Drowning in Junk Mail – Round 2. Pre-paid Enevelope Stuffing

Step 1. Was signing up for DMAChoicePaperKarma and optoutprescreen to stop junk mail from reputable companies. From here on out we are going to tackle the dregs of junk mail, lotteries, fake charities, advance-fee fraud and anything else that darkens my mail box.

Step 2. Pre-paid envelop stuffing. This is very easy and FREE! The goal is to get removed from mailing lists and cost them money in the process.

This kills me to say it but, you must open every piece of junk mail. All of it. You are looking for buried treasure. Pre-paid postage envelopes. These are the top dogs of junk mail, they are willing to spend money on you. We shall make them pay for that. If you also find money (I have found $4 so far in junk mail), or fake checks consider it a bonus.

Junk Mail, Advanced Bionutritionals, Norcross Georgia
This is from Advanced Bionutritionals, Norcross in Georgia. I have no idea what they are trying to sell me. All I see is that free postage on the return envelope.

Junk Mail, Advanced Bionutritionals, Norcross Georgia, stuffing
Yes all of this will fit in that envelope. You may recognize American Expediters, from Lake Worth Florida from yesterday’s mail. There is an election going on in my town this month, they like to use thick card stock for their mailers. If you remember the OWS video from my last blog entry, stiff envelopes are charged more that flexible ones. The most important thing I stuffed in is that “check” for $2,390,400.00. You can’t see it because I blurred it out, it has her name and address on it. And I tossed in a dick pill catalog for flavor.

Junk Mail, American Criminal Justice Center, Washington DC
American Criminal Justice Center, Washington DC, I think they are trying to impeach Obama (again). They have also made the mistake of giving me free postage.

Junk Mail, American Criminal Justice Center, Washington DC
I have detached and I am returning to David. It is his lucky day! I have enclosed a check for $21,000.00. And a Patagonia catalog, and those Roe v. Wade certificates from yesterday.

Junk Mail, Stuffed and ready to go!
I forgot to take a photo of it but the return address I put on the envelopes is PO Box 138 3720 AC Bilthoven The Netherlands. That is where the worst scam junk mail is coming from. No matter where it goes I win. Now I just have to sent off these 2 fat little sausages. There you have it, with a few minutes of work I have done 2 things: Get off a mailing list, and cost the people who sent it money.


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