Drowning in Junk Mail – Traditional Values Coalition and Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP)

Traditional Values Coalition, Washington D.C., It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when., Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Junk Mail
Traditional Values Coalition, Washington D.C., “It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.”, Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

I promised myself when I stared this that I wouldn’t type out entire pages of the crap that is dished out by the low level junk mail that I have to sift through. I’m going to have to break my promise. This is so outrageous, so over the top, ripped from Coast to Coast garbage. I need to let everyone know what drivel is being sent to their parents and grandparents.

U.S. Rep. 0041245507

Dear Rep.:
It’s not a matter of IF an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) will destroy part or all the the United States’ electrical grid it’s a matter of when! And time is running out!

A Thousand hijacked airliners, delivered squarely on target, wouldn’t inflict nearly the horrific catastrophe on America as one electromagnetic pulse missile, which would short out circuit boards and cause everything electronic to stop working. In addition to the fact that a solar flare is capable of causing horrendous damage at any moment [and we are in the midst of a major solar storm right now!], our nation’s avowed enemies already have the technology and ability to launch an attack that will, in effect, end the United States of America!”

It goes on like that the whole page. They want money for “Rep Trent Franks’   (Wiki page) SHIELD Act H.R. 2417 which will ‘harden’ our nation’s existing infrastructure to protect America’s electric grid from an EMP attack.”

This letter is just a way to rile up people about non-existent problems. This is from Reverend Louis P. Sheldon Founder and Chairman Traditional Values Coalition (Wiki Page)

This guy is on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s radar for being a gay-rights hate group. Something they are no doubt proud of. Right Wing Watch.org page


Stella Jewels, the Netherlands
Stella Jewels, the Netherlands. This is so pretty, and purple it should have a Lisa Frank Unicorn flying across it.
There is a lot going on here. I need instructions

Stella Jewels, the Netherlands
“This is what you should do now:
Step1: Detach the $32,500.00 Special Claim Label mare out in your name.

Step 2: Now affix the label in the appropriate space on your Check Preparation Request.

Step 3: Take a look at our latest brochure and fill in your Order Form in order to receive your Free Gift.

Step 4: Our Financial Director is expecting your reply within the next 10 days, therefore we prepared several documents for you to return.

Needless to say that my colleagues and I would appreciate that you place an order.
In any case do not forget to affix your $32,500.00 Special Claim Label on your Check Preparation Request, not only because this element is essential, but I also have to receive it as soon as possible.
Thus you will quickly benefit from your win.
I am now looking forward to hearing from you.

Gregg Collins, Prize Draw Manager
Thomas Goodwin, Financial Department”

I just typed all that out, and I still don’t know what to do.

Stella Jewels, the Netherlands
I think I have won a T.V. I scratched off something and I got Category Gold. I think I’m supposed to order the jewelry for $45 + shipping + insurance + priority processing = $60. Then move a sticker some place. I’m of sound mind (I hope I am anyway) and I can’t figure any of this out. I can’t imagine how their intended victim er customer is supposed to fill all this out.

I know what you are thinking,  “I love seeing all this dangerous junk mail the 419 scams, the political junk mail. It’s all great, but it doesn’t affect me and my everyday junk mail woes.”

Here you go:

Stop Red Plum ads from coming to your house

This is a Red Plum ad. You get them almost everyday. Here is where you can opt-out.

Your Welcome




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