Drowning in Junk Mail – Political Whiplash: National Center for Public Policy Research and Food & Water Watch

Pile of Junk Mail, 15 items
It is a busy day today. Lots of mail, 15 items in all. There is a lot of “official business”, “no bending”, “time sensitivity”, “date stamped” action going on.

I got a bit of  political whiplash while writing this post. 2 different groups 2 completely different agendas. But they both use the same aggressive scare tactics to get money from people.

First we have 2 letters from 2 totally different groups. Or are they?

The National Center for Public Policy Research
The National Center for Public Policy Research (Wiki page)

“We’re so effective in thwarting Obama’s big-government agenda that the Administration has been trying to silence us.”

It goes on to talk about the IRS auditing Tea Party groups and this group.
Aside from the hand placed stamps this is the classiest junk mail yet. The quality of the paper is very nice.

Boo! They have pre-printed the return address for me, so I can’t over stuff the envelope 😦  But I did write a note asking to be taken off the mailing list. 🙂

Health Care Reform Task Force
Health Care Reform Task Force a project of the National Center for Public Policy Research “PLEASE SAVE THE BRIGHT RED ENVELOPE I SENT YOU WITH THIS FINAL NOTICE ALERT TODAY. YOU WILL NEED IT LATER. THANK YOU!”

Don’t worry Amy M. Ridenour I will put it to good use.

Looks like I have stumbled on the fountain of junk mail for the elderly. (Source Watch)
Here is an article from 1998 by SFGate about Amy M. Ridenour and all the junk she sends out.

Junk Mail, American Criminal Justice Center, Washington DC

I have already sent out a stuffed envelope from one of their other front groups, American Criminal Justice Center.

Now my #1 goal is to get off this group’s mailing list. I have a feeling if I can get off Amy’s radar most of the junk mail will disappear.

Update: I have found out how to get off the mailing list for this group

From the Privacy Policy page of the NationalCenter.org site

“Send an e-mail to info@nationalcenter.org, with the subject header ‘Delete from Solicitation’. Please include your name and mailing address in your e-mail correspondence.”

This will take a while. Give them 6 weeks for you to cycle out of their mailers.

National Campaign to Guarantee Social Security

National Campaign to Guarantee Social Security
Careful this one is protected by federal law. But all I can see is that giant envelope.

Food & Water Watch
Food & Water Watch  (Wiki page) (SourceWatch)

“From Wenonah Hauter 
Last week, notorious corporate PR flack, Rick Berman, a man dubbed “Dr. Evil” by 60 Minutes for his work on behalf of Big Tobacco and the fast food industry, turned his sights in Food & Water Watch. Shilling on behalf of a corporate front group named “Environmental Policy Alliance”, Mr. Berman has launched a massive campaign to smear Food & Water Watch and disrupt our work to ban fracking and ensure clean water and safe food for us all.”

Let me stop you there Wenonah Hauter. How did you get into this pile of crap? How did the conservative woman who this is addressed to get on the mailing list for your liberal cause? Oh I know, you are using the same scare tactics, the same deceptive envelope, the same “Quick! Give me money!!!11!”, that the conservative think tank up there is using. Shame on you. From all I can find your group actually does good work (Charity Navigator.org)

I learned another hot tip about messing with business reply mail. Sharpie out the 3 bar codes on the envelope. They will get charged more if the routing codes aren’t there.

Stuffed, Sharpied and ready to go

Thanks to volund on Instructables


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