into a big box, and keep count of the number of letters I get a week. For the past 2 weeks, the average has been around 15 a day, or 90 a week. This week, it should start to go down. I hope.

I am also going to really hit the Catalog Choice service this week. I am going to go after the smaller groups that don’t give out pre-paid postage envelopes.

I was starting to turn into a junk mail pack rat, with piles of stuff everywhere. So I tossed it all out, clean slate. I figure that the real nasty scammers will just send more, and I can catch them again. And don’t worry about missing your daily dose of junk mail, I have a feeling next week’s mail will be just as silly as ever.

Here is a cute cartoon from Cyanide and Happiness about junk mail


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